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10/14/2016 8:39 pm
Home Maintenance

Well, its work that has to be done, I've lived here now a decade, and the modification and repairs being done are necessary. Along with some desired change in things.
between the interest to set up a home work shop for woodworking and setting up a home studio for music. The investments are necessary to make the things like I want it.

One thing is certain, home maintenance is an ongoing activity if one expects to remain in a house.

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10/15/2016 3:55 pm

Everything ages and needs maintenance, that goes for the human being to material structures and things. Nothing stays new, and nothing last forever that is concerning man or things made by man. Even Nature, understands that it must renew itself and it has seasons which all such things takes place.

I see some people move from one home to another, when it is time for repairs, i even see some people in their later years moving to bigger homes with more land.
I've seen some who then find out, the ideal comes with lots of maintenance, from lawn care to home care. These are a different brand of challenge as we age.
Some people have the financial means to meet these challenges with little impact upon their body or their financial situations.

But as "working class people", it takes on a different matter and has different impacts.

Even among the Wealthy, they too shift houses, some for tax breaks and some for other reasons, including profit making ventures to shelter their high income while making a % gain in revenue.

I see the same situation of change when it comes to vehicles. This involves many factors, including the job market to have means to continue to exist, making new models, but that means too the secondary markets of used vehicles also keeps many people working. So, its a matter of choice and finance for the individual as to what they do in these situations.

Age brings with it different challenges, as some age, they may have funds, but medical cost can consume it quickly, then some may need long term care and further challenge the financial reserves, for some, they must sell all things, in order to qualify for Medicaid assistance, for some they have insurance, and their pension may cover such expense. But the mix of this factor is a challenge for many former working people when they reach the advanced stage of age.

Unfortunate during youth, many have no concern and some have no idea of these variables. they spend and spend and live it up, without awareness of a time when it may come to meet change. If they do a Mean's test for Medicare for society as a whole, it will bring very different challenges to the Middle Class, who have money but they are not wealthy, it may bring challenge to those who had a comfortable life style with disposable income, which may meet challenge by investment losses, inflation and unplanned major expense. Unfortunately some don't respect these systems until they are forced to need it. They sadly have voted to destroy it, and time may bring them to regret their acts of fighting against such programs.
The same with Social Security, if it ever meets a means test, some may find they loose out the moment their financial situations is impacted.

We can be certain of one thing, there is a cycle to the Crash and Spike Game of the Investment System, and it has been known to change the fortunes of people, some for the good and some for the not so good. Therefore, there is no guarantee, except for those who's net worth is so high, they are less impacted to have needs they can't meet financially. But for the working society, that unpredictability can be many things, including the possibility of devastation's

there were many people making high 6 figures before 2008, and they were high style living, then some of those same people lost those high six figure jobs and the investments tanked, some even fell to the point to rely on public assistance as their only safety net. But some of these people were the same ones that once fought against social programs, and then found themselves in need of it.

Therefore, one may need to never get too high on themselves, or think themselves untouchable, or build their ego based on such things that can change dramatically.

Maintenance is always a big factor in life, and one can never make assumptions about the ability to meet the needs of such, because there are many unknowns in life. Thus it is a system of living that will always require various forms and sorts of maintenance.

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10/19/2016 5:37 pm

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Agree 100%...... It is a continual process of being a costly experience to own a home.

I like the idea to own than I like the idea to rent.