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7/2/2016 2:24 pm
Cell Phones

A few days ago when the attack happened to my dog, I initially took pictures, then the following day, I attempted to take more pictures of my carpet. Well, the screen on my phone was blank!!!! Even when I was trying to use it during the emergency it was acting crazy, I thought maybe the battery was low, but it continued to act less than desirable. It was very frustrating to have an urgent situations and the phone did not work properly !!!!!

Well !!!! I'd planned to upgrade it soon anyway, so I called around asking about "Windows Phones", and kept getting a response they did not have any in stock. I called one place, they had 2. I had wanted to stay with the small 4.7" screen, but they did not have the model I wanted. So I ended up with a larger phone - I was not thrilled about it, because I don't like carrying it in my pocket or carrying it in my hand. I bought it!!! then I got the side pouch, the sad part they had the lateral pouch, but not the vertical one. So, I bought it !!

It's a bit crazy how everyone is selling this "fake cheap cardboard covered with what looks like leather", but as with the other case, after a few months it showed how fake it was in the ways it cracked and threads began to show. Anyway, right now I have this low quality clip on lateral pouch.

As to the Phone, It's by Microsoft, some apps it won't take, but over all so far it is fast and performs far superior than my older one. I don't know what bugs it might have later, but I'll work with it and see how it does over the next few months.

I did not want an Android, and I did not want an Iphone, I wanted a "Windows Phone", as my computer uses windows both at home and at work. It did not make much sense to get android or Iphone, when most of what I use is windows products.

The market place is saturated with anything one can want for Android and Iphone has its own line of stuff. Windows is a bit more limited, but so far it does what I need to do at this time.