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6/17/2016 4:54 am
What's the plan?

What's the plan for when you become 70+ yrs of age. Do you envisage yourself alone or with a mate?

What would you think would be important in the relationship at and after age 70? Do you think the same priorities will be of focus?

I ask these question, BECAUSE so in younger years many people rely so much on the looks, the body shape, the game of allure and attract, as well as the sensual organs. They often don't develop the skill to be rational in realism about what truly becomes the bonding factor of relationships.
"Communicating- being rational and reasonable within understanding", and "most certainly learning to manage expectations".

Today in society, people jump from one fantasy infatuation to the next, they are often temped by anything that glitters, smile or fits media imagery characters, for some the fantasy about money drives them, and the usury factors of sensual organs is the base factor which makes a great many decisions for people. .

It's a fact, your hair will alter its color, it may even alter its thickness and in some cases it may vanish, these are simply human life things. The skin won't stay as of the 20 yr old youth and these are just what comes into the process.

When these things come with change, 'what then will you rely on"?

It is better to cultivate a spirit of good will, a demeanor and character of honest and a sense of compassion and a concern to invest oneself in being of sincerity.

All of such things will be needed far more in the advanced years, than people think about when they are young and during their later stage when youth changes.

What's the plan

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6/17/2016 4:29 pm

    Quoting  :

(( I want someone who is healthy enough to travel, kind enough to share what we have with poor people and has positive mind. Optimistic person who wants to share his love and always be there for me. ))

That's the reality it truly comes down to

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6/18/2016 9:08 am

    Quoting papaya1972:
    To be frank it is quite difficult to plan for some parts of one's old life especially whom you will live with. As it is not really under your control. Some are loving couples now, but no one know what could happen to anyone of them down the road; many singles are looking for their life partner and there is no certainty if they will find someone and if they finally being together how long the relationship will last.....
    All these are out off one's control.

    The good part of planning for old days is there are many aspects that one can plan and put into reality for his/her own future life.
    Say: do regular exercise and eat healthily, being financially prepared, be well insured for illness and hospitalization, make friends with like minded people in your own area, take up some hobbies that can make one's life more colorful.... and all these you can count on yourself and are within your own control, not a mission impossible.

    So I do what I can do, instead of imagine something out of my own control.
(( do regular exercise and eat healthily, being financially prepared, be well insured for illness and hospitalization, make friends with like minded people in your own area, take up some hobbies that can make one's life more colorful.... ))

These are certainly things to work hard to support, as they are vital to being an aged individual

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6/19/2016 10:15 am

I try to take very little for granted, I'm sure its something I likely take more for granted than I should, but the moment I recognize it, I try and correct it.
Nothing is Guaranteed to Anyone - That's a Life Fact.

It is though, to our best interest to continue to learn and to continue to expand our awareness, that we can make better our self and our lives.
At one time I had more money than I have today, I met with and faced the challenges, likely made some costly mistakes, and a few years ago, had a very much unplanned surgery, it was certainly not due to missing yearly check up, it was due to doctors mis-diagnosing thing, but overall I'm healthy, mobile and have at this time good mental clarity. I know some men who've had male surgery whom it devastated, it has not devastated me in such mental concerns, because I neer built my concept of self upon such things. At this point I need a regular and consistent exercise routine simply as a basic health management program, I am of care as to what I eat.
I have watched the horrible things health issue can bring in dealing with my mothers challenges. But she survived more than 25 yrs with major cancer and additional surgeries, even with the deterioration of one kidney, she made all her medical appointments, and likely if they had not damaged her kidney she may have lived longer.

I talk with friends regularly about health, and we've seen a variety of people who have one major illness which morphs into additional deteriorating conditions. Recently a co worker passed, he looked great, had a great wife, very active in church , but he had heart and diabetic concerns and he died suddenly. One co-worker went home for the weekend, and did not live to return to work on Monday, and one went home and died from a heat stroke after cutting his grass in temperatures of nearly 100 degrees.
There's no guarantees, but that does not omit the opportunity to plan, dream and look forward with ideals of a good future. No one lives forever, and it's likely no one would want to live forever, considering the nature of what is life and aging.
I have met a woman at a retirement care center, who was 102, and she continues onward even with her challenges.

There is an article about a woman who is a Park Ranger, Betty Reid Soskin, 93. She is still going strong. We never know what's to be..

But, it still is better to plan.

As to money, I read an article about the guy who created Lulemom, he is a billionaire, he said, life is not much different when one has 20 million, than when one has 1 billion dollars as to the basics of life.

It's great if one has wealth to help them provide conveniences and exercise their ideas. But, I too know there are many who live and can cover their basics, provide some conveniences and live simply managing the resources they do have.

It's a great many people with much wealth who die on a daily basis, some even having been hoarders and deprived themselves of much, to save for later and simply don't make it; as well as some who live a long time and amass even more money, that eventually time becomes a factor. Money, regardless of who has it, they still must work to be a good person and a self honorable individuals. I'd not care what kind of money a woman has, or even if she has any. It matters to me whether or not she is a good person, a happy spirited person and does not loose herself in the monetary and material things and loose the quality of her soul as being a good person.

Many people die of struggles to amass a lot of money and some may even miss a great many things for their choice to put pursuits of money above other things.

I like to go, see and do things, but if it does not fit within the management of resources and or time factors, I can still be happy with living and enjoying life.

It is no doubt, that its easier in the big picture to not have to concern ones self with monetary resource depletion. But everyone simply does not have such a scenario. They still can live well.