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9/5/2016 11:40 am
Fads - Living Standards - and Other Ideals

I'm sure I have a issue with fads, thought I did do the 'bell bottom pants things and the platform shoes when I was younger", even the printed shirts. I'm learning to be more accepting of people who "like fads". I'm also continually learning to be more aware of how much challenges some people have and how they do the best they can to deal with it. I've always been with greater consideration and compassion toward the many people who have in today's society so many challenges, both of health, financial depressed conditions and the multitude of struggles that people have. As well as esteem issue and the likes. I know I should join organizations that can be of help and assistance and use my skills to be more contributory to these type of things in life.

As for the general of things
Now, personally I'm slower to adjust than I was once to "top of technology" and at one time I stayed current on developments and gadgetry, but then I got to a point, to think more about usable function, when I did that, I stopped buying the latest computer, the latest software, the latest stereo's and such. It took me a while to adjust up to the Smart phone that are basically computers, I did have a varity of phones, but I was not into texting and such.
Now, I have a Microsoft Phone, it does what I need it to do, I switched earleir this year to a model that is a bit larger, only because the other one had a problem.

I don't buy a lot of software like I use to. I don't change cars like I use to, I have Plasma TV's, maybe a digital one or two, but I did not trade in the Plasma's for LED.
I have a older laptop with XP, mainly because I'm not a frequant user of lap tops. I could find no reason for a watch that does what the phone does, and I've not bought a tablet, (though I'm considering one), just have not figured out what I want to use one for.
I'm relegating the lap top to run Music Software, maybe later I might want to buy one that doubles as a tablet, not sure just yet.
I was going to buy a BMW 6 series, but I want another Porsche, I want to 911 Turbo, but I know the 911 Carrera is a good car, and more suitable for daily driving than a Turbo, as well as the cost of the Turbo is astronomical over the 911 Carerra.
I wanted bikes some years back, so I bought the Suzuki M109R, and the Harley Ultra Class with everything except GPS. But, I gave my the Suzuki, and I have only ridden the Harley two times in the past year.
I had a Porsche, I brought with me when I moved her, it was a beautiful 1984, with 930 body style, yet, over the course of 8 yrs I only put 300 miles on it, I sold it, but now I realize, I basically gave it away, because the sales price for the same model is astronomically high and many don't have even close to the upgrades mine had. ( but, I can't turn back time, so that was a loss I live with), did the same thing with the 1989 I basically gave away for practically nothing.
I also thought about buying a "go cart" the professional type, and maybe a remote control Helicopter, because I think they would be interesting.

I don't make an income that justifies a new 911 Turbo, as the new ones are 150K. but the used model I am looking at actually cost as much as a New Cayman, or even in some cases a new model 911 Carrera, and they even cost more than a 2017 Mercedes E Class. So, the contemplation as to choices is ongoing. But, for the quality of what it is, I think it is reasonably priced specifically as a "novelty vehicle". Not an everyday driving vehicle, but I also think of how Long I let the other one just sit in the garage without driving, so, that is a factor to consider.

Not many people in this city drive Porsches, but there are some, but nothing like the volume in California when I lived there. There is a high number of people with Mercedes Benz's in this city.
It's so weird, I make less than 1/3 of what I use to earn, but I manage what I do and what I buy, because overall, its about being comfortable. It took me a few years to taper down my cost of living to fit within what this area's median is, "it was hard work" and it was worth it. I find I don't need things like I thought when I was younger, I am more concern not to have a lot of stuff that needs a lot of maintenance.

I have a friend who just bought a very nice and beautifully large home on a very large piece of property with a private pond, It's just he and his wife. I don't think I want that much land, because it has to be maintained, I know I don't want a pond, because 'snakes" live close to water !!!! I have ample space in my home, but I do think I might go for a house with room for a Music Studio, maybe even a Crafts shop, but, in reality, I have enough back yard to add those things to my house.
Still, there are some very nice areas, I would consider, because this area is changing, and I like areas that is nice and comfortable to walk. I've been here 10ys now, and I don't like some things as much as I did when I first moved here. But that does not mean the areas is not nice, it just that it was different at first.
Who knows...... It is nice and affordable, a freeway ride to work, shopping is reasonable and some even closer, I just don't like continually moving as if one is a continual transient. I like stability.
Now, I'd like to have an extended bedroom, even thought mine is ok, maybe a indoors Jacuzzi, in the bedroom area section, and large walk in closets would be great. Those things may be more something "to move" to get, rather than overbuild for the current areas. but the oddity is, I have 3 rooms I rarely go in, so, is it really logical to move to a house with even more space, that likely I would not make usage of, "except" I'd like to have a larger more open floor plan, with a kitchen with a counter and higher ceilings. But,also I don't want an "astronomical house paying to get those things".
At age 62, I don't know about pursuing such, at this age, its better to be simply comfortable, and work on being able to do what I want, when I want to do it. with as less excess and added financial stress as possible.

