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9/2/2016 3:37 pm
A Stark Contrast

The world as seen previously such type and mentality of Candidate, it may well be better to not see another Candidate of such likes in the 21st Century..
He is not a Therodore Roosevelt, and Certainly not a Teddy Roosevelt, those guys talked a good stand, but they also understand and understood the respect of humanity and the society of America and the American People.
Theodore Roosevelt's ideas on Immigrants and being an AMERICAN in 1907. he was with a dignity that represents what is America. Even back in the time of Roosevelt, Race was at discussion, though the bigoted and bias in it persisted, in a 1905 Speech, "he warned that the debasement of the blacks will in the end carry with it [the] debasement of the whites."

The problem with Trump he has an idea that comes from his Childhood Concept of America, where his father was of the culture that identified with segregationist ideals, and Trump grew up a wealthy in a system which aspired to Jim Crow Laws and Manner of Conduct, which was bias, bigoted, segregated via the premise of racism and class-ism based on ones financial divisions. He can't be the Republican Party of the Lincoln Era, because that was a party that did not attract the likes of KKK types, anti-government types, nor did it attract a pursuit of divisiveness. At this point he cannot change the trajectory of the Republican Party, as the leaders are afraid to speak for or against him, because either way the party is in perils, they have fought for the past 7.5 yrs against every program put forth for the American people. The policies of the party does not promote the unity factor,does not embrace the environmental factor, nor does it promote the nature of diplomacy needed in the world of today, therefore in many ways, it is not of the nature and character as that of the Party of Lincoln. Currently, it reflects imagery and representation via presentation and espoused commentary as the likes of the Confederacy of the past.

He talks what he does not live when it comes to supporting this nation. He does not support Union Shops in his business, nor does he respect the pay and benefits that Unions fought for Decades to Support, He does not care for immigrant except what he can use as slave wage labor for his seasonal gains, and he does not care about American Industrial Growth, because he himself outsources the production of his Trump Branded Products, and using primarily "Imported Building Materials" to construct his project. Then he plays shuffle the paper, bleed the company to avoid taxes, by the interplay of accounting practices that is based on self enrichment at the expense of any, including those who support his projects with funding.

These are foundational things, which demonstrate what his followers don't want to see. They are enamored by the "bully talk", and the "I'll kick butt" style of bravado, which has been shown to be "bluster" depending on when and where and to whom he is talking.

America yes has to have a strong nationalist position, I'm an advocate of such, but not one where we ignore and disregard the value and benefit of what is diplomacy and how it functions to be a strengthening point and not a weakness as he tries to pretend.
President Obama has done great works, yet, Trump tries to deny what is a truth that is undeniable. President GHW Bush does not speak, because he knows that the work done by President Obama, has helped save the legacy of Bush from a ridicule as being one who took down American and nearly brought the world with it.

I'm sure some of the Republican want too, a good America; but they must demonstrate they want it "for everyone", THEY MUST get past and get over "selective amnesiac remembrances", and acknowledge the truths, which include the screw up, the decades of madness of playing bleed the system first with ear marks and then colluding bills with self interest, and pretending to be innocent when facts hit the table. They must learn to respect the dignity of others, as simply people and let go of the covert antebellum racial undertone they are so eager to spew.

The video should be a direct reflective awareness to show them how vile their history has been, instead of them being proud of such, they should be with a sense of shame that makes them want to change and be a better people and a more humane driven group within society. This video is reality, it shows the images of madness, and thus the artist who composed the over tone of Trumps words, captured the exactness of the coded message but the overt link in what and how his message resonate within those who lust for a return to such imbecilic times. It should be a insult to the present day people to know their ancestry was of such ignorance and vile, all behind trying to deny others the rights of equality, yet these people claim they respect the Constitution, and respect democracy, but they hate the premise of what supports democracy, which is "Equality".

