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7/26/2016 5:05 am
Very Different

The DNC (Democratic National Convention) was very positively focused with many uplifting policy aims. It reflected what is America and its people.

The RNC ( Republican National Convention) was full of anger, vile, pushing of fears and social divides. It did not reflect what is America and its people.


The Media looks for Controversy, They missed the point, which is Sanders pulled in a large young vote, and he wisely told them, in so many words, there is only one to be nominated, but he also told them- focus on the issues and policy aims and they will see and know their success in helping craft a more progressive agenda.

Now, its time for the followers of Sanders, to know when they'd won a great value for their efforts. These are many young people, whom don't grasp that all that Sanders promoted was not to be or become a total change to the system of American. They reached their actual goal and that was to influence the agenda with progressive aims.
Sanders has been around a long time, he knows how to make his followers see wisdom to understand the success they have achieved and to unite and move forward.

Trump, well, he's at his twitter and likely will come out blowing fire and pushing more fear..... It's to be expected, as he's done nothing else as an agenda, so he will likely continue pushing fear, arousing divisiveness and seeking to attack something or someone.

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7/26/2016 4:45 pm

Sanders and his Followers Role - going forward

Everyone has a role, I said it long back, that Bernie's role was to inspire the young & those who felt left out, those who had become disenchanted, those who are first time to politics and the first time voters who never got involved and give them cause and purpose. -"To do it with sincerity and honest discussion". He did that, now they have cause and purpose and that cause and purpose is inline with the Democratic Agenda.
The young among him will come to understand, and its his job now to move them forward so they will acknowledge their successes in inspiring a more progressive platform.

There was a lot of work to push the ideals and ideological aim Sanders pushed, it was necessary to push as he did to give people renewed focus and now its to help them understand they'd made "GREAT steps forward", which will expand its stride over the years and decades to come.

They should by every right be happy to have been of such service to the nation and now simply bond and move forth.
They know their work is not done, don't go into anguish at this convention and don't fight against Hillary. They need a Democrat as President. She can set the Policy and Tone. THEN, Sanders's supporters job then is to go to the voting booth in every city, county, state and federal elections and take back the Mayoral, the councils, the commissioners and the governors and State Congressional as well as the Federal Congressional seats, and let's move this nations forward. That's the work they must include in their focus.
Therefore, they need to understand Hillary's role is as it should be, now Sanders has to direct his followers to their next function within the process.

Take back the Mayoral, the councils, the commissioners and the governors and State Congressional as well as the Federal Congressional seats

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7/27/2016 10:42 pm

I completely ignored RNC. I turned off my TV last week. I didn't want to hear the noise from them that might disturb my concentration on stock market. Trump is uneducated, clown, full of arrogant and hot air, lack of empathy or knowledge, ... I might as well avoid of him. Some investors said the stock market will plunge 50% and the world will be in chaos, if Trump wins. OMG.

This week I listened Michelle Obama, Bill Clinton, Joe Biden, Tim Kaine and President Obama speeches. Tomorrow will be Chelsea Clinton. In Michelle Obama's speech, she didn't mention a word of "Trump", but we know who she talked about. Mrs. Obama is very intelligent. No wonder Trump current wife (3rd) cribbed Michelle Obama's speech in 2008 (plagiarism). I especially like when Michelle said "When they go low, we go high". That said it all that Republicans are bunch of foolish people that only know "chanting" repeatedly. Trump vocabulary is very limited, he keeps saying the same word "tremendous, tremendous" that is NOT a very smart word, he doesn't need to repeat it again and again. Today Trump asked Russian to hack Hillary's computer. I have enough with that moron.

Honesty is the best policy.

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7/28/2016 12:07 am

Trump is a egoistic, narcissistic, self-centered, incorrigible, ... "my way or the highway" person. I have nothing in common with him. I am a "political correct" person, NOT because I am afraid of speaking up. Trump said he is political incorrect and dare to speak up, so WHAT ??!! I reported my income tax honestly and never have been audited (knock on wood). Trump said (proudly?) he has been audited for over 12 yrs. Shame on him.

