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7/4/2016 3:23 pm
Being Prepared - What is the Option? - How? --- Is the Question Will One Be of Preparedness

Are we aware of what it taking place on the economic challenges from Nation to Nation.
Once the Sun never sat on the British Empire, that no longer exist for the longest time.
We've seen the shuffle since the world and the currency battles have ensued, the latest after the many challenges of Greece, Puerto Rico, Latin America and Many Nation who've not fully disclosed their position. We see, as it was inevitable that China would face challenge when it could no longer gain above 7% GDP growth, and we watched the Russian Economy decline more than 50% of its currency value. The West Coast is in long term drought, and California who once had GDP higher than many countries, they now have debt beyond their ability to resolve. No longer are the valleys blooming with produce, as the water crunch has closed many once thriving farming sectors.

Most are busy worried about their erogenous concerns, their vanity appeal, and their material pursuits, until much happens without people being even remotely aware.
Generally by the time the conflict hits the streets, the issues and contentions have grown exponentially.

It would be great if mankind could figure it out, that life is to be lived and shared, there is no need for hoarding, because no one takes anything with them when they depart living. The advance in information is astounding, but the use of knowledge has been used for the claim of power and the fact of power corrupts become and is a reality and has been through the history of mankind.

Amazing, how the Animals of the earth, don't hoard, some may store up for the winter, but each spring, they go back to work preparing for the next winter. No long term hoarding.

We have people today with such vast wealth, beyond the need to buy anything material, but they choose to pursue the buying of "control".
We've seen nothing but "Corporate Take Overs", continue to create the same Monopolies which were long ago outlawed. Political gaming has set challenge to defeat the entrance by many, without first paying into the system, to gain access and support. That too, is a mix which excludes whole groups.

We view the destruction in "once thriving cities" in countries engaged in conflict, with nothing but desolation and rubble. What then happens when such things happen in the Major Metro's from Nation to Nation.
Being Prepared - What is the Option? - "How"? Is the Question will one be of preparedness

Why might we ask, is the Avarice of man such a deep seated vice-

Today, viewing news, people are killing in mass their families, independent people killing each other, and daily the news if filled with such madness. We know not why, as the perp is generally killed or kills themselves.

We may need to be of deep care in the choice we make on a Personal, Local State and National Levels.

How do we deal with the issue which many nations have addressed of "overpopulation"? Will we have a Somalian Type Camp on each continent?

We can see India, and China and their Billion People populations, each concerned about the vast numbers of persons, but also about the aging of their populations.

What will it be for the elderly and the sickly, when nation upon nation is crying about financial crunches. Yet, the vast wealth sits in the hands of a few, for nothing but the sake of "Power To Influence and Control". There then is the mass of people in every country who rely on what ever aspect of public assistance. Where is the money to help them?

America has vast wealth, it is no reason that everyone in the nation is not paid a wage to a level to meet the National Advertised Standard, which present examples of such, seen via our media and movies???

America has been on a changed course since the days of JFK. The items JFK put in place to try and make a more fair nation, were reversed upon his death. No longer could there be racial discrimination on a Federal Level, but on an economic level segregation has only increased. It's not just based on skin, but it is now based on many other factors, as we've seen a system which now classifies people as Degree'd, Skilled, Professional and Semi Professional. Laborer's matter no more. Because the global access to labor does not to address or be of concern with persons as individual. Laborers are expendable, as we've seen and we continue to see with the advance of robotics and pursuit of labor in the less economically prominent nations.

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7/6/2016 4:23 am

What does it take to get people to make conversation about something other than scammers, and trying to entice each other with slap stick feel good quotes.
When reality sets in - all of life comes into play.
If people can't and don't engage about more than shirt sleeve fantasy, may be why so many can't make it when they hook up, because reality brings all subjects into existence.
Most adults should as many do know that life and relations involves more than the lower half of their bodies.

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7/7/2016 4:51 pm

Thank you for engaging the subject. I appreciate you understanding it is not an entertaining subject, but one that exist of many realities.
I don't get it why so many shy away from subject that deal with things beyond the entertaining aspect. Yet, people speak about their education, their care and all such things, but they avoid subject material which can engage whether there is any depth to that assertion.

Life is and will be of many challenges, as long as we have mobility, ability to think and act, then we utilize those things and they will require the utilization of such to deal with the challenges. How, is an option that is up to the individual as best as they can.

I see people who push baskets with all their belongings, but they continue in some form to "prepare" for what they can within the situation and conditions they find themselves. There is no perfection. Money comes and money goes, thing can flip ones life in an instance. These are just realism's in the world of the living.

I'm ok with what ever you would care to write, I don't consider my blogs as something I need to control, they are open for people to interact and interject and express, some may gain rebuttal, some may not but the matter is to have an ongoing interaction about subject material, which is about what is within life.