One can't serve God and the Devil, and claim themselves Godly. Yet they wonder why people have this concept of the "evil white person". Only white people can change that, by living with a concept of respect for others as they want for themselves. Many of the more liberal minded white people, understand this and have taken a character posture and mentality of respecting others, and seeing others with eyes and spirits of equality, they want unity and commonest in opportunity for all, in equal as they want for themselves.
This is a stark contrast, from the mindset of many whom aspire to the support of the Trump agenda, when it is demonstrated his campaign has attracted the likes of KKK and other bigoted and racist antagonist, who push for adversarial positions and void out the concerns of unity and equality.

One can't push the delusion of comments that right wingers utter, as if other want free stuff, when they are themselves recipient as well as pursuer's of any and very kind of benefit the system has to offer, and then turn and denigrate the system and any others who get or utilize benefits. They have some delusion that these benefit are only for them.
Then they spew this ignorance of "I pay my taxes", as if everyone else does not pay taxes. Yet, they won't speak up when the big corporations skip out on paying their responsible fair share of taxes. People need to think.... they have to get over that 18th and 19th Century ignorance.

For Centuries they abused others, and then claim it was ok, because the law allowed it, when they knew the law was twisted from biased abuse and racial bigotry which contorted and made unfair the function of the law. They cast aside ethic's because they valued more the pursuit of self enrichment at the expense of others, with no limitation on what vile and horror they would engage to pursue it. Wherefore, such an avarice driven spirit was of more importance than the ethnic of honoring the premise of equality and fairness among "all" mankind.

Time brings truth even when the voice of denial yells loudly, the truth prevails because it is the truth, and drown the voice of ignorance to be nothing more than the rumblings of fools.

America in this day and time, is far and improved than any time it has ever existed. Yet, the denial and the vile of disregard, is spewed from mouths of the unaware, like muddy waters from a fountain, made foul with a smell of decaying matter and they drink by the buckets, all for the sake of rebel rousing; while some continues their private matter of fortune gathering at the expense of any and all. So is the ways of the wicked, when vanity choosing madness to hail ones self, while it promotes anarchy among the masses. This is what becomes of the wickedness that fools make and call it merriment.

The wisdom's of the wise shall make many stand strong and the choices of the honorable shall make small, the march of the madmen and fools.

We "The People" shall have our chance to vote - "November 8th" - as American People.

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9/3/2016 8:23 am

It's time for people to think, learn the issue and consider the 'real" future and how they want to contribute that it may be a future that includes regards, equality and respect for all persons.

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9/4/2016 7:08 am

Some of the stuff Trump said, might be good in thought if many other factors were addressed but, it might even be something one could pursue, if American had a Dictator, A Tyrant or a King, but fact is: America has a CONGRESS. This is not "The Apprentice" where Trump is the Dictator of the Show - This is is The United States of America. Not a TV Show.

Trump has said nothing nor proposed anything that President Obama did not say as it relates TO THE ECONOMY.
Republican went crazy.,. when President Obama said, "Let's Rebuild American From the Bottom Up", the republican congressman and the general white males of the Republican Establishment and Industry went stone crazy with attacks.
President Obama said: " Let's build American with a Level Playing Field For ALL American's, again, Republican went crazy with attacks.
President Obama said, "let's re-invest in American, again, Republican went crazy, and claim that he wanted to take their money and give it to the poor, WHEN FACT IS, President Obama said and meant, "Re-invest In American", not hide money offshore, and not take industry to foreign lands, but to Re-invest in American Industry and American Cities. _ Republican went stone crazy and for each things, the Republican Stood by their Pledge to Try and Defeat anything and everything President Obama Opposed.

So, you think, just because Trump is a white male, that suddenly these Republican & Democrats are going to just flip on a dime and do as Trump dictates???

The Republican Party can't stand the man, they can't speak against him because it is a death blow to the party, they can't support him, because its a death blow to the party.

"Republican" -White men in American loves a "bully Talker", everyone not only in American but across the world knows that to be fact. Especially the "Baby Boomers" they are still lusting for some delusion that this is still "immediately Post World War II" American, when fact it is it not!!!!