He attacks everyone who is an opponent to him. He wants to win every debate no matter what (including the size of his hands that insinuate his sexual ability has no problem). That was no class. How can we vote for such person to be the leader of the free world??

Trump is a demagogue who encourage people to revolt Obama administration. It was very obvious and preposterous that he asked Obama's birth certificate "long form" because Obama's skin color. He said so many political rhetoric such as "build a wall at border of Mexico" and have Mexican pay for it, he wants to talk with North Korean tyrannic leader, he likes Russia leader Putin. It seems he will be very busy on his first 100 days. However, he never explain in detail how to reach that goal. I don't trust Trump. He is a liar.

Honesty is the best policy.

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7/28/2016 8:37 am

I don't care about your opinion, John62Claude. You are just one of the stupid follower of Trump. You have been blocked from left to right.

I only care about my banker CEO and PhD physicist friends who are agree with me. They are highly educated and very intelligent.

Only the stupid people such as Trump will humiliate different ethnicity, religion and gender. Trump is a "White Supremacist". If he wins, the good USA will be disaster.

Honesty is the best policy.

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7/28/2016 4:39 pm

Obama did not divide the country, as usual Republican have SELECTIVE AMNESIA. Republican are the ones pushing the Tea Party Silliness of _ "I want my country back" before President Obama was even sworn in. I remember old white men, at the complex I had my office, stop speaking the minute the vote tally was done, before President Obama sat in the seat. Republican took a pledge to fight and deny anything proposed by President Obama, they ignored their responsibility as an elected person and chose to stand behind a pledge to one of the nations confederate front men, Rance Prebis, one who served frequently dinner by the NRA. And now the party wants to claim they have some pretense of honor.

That's about as insane as it can be, its like the 1920's and 190's when the KKK Clan dominated the political landscape. But Republican think American has the Selective Amnesia they have, and "it just ain't so" -

Not even will either of the former Republican President's speak for Trump.
Older white men who lean strongly republican, grew up in Jim Crow era, if they are above age 55 they grew up in Jim Crow System as a child. many of the older white men who learned something from the 1960's became more liberal minded, while there were others who are still anguished that their position of being dominantly white entitled are still angry to this day, that they can't walk around and claim some dominance over others.

Any psychologist will go straight to the childhood when they want to learn about people. Thus so, what do we have but a mass of old white men who are terrified that something will disturb their delusion of assuming some fictional position of racial superiority.
Ben Carson was on some nutty crusade, his specialty was Medicine, which for some reason he is no longer practicing. He even stood against ACA, but had no alternative means to medically help people.
People with a "money fixation" will quickly buy into the Trump spill, because there are many people who become blind with the fixation on wealth and bluster.
Trump has the audacity to talk about Bill Clinton, but one thing is a fact, Hillary stuck by her man. Trump is on Wife #3. That is its own story.

Sadly, people buy into the utter arrogance of Trump, and then are eager to dismiss the multitude of bias, bigoted and prejudicial things that have come out of his mouth. Truths not told, is one should study and see how many of his rental tenant cover their rent with Section 8 subsidies. They should review how much "HUD" money his father used to fund the building of units. Then the truths start to show.
Trump no longer makes the claim of having 10 Billion dollars, because Mark Cuban pushed the issue that shut him up about such a false claim.

There is a mass of old white people and some of the younger republican followers who simply can't digest diversity and certainly they can't think in terms of diversity on a level of equality. It's truly odd, that Asian would even consider being Republican led, when only 20+ yrs ago, Chinese were looked down upon by the Right Wing and they only now consider them because many Chinese have wealth in their country. Aside from money, go try and figure out how many poor Chinese will get any favor or regard from Right Wingers, then one can see and know what it the truth. The same was true of the attitude toward Japanese until the late 1970's and 80's when Japan had the money, during that time, Chinese were considered the lowest in relation to Japanese.

