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11/9/2016 5:36 pm


The Nation of America "Awakened" and found out that there is no predictability of the mass of American People.

We know that white people came out of the woodwork's to cast their votes; the good thing is people voted!!! The other matter is, people who had been apathetic about politics awakened to know that they have to invest themselves into the politics and they have to force themselves to pay attention. Republican "NOW" have to FACE FACTS THAT EXIST: "No more drama and ignoring facts, now for once the Right Wing has to acknowledge and deal with facts, and dispense with drama that rejects facts.

Those who have no cared about facts, must now learn better to care about facts, those whom were led by emotions and drama, are now faced with gaining information and working to develop and have understanding. Anguish driven votes are not enough!!! It's time now that people have to pay attention, be aware and learn. The white people who voted based on skin color association and some voted from fear of the growing diversity, they too have to pay attention, they too have to learn and they too have to grow beyond bias and they are now driven by reality to overcome and face their own racism, they have to come to terms with their bigotry, and they have to come to learn and grow to respect the nation, its governance and gain a new-found respect for the value of "democracy".

For some, this will be very hard, for others they will make the change and turn the curve and make the corrections to learn that American is diverse and will not become less diverse but it will become more diverse. Trump has a task bigger than he imagined and all the campaign drama, has now turned into a direct responsibility placed solely within his administration. He alienated the Republican System, therefore the system is forced by its act of going silent and hiding in the shadows, afraid to speak one way or the others, now the tone, temperament and the ideology of the party has to change or it shall fade into obscurity, and independents will become the second great party of this nation and Republican will become a weakened third part, that is barely recognizable.

When it comes to the Constitution, people are now forced to learn more than the point that it contains the Second Amendment, they will have to learn the whole of the Constitution, and in doing so, they may find they have no choice but to learn the true value of Democracy is based in "Equality" which means a respect for ALL American's. This is, the age and era of changing "Hearts and Minds". Either Trump accepts that major work or he fails miserably and so does the mass of white society place them in a situation that will devastate the white race from within itself. Therefore, they have to bury the delusion of "white superiority", they have to bury with it, the bigotry, and the racism. Trump is now faced with the task of dealing with the forces of such types that he has embolden, now he has to have the fortitude and the will and the mindset to educate them on the value of diversity and lead them to the understanding of what is Equality and he has to teach them how to embrace it, live in unison with it and support it, not just for image sake, but within their hearts and minds.

It's quite likely many who had never voted came out and many who are and were filled with fear that the image of the white person was not holding the positions they once held, and many white people were terrified of what it means to support and promote diversity, came running to the polls.
In the end game, it’s what it is; now, the proof of performance is squarely on them. They won't have the choice to blame minorities, nor women or anyone.

We as people are not going into any immediate anger fits, because one thing we do know, the world changes and it will continue to change. Trump has to face the reality of the job. It's no longer a whimsical, stand on the outside and talk and talk and talk. It's time now to perform. The fact of the matter is simple, he has to work for everyone or his ship sinks like the Titanic. Campaign drama is one thing, but the issues of the day has never failed to whittle down the pie in the sky hope as it has done for every President in History.

It will be no different for Trump, he has a job on his hand to deal with the Alt Right, KKK Types and even the Segregationist Minded, and they are now his baby to nurse and train to learn to be and work and join with all people. Either he achieves that objective or that sector will bring him issues he never dreamed to want to face.

No matter how the cut goes and comes in Trump winning, "There Is No Magic Wand" - The same overly exaggerated expectation that was placed on President Obama, are now Placed On Trump. No President has ever nor can ever live up to the overly exaggerated expectations. If that was even a remote possibility, Resident Obama would have waved a wand if one had existed. Trump won't be waving one either, because reality will show it, the "magic wand" does not exist.
One thing that President Trump will learn and come to acknowledge quickly, is a new found respect for President Obama, when he find out how challenging it is to advance the whole of a nation.

Trump does has one advantage, he is of the white skin that white people give credit simply for being white, Let's hope it gives him the ability to work diligently and stay focused for all the people. Because he certainly can bring great harm to the image of white man, if he makes the wrong and disastrous choices that show bigotry and racism, or any of such divisiveness.
Trump will find many things that he had not considered, even with a Republican Congress, he will find that there will be no dictator like acts to take place. He will gain a new-found respect for how and why President Obama used Executive Orders, and Trump is likely to go down in History as the President who uses the most Executive Orders ever in the office of President.

One thing about black people and democrats as a whole, "We work with whomever is President". We got through Presidents like "Nixon" and we got through Presidents like "Reagan". Nixon set up to ship out job and set the table for Outsourcing, Escalated war in Vietnam, and Reagan, put interest rates out of reach of black people and working poor whites and dire poor whites, and he flooded us with drugs, and he took money from higher education and claimed that anyone who wanted higher education should pay top premium for it, and he disenfranchised millions of American poor whites, working poor whites, women and minorities, but people found a way, regardless of the aims of Reagan's efforts to make schools un-affordable for the working poor, the poor, women and minorities.

He has to face the music of the world and learn to dance differently, and he has to learn the steps quickly, because he cannot bully tackle any of the nations whom now have their own power and many whom hold our debt.

I've written volumes about these very thing of which Trump focused on, aroused and of the belligerence that dominated his campaign. Now that belligerence has placed a very high responsibility back in his hand. Before it was talk that he had not to deal with the responsibility of what it produced, but now, as President he has to become to face the responsibility of how to manage, and change that belligerence into unity, and positive team-working as American people. If he fails to take on that task, or fails at that task, he will have failed as President, not just domestically, but on the International and Global scale.