In case you did not get the message, the Global Community is now filled with many very wealthy nations, they have very smart people, and they use the computer to do their factoring, just like American's do. It was the BABY BOOMER generation that led American to become a Debtor, Baby Boomers have sold off anything and everything for "short term gains" and will sell anything if they can get their ego stroked in doing so. Everyone Knows, the Baby Boomers grew up in Jim Crow American, raised by Parents who grew up in Jim Crow ideology, as well as Grandparent whom many helped spread the Jim Crow ideology across this nation. The time frame of age tells that fact clearly.

The sad reality is, the Baby Boomer Generation has been the worst for American in the Terms of Economics, they destroyed everything the generations before them built up, The Steel Towns, Mill Towns and the Robust Industry of Detroit and Other areas, TOTALLY DEVASTATED BY Baby Boomers and their Offspring's.
Those are simple reality facts.

Emails are Emails, it only a republican drama spin that keeps it in the news, but fact is, Hillary has done more for the Country as a whole, than Trump who has shafted the hard working contractors, swindled the banking system and played swindle the Government to avoid paying taxes.

Yes, American got beat in the Industry Sector by China, Japan and Many other Nations, but it was solely, because Baby Boomers and their children "outsourced industry", trying to take away any and every pathway that minorities and women might use to gain economic parity with white males. This country still has a segment of Right Wing White Males, who can't digest "women's independence", and they certainly can't digest the thought of black minorities to be on economic equilibrium with white males. That has been the history of this nation for Centuries and Decades, no one is unaware of that fact.

Only 52 yrs ago, Right Wing minded white people were in the streets fighting and attacking black minorities all because they could not digest a sense of "equality" and respect people with a mindset of equality and fair play. (That was done purely by right winger white people) Trump sadly has played to these groups from the point of his madness about "birther games", to his incessant insults to the President simply because he is a black man, Trump can't digest to see or think of him being more important and more powerful than himself, because he is not accustom to Black people having leadership roles. This is not unknown to people and it is a fact that Right Winger, would deny it because they are not prone to telling the truths about such things. These are the same type of people who killed black people and then let each other go in the kangaroo court system that the people engaged pre-Civil Rights and the Voting Rights of 1965. Republican like fighting so much, they had massive conflict within their own party between the right winger and the far right winger tea party types. They have a mass of people who are "anti-government" types who'd love to dismantle Government Agencies. Now, if you think the American people will sit idle for that, then one is definitely not paying attention to the "big picture". One need to really consider the dynamics of such contrast.

If you think people are going to sit down and allow Trump to establish some Martial Law in the Inner Cities, then you would be as delusional as he is to think such. He can't quell inner cities with such aims, not after right wingers of the Jim Crow ideology spent decades decimating these inner cities by outsourcing and destroying the economic viability by constructive dismantling of Industry and Corporate function within these areas.
Trump himself, in his desperation for vote, had to acknowledge the disparity and constructive omission of minorities by the constructs of industrial exodus from these areas. He can't fix that over-night nor with a last ditch utterance, while at the same time being promoted and supported by the same right winger and fringe groups that still believes in some delusions of white supremacy.

Nothing in Trumps plans can provide the tax revenue to get his ideas done, and then he wants to take ACA medical care from the millions of people whom have benefited, and they are expected to sit idle and allow it. If he thinks the Latin population is going to sit idle and let him do "house raids" that is an absurd fantasy,
Therefore, the bluster is one thing, and what is reality is another thing.

Republican went Crazy when President Obama made amends for the criminality of Wall Street and the Rating Agencies, while Republican white men thought they could screw the world community in such ways and then talk crap as if these nations were going to sit idle and take it. Nope, President Obama used diplomacy and the honor-ability of pledging to rectify the problem and work with people around the world, not take a "cowboy posture" and act like the era where the white people pushed false treaties and followed up with slaughtering the Indians.
We should have learned from Vietnam, that people are not going to lay down and do nothing, We should have learned from Iraq that people are not going to lay down and do nothing, and we should have learned from China, that nations are not going to accept being dictated to. These are things Trump is not considering to consider in the things he is talking about.
You may not like Hillary, but she does understand the world community is not a puppet and certainly the world community will not pander to the US, just because Trump said so. Just became Trump squashed the other republican with the standard " Right Wing Game of Name Calling", the American people are not that gullible when one is dealing with the whole of the population.
Republican who are aware, have pledged to vote for Hillary, many will not speak a word of support for Trump and if they thought they could squash him without destroying the party, they would do so, the only reason they have not is, because they value the party more than the man.