There are many Republican who can't stand the Democratic party, because they know it supports equality for blacks, and it is no secret that anything which supports black people truly disturbs many who won't say it, but its within their framework.
What is really funny is many of the liberties that Asian Immigrants as well as others enjoy, were hard fought for by black people, when black people pushed for the passage of the Civil Rights Act of 1964. Thankfully the open minded whites who stood with them back during those time, is why today, we have improvements in the Civil Rights in America.

There is much many don't know, don't pursue to know and the sad part is there is so much many don't care to want to know. Even still it does not diminish what is the truth.

All the other area of Civil Rights won since then; can be thankful for the basis of the Civil Rights Act of 1964.

Truth wins out over non truths and time tells it as it unfolds.

We saw the difference in the demographic of the two conventions, and that tells its own story visually.

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7/28/2016 4:57 pm

The Republican expected someone else (Democrats) to "wave a magic wand" and simply make the Republican Messes go away, or they expected some fictional trick for someone to "click their heels three times and time reverse itself to wipe it all away", because it is very evident, Republicans are unaware of the massive work it takes to have fixed so much of a Colossal Screw Up and Devastation left by and from the Republican Administration, at the same time; while dealing with being wrapped in 2 Republican Generated Wars and a destabilized Middle East. Purely Astounding.

Either way, an option is to:

Ask yourself where was the Economy in 2007?
Ask yourself how many people were loosing jobs in 2007?
Ask yourself how much had the banks gambled away and what was their status in 2007?
Ask yourself how many people lost home during these same periods?
Ask yourself why was the Bush Administration trying GIVE $750 billion to the banks with no questions asked?
Ask yourself, what benefit we gained by President Obama, demanding not only accountability, but REPAYMENT of that $750 billion before he gave them a penny?
Ask yourself how did the stress test get placed on Banks?
Ask yourself how was GM and Chrysler and their large supply chain saved?
Ask yourself who helped to feed much of American during such calamitous times
Ask yourself how did the Unemployment % numbers fall?
Ask yourself, how did President Obama's Administration kill Bin Laden, with a SEAL TEAM, and did not blow up two countries and waste Trillions upon Trillions to get it done?
Ask yourself how the 20 million Plus people on ACA respectfully appreciate being able to get test, treatments and not have their homes taken by medical liens or having their medical needs denied because of pre-existing conditions?

That should be more than enough questions, we certainly would not want to induce any type of mental over-load by continuing the list and expanding the awareness beyond what is of potential to be ingested within a particular time frame, especially when one is so far behind in actual awareness based on one's own posting.

Nope, People who listened to Right Winger's game of "block and tackle" behind some crazy pledge they made unto the Bigot Agenda Program, to try and defeat not just President Obama, but the whole nation, as a means to try and defeat the Presidency because the office was won by a black man, of which the detest the mere idea of a Black Man as the Presidential Leader of this Nation and its Position on the World Stage. Therefore, its not without interpretative awareness as to why and how you have become blinded by such methodology of the Republican System and its Confederate Ideology and its Aspirations of Antebellum Manner. With the infusion of its Jim Crow era guidelines, how could you possibly have gained any other view point, or awareness to face up to any elements of the truth which exist?. Thus it is perfectly clear why you have and take such a denial posture, it logical such confabulated amnesiac filled perspective would be presented from a member of the Republican Ranks.

But again, maybe its just simply the same as its always been, the confederate mentality, of expecting the black man to bail him out and give him free wealth without his confederate self having to do anything, after his confederate self having spent so much time screwing up and his confederate self squandering so much. That's kinda how the Slave system functioned, where the Confederate Idealist continually relied on the slaves to bail his confederate self out the messes they found.

beyondfantasy3 113M
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7/29/2016 4:24 pm

Add up the debt and you might understand how it got to be what it is, 1.x Trillion for every year Bush was in office, and the statement by Bush himself in 2008, that it would be 10 yrs before American could balance a budget, then you can factor in what it cost to fix the mess that was left in 2008, Now, add in the fact that in 2006-07 China cut back on buying American Bonds, and began buying Gold, the different increased the need to borrow by that same factor. Then add in the Government Shut down and Republican delaying funding the government which caused the bond rating to go down, which sent the interest rates up.
Do you in the least of ways, think that that escalated borrowing and expenditure for the war machine could just be shut down like turning a switch? "Not Likely".