I don't know what I'd do with some of the big mansion's I see wealthy people have? I do know I see many many celebrities selling some of those homes now they are older and now they are no longer the top box office draw.

I had relatives who have very beautiful homes and they owned multiple homes in very expensive communities, when they got old, they were basically using so little of the home, and they had built a home down here in the country as a summer get away, then they got sick, one wheelchair bound, and the house just sat there empty. They passed away, the now owns all the property, and she does not care for the country home, and its not certain what she did or will do with all the other property's her parents owned. She is wealthy, and has her own independent life.

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9/5/2016 11:48 am

The lifelong process of learning brings many things to consider, re-consider and adjust the perspectives of what time and resources will be invested in. (Over the years I lost a lot of financial resources, I think always, I can get it again.)
I notice, I've completely changed out and replenished my clothes, and now I do want to remove carpet and have wood or ceramic floors, still want my back yard to look like a personal park, and next year to do a better garden. ( my plants did not do well this year).
I'd like to have a house with "automatic windows", "Automatic window blinds", and stuff like that, and a personal "storm shelter" and a "personal home generator", because I don't like storms to knock out the power to my home. So, the generator will come before the other items. Then next will be the Personal Storm Shelter.

We have family properties that I need to deal with, but right now, my sister is dealing with it, so its best I step back and let her have the satisfaction of dealing with it, because how ever it comes out, I will be fine with her results.

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9/14/2016 5:05 am

Woaini, that's a nice car !!!!! its good that you get the things you like and actually spend time to enjoy them.
Life is to be appreciated and certainly our work is to learn, grow and enjoy it.

There is always a cycle that brings challenge, hopefully they are manageable and not related to any health matters. We must find in our minds to be "well".

I came home yesterday, my house was "hot", the air had quit working, just so happen, that on the way home I saw clouds and it appeared that they were basically only lower and darker over my areas, as I got near home, I noticed the streets wet, and I thought, "what the heck", the whole city is beautiful and dry and it rained at my house. Well, it was at first thought, odd, but then when I got home and found out the air did not work, it was like a blessing, because it cooled off my areas, thus helping keep my house from being blistering hot. My dog were inside, and they were quiet discomforted, they were ready to "get outside".
I opened the windows, turned on all the Ceiling fans, and wouldn't you know it, the fan in my office would not work
I changed clothes, and between the rain having cooled things down a few degree, it was tolerable. It however did not rain anymore.

Life is such an interesting thing. Now, I have to pay to fix it, and that is another thing I've noticed, something will always come up that cost money. I had been spending money on rebuilding my rack equipment for music, both a mixer and orders some other things, and put the Piano in the shop. Then this expense popped up out of nowhere. So, I'll fix it.

I have still the want to get the Porsche 911 Turbo, I don't know how I will manage to do it, but I know that it will happen, by what means I don't know. But I do know that belief that I will get it is the first step in the process and because I belive God does step in for us when we ask of things, but we must not push beyond being patient and let things develop. There is always a set of elements that fall in place to go along with what we aim for, its never just about the thing, its about the set and circle of what is within it all.
Often we don't see the collateral elements, nor even consider them, but to believe that God does things right, then we have to learn to believe that. And when its time for things to be, they will become to be.
I got lots of work still necessary on my home, so its all within the package of thing, along with some thing I must do, as I'm learning more and more about myself and working on those things as well.

I think a woman would be great to have in my life, I just can't go out jumping at the first one that looks good, because there are multitudes that fit that image spectrum. For me it takes a woman with a great deal of "want" to be there, not some situations of mission to try and convince any women of anything.

Living standards and other ideals are part of what is within out living. I know my health of self, body, mind and spirit is always at the top of the order of realism's.