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9/26/2016 5:03 pm

Geez !!!! There are good ones, and then there are the others...... I want my good habits to outweigh the other ones. It's a work.

Seems over the past years trying to nail down budgeting is a twist and lots of work, and it has much work to continue. From unplanned repairs and things needed, and things wanted, and then re-assessing some of the needs to find some are wants that seem to have take a higher priority over other wants.

Seems the more time passes the more things that need repair, or something, so the work to try and get ahead of the curve is itself another habit that seems not to be falling in like the way it is planned. Thankfully, the habit is to keep working with on it....

I think it would be great to have a woman whom develops to be a good habit, the kind that remains uptempo with positive energy. Reality is - it involve the entire life of another person, and that other person has habits, good ones and others.... the work is to find a floating balance in the habits matches or proximity ranges, and then for both to work on the habits that fall a bit outside the proximity ranges. The habit of "Love" has to find a way to be a consistency, as a platform to support these variables of habits.

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People do come to learn the habits of each other, and the other habits of each other, and either they find the range of ability to work with the "others", then they can enjoy the habits that fall within the range of match variances.

We can develop the habit of not sharing our habits with someone, and we then long for what we call love, and miss the sharing of habits, then we find we miss having someone to love. "It's a funny thing, the events cycles we enjoy of life"....

a series of many habits.
Don't let the habit of discord set in for too many days, it can, break and destroy your relation with your habit mate- and eventually cause you to break your own heart ...

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9/26/2016 5:11 pm

The job of Habits....... We have to find ways to make it work positively in the big picture of it all

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9/28/2016 5:03 am

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One could look at it as such, but think about it. You've often spoken of how you go to the gym as a habit, and it has proven over time to be a good habit, that helps promote your health.