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7/16/2016 7:44 am
Late Evening Storm

Well, it was hot yesterday, some what nice clouds earlier in the day, they turned darker in the early evening. Around 8pm, then came the heavy winds and blowing gust of rain.

The neighbors trees were swaying very much, its a wonder they did not break and fall.

This morning I went to my front yard, and again, a tree limb from the tree in my front yard, had a broken limb that again, fell on the house.

I think the best scenario is to have the tree cut down!!! I can't do anything about the massive tree's in my neighbors yard. But I did call the Insurance company last week to ask about potential damage from neighbors trees.
He told my my Insurance would cover my home.

Well I will call the tree trimmers to cut up the limb that fell on my house last night. and maybe get them to remove the whole tree.

I am quite certain the neighbor will never cut all those trees in their yard, the expense to do so probably is tremendous. ( It's insane the previous owners would plant or allow that many trees to grow in a single yard. | The Neighbors behind me also have a lot of very large trees in their yards as well.)

I know the Area opted for that suburban rustic look and feel, but I don't think they considered what it is to have that many very large trees when they fully mature.

Some areas of the city have very large trees which line the streets and from a visual it looks good, and some homes have a lot of well maintained vegetation in some areas with very nice homes. Then every now and then one can see a home that the people did not stay on top of grooming and trimming their vegetation and it has overtaken the lawn and the homes.
Nature will be nature, left unattended and un-maintained, it will revert back to being what it was, before the land was cleared for home building. I don't think people often grasp that concept.
Many contributing factors, including change in job, income and even economic as it relates to older age of the residents, can contribute to once beautiful vegetation and trees becoming a tremendous eye sore and a highly potential hazard.

It's interesting, as we all will age with time, as will the vegetation's and trees, maybe everyone does not factor these added ongoing cost into what is retirement expense, and slowly some places result to show the inability to maintain the standard they once may have done.

Today, grounds keeping, gardening and tree management, is and has become an increasingly high expense service. No one does these jobs for cheap anymore. These are also jobs that can get in a condition far beyond what a "handi-man" service is capable of handling.

During my work, I've been to sites where Trees have fallen on peoples property, it is not a pretty site to see. The devastation to the house is in some cases beyond belief. Then if its repairable, that is time consuming and also one has to go and live in a hotel until the work is done. That too is a challenge.

I wonder at some point will Insurance Companies make policy adjustments when people have so many large trees in their yard especially in community with standardized sized lots.

A lot of the newer cookie cutter subdivisions, do not have very large trees, and they seem to be more aware of what type of trees they plant or allow to keep standing as they building these communities. The houses are generally "very close" to each other, barely meeting the minimum standard of distance between housing structures.

I have friends who have bought multiple Acres with a large home included, some even with private ponds, it looks great. !!!! I personally am not so motivated for such, as my father had his place of retirement before he passed, on multiple acres, with a pond; it turned out, to require a lot of grass cutting, finally a guy with a large tractor came to keep it cut. There were no large trees near the home, but there was a grove of trees in various areas of the land. It was nice to sit on the porch and look at it, but it certainly was a lot of work to maintain it in a well groomed condition. That too was an expense.

I guess such would be good, as long as it affordable where it can be maintained without having to put too much thought about the cost and time of doing so, by having a crew of some sort to simply take care of it.

It's always something to deal with, (two weeks or so, it was the neighbors attacking my dog, now the tree limb again, before it was car air conditioner, then upholstering my car seat and headliner, and etc........) But, that goes with living, there is no such that as a challenge free life that does not require some maintenance and/or services.