Awaken...... We spent $30+ BILLION A MONTH, in Iraq, another $20+BILLION A MONTH in Afghanistan, not to mention an addition loss of $30 BILLION A MONTH, just with China in Trade Imbalance, along with every other nations Trade imbalances, which COST US.
At or More Than, $100 BILLION "every month", for more than a Decade = $1.2+TRILLION A YEAR, for a total of more than $11+ TRILLION over a Decade.
The cycle of $1.x Trillion of debt accumulation could not be shut off like some switch, nor could the economy be brought to stability and growth for free?

The other question that should be asked is what happen to the 65 Trillion that vanished during the Bush Administration? Then one can ask, how did so many go from being Millionaires during his Administration to being Mega Billionaires?
How much was pledge around the globe to buy the participation of other nations to back the Invasion of Iraq, those countries certainly did not do it for free.

I'm constantly amazed at how Un-informed many Republican are. Especially if they live a somewhat comfortable life or maybe even live on mommy and daddy's gains or find avenues by connections, there is so much they have no interest to learn and know. Then there is the others, who have this aim and desire for the 1950's social system and fictional stature, they are beyond reachable to bring information to them, because they will twist it, to fit into the general denial mentality, so they can continue their indulgence in confabulations.

"Every Republican Administration" since the days of Nixon has left this nation in economic turmoil. Why Republican hail Ronald Reagan when he nearly destroyed the University of California System, and diminished the integrity of community colleges by taking so much of their funding, because he thought no one should get access without paying, "especially" since now it was accessible by women in high number, minorities in high numbers, immigrants in high, that's numbers. Reagan raised taxes 11 times, during his admin, he was the catalysis to the largest drug importation in the history of any nation on the globe, then back-door'ed Iraq, when he claimed to support them against Iran, but was using drug profits to funnel weapons through Iran back to the Contras. He stalled out any Civil Right Legislation he could while at the same time, pushing his Trickle down delusion, as a game to give more tax breaks to the wealthy, which fit his program which increased the tax on working people 11 times.
Need we mention Richard Nixon, and his driven efforts to convert the Southern (Confederate) Democrats to the Republican Party in effort to stifle Civil Rights, then got busted in the Watergate which brought on his demise.

We found out Bush II lied to invade Iraq, and Republican want to brush it off and claim it to be insignificant, when the result prove the cycles and reverberations of such, which has continued to destabilize the entire region, and set Terror Groups on an escalated cycle, especially considering the massive weapons movement systems set up during the war games of the Bush Administration, which today can't be shut down. We had a high of $147 a barrel Oil, which benefited the Arab region, and it is certain they understood as long as conflict rages they would make a fortune, therefore it is not unlikely they could devote a % of profit to funding any aspect of continuing conflict they wanted and there was nothing that could stop them.
It's quite interesting now we have a Democratic President and Oil has fallen back to where it would have likely been through simple yearly inflation valuation. as it was between $19-$21 a barrel before Bush Invaded Iraq..
The stock ticker is higher than its ever been in the history of the stock market. ( not that I like it, but based on how it equates economy, it is higher).
International Relations was at a disaster point, after nations were nearly forced to support the Iraq Invasion, and then Nations Anguished after the stock manipulation and fictitious bond rating that resulted to many nations not only following suit, but resulting to loose a great deal of financial resources.

I serious doubt that the "slap stick commentary within the Republican system" is good for anything except, the re-start of eroding the Economic system and promoting more global conflict.

beyondfantasy3 113M
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7/29/2016 4:48 pm

many chinese now living american dreams not because civil rights movement or democrat or republican or right win or left wing, it is because we work very very hard.

Don't leave out the part where Chinese have access to capital backing funding. Because they have National Banks which do operate branch systems in the US.
Also, don't leave out the part where Chinese were not enslaved, they were able to earn during all those decades, it makes a big difference when one has a history of being paid, as opposed to being worked and not paid. When it came to schools, Chinese were allowed to go to white schools where the better books and more amenities were available, where as black were not allowed for all those decades.

