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4/29/2016 4:57 am
Just when we think "its" a challenge.. someone is having even more

I forgot to leave a note to tell the gardener not to use the weed-eater in a particular area.
Unfortunately they cut down my budding cucumber plants, tomato plants and green onions. I don't know if it will grow back.

It's forecast to rain heavy this weekend, so, maybe next week I will know.
I will make plans to buy some pre-grown plants and simply re-plant them in my area. This time I will put some type of fencing barrier around it.

It was a beautiful thing to watch them grow up from simple seeds.

They did not damage the flowers I planted in the front and they seem to be blooming pretty good so far. Now, suddenly the hedges have grown very very very fast, and that becomes another chore to trim them.
In this respects, there is no such thing as trying to have a nice lawn and shrubbery, flower and such without "work to maintain it" !!!!!!

I see some homes who have excellent work engaged to maintain their plants around their home, neat and well managed. So, I will get busy in the next weeks doing more to make it look better. I still don't think I will buy a lawn mower, as I took the one back to the other house. I think its best I stay with the lawn man service, so I know it is cut in a timely manner, as it gets hotter outside I don't think I'll be a regular at cutting grass.

More work, my like to dig holes and lay in the hole, most of them have filled in with grass, but the still has a few where the dirt is visible, and she lays in them. It's odd, because it makes the yard un-even, and eventually I will need to buy dirt to fill in these holes. ( the funny thing is, when I was a , growing up in a country town, I would have never though about "buying dirt". things and time changes, because even as a buying water in a bottle was not something I considered I'd do, but for 20 or more years I've been buying bottled water, I don't often drink water from the faucet, but I do use it to cook and clean, bathe and such.

We've had tremendous rainfall last year and so far this year.
I went out to check areas for flooding around the Lake, and visited a beautiful home which had flooded, and the gentleman was fearful that the lake would rise and he would be 're-flooded" after he had cut out and began repairing his walls from the last food. He had a very nice back yard, but the water had began to cover parts of it, and while we were standing there "the sprinkler system came on". I wondered, why a sprinkler when your back yard extend to the lake. He had a very nice raised walkway and boat dock, which was partially submerged and in his yard he had made a nice 'outside room" connected to a small building which was very nice, sadly, that had been flooded previously and he had cleaned everything.
I checked the flood gates which dump the lake overflow into the bayou which leads to the river, they were open and dispensing a lot of water, but the lake level was at 172 feet, and the standards it seems is 171, when it flooded his area it had risen to 177 feet. (that's a lot of water). I went to another area where the water comes across the state line via stream and such, and area were flooded,but it had not reached it peak level, and a tremendous volume of water was moving toward the lake.
Interestingly the guy told me, he had lived there a long time, he was 70, he looked like maybe 50 something, and he said, he'd worked his life trying to set up to make things easy in older age years, and now he has a mass of work to do to deal with this.
Although I could not grasp why he'd build his home so close to the water, but the whole community had homes circling the lake with their ramps and boat docks, it all looked good but the roadways also flooded, so he had quite a challenge.

It all makes my issue with overgrown hedges and replanting my vegetables seem like a very small task.