beyondfantasy3 113M
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7/13/2016 4:08 pm
Maps and views

I took some time today to check out google maps and look at some places. I was looking at the street view of 'Singapore" and other parts of Malaysia.

Singapore is very clean from the views I looked at, and it is very very well maintained.
Considering the many nice in appeal women who come from the REGION'S, if I was in my 30's it would be a nice place to be and certainly many charming appeals to meet. Well, I'm not 30

The Regions of S.E. Asian location have some very nice 'greenery" which makes landscaping look very good and rich in vegetation variety to make for a great landscape.

One item I've noticed from various S.E. Asian locations is the volume of people, one should be able to have good business because of the "volumes", as there are many well to do people who have built a great many things in these various regions.

beyondfantasy3 113M
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7/14/2016 4:06 pm

I've enjoyed my travels to the places I've been.