There is more that you seem not to know, and have no concern to know. Yet you want to grandstand. "Gee Whiz" !!!!
It's highly likely that if a black man said hello to you, "you'd have a smirk on your face", but even the economically lowest functioning white male said hello, you'd fall all over yourself trying to be considerate. Under such situations, if one knew a black man had wealth, then maybe that smirk would not show so readily.

You are free to live and choose what is of your interest, and I congratulate you on doing well, and wish you all the success in the world in what ever you pursue to do, but I would say an additional word of consideration, "be careful with grandstanding". Haughtiness is not a good thing.

When you claim what is not and has not been a benefit to you, one must awaken unto awareness, "The time of now" did not just happen, it was built to be what it is over many centuries of many things, therefore; when one is quick to discount the past, they are more prone to take the present for granted, without understanding how they arrived at what is today.

1ClassyLady 68F
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7/31/2016 7:48 am

Donald Trump is the worst Presidential candidate/nominee that I have ever known. I am worry about he knows the code about nuclear bomb and his hand on it. His loud voice surpass others in rebuttal, so nobody else voice can be heard. He will become a dictator, hopefully if NOT a tyrant. Most definitely he is a clown but NOT a leader.

Honesty is the best policy.

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7/31/2016 8:05 am

Hillary is not the perfect due to her email controversial but she is very experienced woman in USA. She is the First Lady during her husband 8 years President period, a New York senator, and 4 years as Secretary of State for Obama administration.

I originally wanted to vote for Joe Biden but he quit the election because his eldest son passed in May 2015. Mr. Biden was very saddened by the loss of his son. Mr. Biden is the man who has integrity and experience to run the office in White House.

RNC is like bunch of clowns in a circus. DNC is much united and knowledgeable convention. It is a tremendous difference.

Honesty is the best policy.

1ClassyLady 68F
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7/31/2016 7:17 pm

People like Trump, will vote for him, but don't include me. I will vote for Democratic nominee. I live in California and this is the state always vote for Democrat. Actually, Democratic party always win on both coasts (East coast states: New York, New Jersey, Massachusetts, ... and West coast states: California, Oregon, Washington, ...), Republicans win in the center states.

We will find out in November. If you ever read my blogs, you know I don't like Trump what-so-ever, his aggressive attitude, loud voice, hot-air promises, bully behavior, no political experience, cookie jar accounting, humiliate Mexicans, Blacks, Muslims, Women, .... I have no clue why people voted for him. Even their own Republic party people don't like him such as Bush family, Mitt Romney, Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio, and Michael Bloomberg had a speech on Democratic National Convention. Go figure !!

Honesty is the best policy.

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8/2/2016 11:27 am

I have same opinion with Supreme Court justice, Ruth Bader Ginsburg that we should move to New Zealand, if Trump wins the election.

I have emailed with my banker and physicist friends exactly the same email conversation long before Justice Ruth Ginsburg said so.

In the email I said to my friends New Zealand is the safest country in the world. There is no violence, no vicious animals, i.e. lions, tigers, bears, snakes, crocodiles, .... even the sheep, cows, and deer, are imported from other countries to farm them. It is the most peaceful and tranquil country. However, my banker replied and said "NZ is safe but too boring".

The 2nd country I will consider to move to is Canada. Canada is very clean and beautiful, people are nice and gentle. I like the Lake Louise and think it is a most beautiful lake in the world. It is a good retirement place.

USA has too many problems, too much freedom on possession of guns and rifles. It is like we are still in civil war or against British (or Indian?) There are too many conflicts in between White policemen and Black kids. I understand that Blacks have had very difficult time during "Segregation". White cops have too much "fear" and misjudged the threat by many young innocent blacks who were unarmed. This racial tension won't be subsided anytime soon. Trump will raise racial tensions even more, if he wins the election.

Honesty is the best policy.

utopia11111 69M
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8/6/2016 11:49 am

Good for you and welcome to America!