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5/12/2016 3:46 pm
Car -Inquiry

My care does not have any monetary value as far as marketability. But, it is mine.
Quite strange, the crazy situations of expense to repair the air-conditioner. I think the mechanics are as crooked as the Doctors and Lawyers when it comes to "money".

I don't particularly want a car payment, and some of the New Cars are very nice with nice features. But, they also "drop in value like a rock in water". As I look at the vehicles and see the "generic nature of many", it is frustrating to think about buying a new one. It's like one can choose the name as to brand within categories and then look at the comparisons, and it is astounding, how they are price fixed to fit categories.

I am so tempted to buy a Pre-Owner, and not trip too much about mileage, and be done with it. Than to buy the low mileage or no mileage new car, the only differences may truly be the warranty and what it actually covers. I think there are many factors to consider in the whole of things.

I look at some of these cars when the weather has been upon them and they get a bit dirty and even though it only takes a good wash job to make it back shiny, when its dirty, then the lack of real quality seems to show even morose.
the paint is thin, the plastic on the headlights on so many cars seem to loose the lustre after 3 yrs, as if they don't make these thing for people to keep very long, factor in the rapid price drops, it is not economically functional to have such a loss ration per year on some of these cars.
After the Bikes I said I'd not buy any more "NEW" vehicles, so, I have to look closely at what will be my better options at this point and time.

I like this car- (Pictures from Internet -"NOT MY CAR")

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5/14/2016 6:06 am

My current car, 1999 E320, has been great, the actual value at this point is low, but just spent 1k to replace air-conditioning system items. It was not a good figure in relation to value of the unit, but I fixed it. I am going to have the seat upholstered, but I will likely do both, because I can't stand to think of them being mismatched and replace the headliner. I will have the headlight buffed to remove that yellow sun/weather haze, and then I may paint it. It has 200k miles.
The car above would not be for daily driving, it will simply be like a sports/touring car. I can't fathom the concept of its "new car cost", but a used one will serve the purpose.

I friend keeps urging me to just buy a new car and get the new car warranty.

I am 62, I don't want to be paying for a car till I'm nearly 70 , by that time, the modification in cars will have changed so much its astounding.
I never thought I'd consider Hyundia, but the Genesis does look nice.

I've go too many other thing that need to be upgraded to put all focus in a car. I do like them to look nice, but I care about the "operation and the reliability".
My current cost has cost me very little over the years I've had it (10). so what I've spent and plan to spend is not too much when I consider the service I got from the car. 99.5% of the time, I'm the only one riding in it, Rarely has there been anyone in the passenger seat.

When it was in the shop for the air repair, I did not like not having a second car to drive even though it was only for a day. So I rode the bike. I rode my bike to work yesterday for the first time, It is a 2007 Harley Ultra Classic, and it has only 4k miles on it. It has sat in the garage most of the time, I enjoyed riding it, but I'm still up in the air about selling it, that decision is still on the table.

I am going to do the upgrades on my Benz, but I may wait a few months to deal with choices of another car. I'm still in the circle of possibly upgrade of job, I have to meet with the director soon. It may well double or double + my salary. If that happens, I'll fix all the stuff around the house, and then improve saving ratio.

After being sick last week, and watching my mother go through the horrible struggles, and thinking about the surgery I had a couple years ago; I know how it feels to see life change or diminish and the all consuming result of death. So, In the big picture of things, Its a matter of being comfortable with acquisitions and possessions and not going ballistic about stuff.

I don't need many things beyond the upgrades to home and have my transportation in top shape and making sure I can be comfortable with what I do and have the convenience to do it. The biggest of all things is "Health",

I even started wearing clothes are practically new just sitting in the closet because there is nothing to save them for, but to get the usage from them.

I have noticed change in things over the past few years, I need to be in better shape exercise wise, slow down and streamline my person life business concerns and then just relax and enjoy things.

I've had my Bass Guitars repaired, and I think I'll learn the regular guitar, I have a Fender Strat, (Old one), and my piano's too... That's something I want to get back to doing.

I still have all the data for the business model I created some years ago, maybe I can find a partner to help kick it off.

I recently submitted material to a publisher for a book, but I have to make a decision on dealing with the cost factors.

lots of different things to engage being involved.

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5/15/2016 9:30 am

    Quoting  :

I agree, I have a cousin who restores older cars from the 1950's 1960's. He's been doing it for decades. He's retired now, so that is what he does. he loves it.
I would like to have another Porsche, but the BMW will do, I'll decide in the next couple months, as to the Benz, In 1999 they still made good solid cars, I previously had an 89 Benz, which was a very solid vehicle.
I look at the lower models and I can't digest the C250 series, the C350 is probably the better of the line. I prefer the E-Class.

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5/17/2016 3:54 am

Those are very nice vehicles...
Yes, I see the large price tags of many new cares. I also see homes with at least 150-200K total value of cars parked in the driveways. (that's a lot to invest in vehicles in working class communities).
There are many who can afford it, I also see people with expensive cars, who can't repair them when they are beyond warranty.
It's still a fact, that repair cost is often related to the "logo" on the vehicle.