The country is in better shape now than ever before, and certainly it has elevated in every areas from the devastation Bush left. 8 yrs of Republican Adminstration saw everything fall apart, and the embroiling in Wars that have persisted more than a Decade and Destabilized the entire Middle East.
People don't forget that, simply because Republican have a love affair with Selective Amnesia.
There is more to the matter than just Trump, He might be the ideal of the Great White Hope for Republicans, but the world does not care to see anymore of the "Great White Hope Ideologist".
Republican deny global warming, while the world in devastated by floods, tornado's, hurricane, drought and every kind of natural calamity that climate change promotes, and nations have signed on to fight global warming, and if you think the world will sit idle, and allow Trump to disband the progress on Global Warming, then you are terribly unaware of much.
Trump has said nothing about the insanity of University Cost, but he did try to cash in on it with his Sham University, which is in the courts this very day. but he has not one thing to say about re-funding State Universities, Community Colleges and Re-Validating Technical and Vocational Certifications. He is not even Aware that China moved a vast amount of its population upwards economically by OJT (On The Job Training Programs), but these things never enter the conversation or mind of Trump, nor has he considered that Other Nations are in a challenge to improve their GDP %, and to re-employ their populations and they are not going to sit idle and do nothing. They are not going to roll over and just be quiet and allow companies to move to America without them making adjustments and challenges to prevent it because they know their people too, need to work.
The picture is far bigger than the lofty aims of Trump. This is not the Immediate Years of the Post World War II World. The world has changed and all players have voice and will pursue more voice. The world will not allow Trump to play games with NATO to weaken it, when global leaders want to strengthen it.

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9/5/2016 10:01 am

When you awaken and review, blacks have never asked for anything of American White People, except for those among white society who deny respecting the Constitution, to begin to respect the Constitution and its Premise of Equality.

Why some whites have a problem with that, tells its own story. It was white people in the streets attacking black people, because white people could not digest the concept of "equality".
I personally know many white people who can't stand racist and bigoted white people, as well as I know many white people who detest the negativity that bigoted and racist whites bring upon white society.

No one is against Trumps idea of Jobs, but people don't like his initial vile of how he approached immigration, people don't like his history of swindling and looting companies and playing the bankruptcy game, but people on both side have no issue with his concern to discuss improving trade, but people know that Amerian can't go into full on protectionism.

I personal don't like that Trump is unaware of the ways of madness taught in Ivy League, about wealth gathering by any means. Nor do I think Trumps idea about shyster games with debt, to avoid being responsible for the debt that exist. I know that he can't flip on a dime and suddenly be pro minority, when he has never been pro minority. Trump played the birther game till it played out, because he could not digest that a black man achieved what he could not. When Trump himself, has not one but two 'foreign wives", and still it is not 100% clear if his own wife was a legal citizen before he married her.
But, the media is not going to back off, and eventually all truths as truth does will come to the surface.

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9/5/2016 10:13 am

I disagree with you,
It's evident you have not reviewed closely, the condition of the nations Post President GHW Bush. It's not my job to try and bring you are anyone up to-date to these realities. It certainly is not my job to try and get those who simply can't stand the idea of a black president and would never give him credit .
I've read the Jim Crow Laws and the Jim Crow Equitte, and each clearly states that at no time will white people give black people credit for anything above or equal to the credit given to a white person.
It further said;
"treating blacks as equals would encourage interracial sexual unions; any activity which suggested social equality encouraged interracial sexual relations; if necessary, violence must be used to keep blacks at the bottom of the racial hierarchy. " Your age puts you right in the mix of being from an era of Jim Crow grooming. Therefore, I won't discount that from being an influence in your thoughts and mindset.
Your second statement, pushes this even more to be an ingrained steretypical manner and thought process, when you said;
"they will never be happy until you give them all a salary larger than anyone for staying home and doing nothing, until the next looting opportunity comes along!"
These demonstrate your racial bigotry which is very overt. You should learn who is the greater users and abusers of public assistance programs.
" I'll post it again for your information, surely you will reject it, but you can't say you were not informed".

