beyondfantasy3 113M
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6/30/2016 6:28 pm

The neighbor behind me has two dogs, one a pit bull and some other type of large dog. Yesterday, they were in my yard "again", this time they attacked my small dog, and caused damages. a puncture in the chest and other injuries, my other tried to fight them off as I ran outside to get them away, they headed back to their home, I came in to check on my dog, there was blood from my den, down the hall and in my bedroom. I called the police, then I took my to the hospital. It was costly.
Now, I have to file claim to make the people pay and to have my carpet changed as well.

My was hurt and in shock and has been laying around trying to recover, and taking medication for pain and inflammation.

The neighbor has to fix their fence or something !!!!!!! Animal Control will address them on that matter as well.

I don't care for people's pit bulls, after all the countless articles about these dogs, people still get them and they continue to be incidents of great harm and damage to other Animals and people. There needs to be some legal requirement and insurance requirement people should be mandated to have if they own this breed of dog.

I don't like walking in the community anymore, before I could walk my dogs all over the community. It's quite frustrating!!!!!!

beyondfantasy3 113M
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7/2/2016 9:58 am

I've reported it, I have the Police Report # and will pick up the report after the Holiday.
My dog is doing better, but still bandaged. the blood trail through my house is there, I will have the estimate delivered on Tuesday.

Now, I am very cautious to let my dogs stay out, until I know they have done something to fix the issue. I saw the bigger dog this morning but I did not see the pit bull. I don't want to deal with the neighbor until I have all my documentations and process my claim against them. "only then do I need to interact with them regarding this matter". Until then, if there is any exchanges, I will do it through the police. This way I'm assured no conflict arises which could turn into something silly.

I prefer to do it right!!!! emotion would say, approach it. but; logic of wise choice says follow the legal process.

I appreciate the considerations shared in the previous comments.

angelspirit48 50F
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7/2/2016 11:04 pm

Hi Beyond,

Sorry to hear about your dog and the damages in the house.

Not interacting with your neighbor right now is a good decision , I hope thing get better and work out for you .