To dispel any and all myths that these services are mainly for minorities - lets move to look at reality with numbers.

Blacks @ (13 of a population of 300,000,000 people in U.S = 39,000,000 / 59.1 percent who live on 80 of their income from social security of 39,000,000 people = *23,049,000 people.

Whites @ (70 of a population of 300,000,000 people in U.S. = 210,000,000 / 46 percent who live on 80 of their income from social security of 210,000,000 people = *96,600,000 people.

Result: *73,550,000* MORE white people than black people live on 80 of their income from social security.

The Ratio of white people living on SSI is 4.17% to every 1% of black people living on SSI.
The low "base line" average of over 57,000,000 million MORE white people collect social security “than there is black people who exist in this nation”, simply put, this equals 22.23% more whites than " the whole populations of blacks" in this country, as being the ones who collect public program service benefits.
On an average of over 73.5 million “more” whites collect benefits than the total number of black people. Is a FACT.

There are 5.3 times more whites than blacks in the country. White people outnumber blacks 4:1 when it comes to recipient who is using public benefit.
THIS NUMBER EQUALLY SO, REPRESENT those who are using Medicare, Medicaid as well as all other social programs.

As to the economy, it no longer is loosing 800K jobs a month, banks are not on the brink of collapse, people are not loosing homes at record rates, Bin Laden is dead and it did not take blowing up two countries and disturbing the world community to do it. It took the smarts of using a "Seal Team". Women now have a bill that promotes equal pay for equal work, and people have medical coverage who never had it before, ( the cost would be even lower, EXCEPT republican fought against that and have since tried by every means to sway Insurance companies to be a collusive as they can in raising premiums). America is no longer despised around the world to the level it was during the Administration of GHW Bush, nor do we see countries refusing to take the dollar. Oil is now down to where it would have been by natural inflation, instead of the astronomical levels up to $141 a barrel under the Administration of GHW Bush. The list goes on, but as a being a true to hear Right Wing Republican who despise the premise and fact of a black president, it is not unlikely that you'd reject every bit of this.

That is certainly you choice. It is and continues to be proven that Republican adopt a Selective Amnesia, as well as a denial posture regarding any and all of these matters. They won't even own up to a world known fact, that the Administration of GHW Bush- used "lies and well known mis-information to push and promote the war. which is more egregious than anything even remotely discussed about the silliness of emails.
You might want to go and study "debt escalation" and if you are able to digest truth, you will find not only did the Administration of GHW Bush push the levels to absurdity, his policies, actions and resulting impact, set a course for them to rise astronomically for the next 10 yrs after he left office. WHILE, we are still accumulating debts from the Iraq Arena as well as Afghanistan and now the mess in Syria and other conflicting arenas. This is a reality truth, republican fail to see.

The Stimulus found squandering by Republican in their aim to try and make it fail, because their party was in shambles and they pledged to push as much negativity as they could conjure to do, including trying to diminish the productivity of the Stimulus.
China brought him to silence about currency, when Bush keep defeating the American economy, and in 2005-2007 China reduced the amount of bonds and chose instead to buy gold, which led the Administration of GHW Bush to escalate its borrowing from China as well as any other place it borrowed.

Therefore... hey-- When has a Republican ever faced the actual truth or admitted their complicity in the damages done to the American System, this nation and the many cities that resulted go to bankruptcy status, during the Bush administration.

So, you are welcome to think as you choose, the facts will remain when you tire of confabulations, which is unlikely, but the fact still will remain the same.