He now has to figure out, how to remove the blight, and how to rebuild old towns and rebuild old factories and how to get the many people who have hidden wealth on foreign shores and how to convince the Executives to build industry on American soil. IF he cannot effect change in how professors teach, then a new crop of the same greed monsters will continue the search for slaves on foreign soils.
IN SOME RESPECTS, It did not matter if Trump of Clinton won, these exact same elements would need to be dealt with by either person who won office, because these "exact same elements" had all been put on the table and all had been fed with drama during the campaigning.. So, be it Trump or Clinton, these are the issues that neither could have escaped, regardless of who wins as President.

It is without a doubt, that Trump will learn firsthand the works that President Obama engaged, and time will show, that Trump will make the turn in mind and turn in awareness that he has to build upon many things President Obama set in motion, or Trump will find a level of economic and social depression that he has never imagined, as well as a level of chaos that will turn even his most devoted followers to launch their attack at him. Now, he has to show skill, and tact to achieve such a task.
Every President learns from the one before them, and they find out that much of what they must do involves working with and through many things their predecessor engaged. When it comes to programs and financial matters on the big table, Trump is to learn that what he condemned is far better than he thought it was looking from the outside, and he has to build upon it, to move things forward.

He will know firsthand how "hard change is to make", if it was easy President Obama would have achieved all the changes he envisaged. But reality sets in, from acts of war, terrorism, natural disasters and every day unplanned challenges that are unpredictable. Trump will find that priority have no choice but to alter their arrangement and influence the motion of the agenda of the Office. These are realities that every President has faced, and shock and challenge has been a part of each administration as they engage this reality.

Every Ardent Fan of Trump of the past year and one half, are now tasked with their own personal challenge, that challenge includes demonstrating their abandoning bigotry, their growth beyond racism and their relinquishing their lust for segregationist agenda. That is a task that every supporter must now face within themselves. For some this will be very difficult and for some it will mean they must invest in reeducating themselves to learn to respect the diversity of others. Now, the truth hits reality, they ask for this change, now they must be willing within themselves to change. If they fail to do so, then they invite a calamity of many sorts that will engulf them into acts of internal combustion as they set themselves up in individual flame outs. The Alt Right - are now being faced with a challenge to come to terms with humanity, or they will find themselves fighting themselves and as such if they choose to stick with the evils of their current agenda, they will feed on themselves until they are brought to their own demise within their own actions.

Yes, Trump has a big job, which has components that exceed the commentary he spoke during his campaigns, because now, the words spoken will be and become the measure of the man. If they don't meet with the measure of America and adhere to the American Constitution, then his own words will bring him ruins.
Trump will too find, that State Rights, cannot usurp Federal Rights and Federal Policy, this will force a change to the agenda of Confederate Ideology, and if he does not bury the Confederate Ideals, he will find a disaster being all consuming that will bring a Constitutional Crisis upon and across this nation.

Democrats did not pose nor push threats of conflict and violence; they understand that the task before the President is bigger always than what is campaign drama. Be it Clinton or Trump, and now Trump has the Office, and he has to find the means to grow into the job, with very little room for errors, and he has the added task to deal with the inflaming he has engaged to those anti-government types, the racist, the bigots and those whom have segregationist motivations. IF he fails to handle it with skill and tack to educate and awaken them to the value of democracy, they will turn on him and bring his demise in ways that he once tried to push them to engage toward his campaign rival. This will be a challenge that he must undertake, and this he will find out very quickly. he too will find the truth of Inner Cities, is not about the color of peoples skin, but he will know the reality of what is economic devastation, not just in rural white areas, but about economic devastation in the inner cities, the reality of what is racism and how it has devastated the black sectors of inner cities, and he will come to learn, the cries of the black people are not just cries of self pity, or any such things, they are the messages that contain the reality of the challenges faced by people whom are of the black communities. He will learn how historical racism cast this model many decades ago, and he will be faced with how to change that paradigm as well as his concepts of the people caught in a historical made system of racist groomed economic imbalance.

This has not even began to touch on the fact that he has to learn how to acknowledge and deal with, "what is a Senior Citizen", and to learn by the pressures that exist how to improve and address the nation to become and be more concern and more self investing as a nation into the crisis that face Senior Citizens.

It is no more about "polling numbers", nor speeches talking about how his business is doing, or self patronizing commentary about how great he thinks he is. Now, is the time that he has to live those words and the doing so, is far bigger than to stand behind a podium and complain about everything in America.

He now has the responsibility, and what he will find, is the office of President does not have the power to dictate, but it has the responsibility to try and work in-spite of partisan bickering. He will learn quickly, the challenges within the office and in doing so, his sense of respect for President Obama will grow by the days, as he comes to learn more of what it takes to be a president and uplift a country and its people.

He will know firsthand, the massive work it took President Obama to get America off is back, up on its knees and then to help it stand on its own feet, in the works it took to rebuild from the devastation faced in the 2008-2009 Economic Disaster, while being in the midst of two wars and an op-positional congress.

Now - Trump has to honor the words of his acceptance of office. To work to unify, is a big task when so much has been put into divisiveness, so, now the works begins.

What we won't see is the Democrats, taking any foolish pledge to block and tackle the President, the democrats won't take a controversial and op-positional pledge as did the Republicans against President Obama.

Now - "President Trump" - is faced with massive works on many levels.... Domestic and International....

Trump's base must be ready for a "disposition change" by Trump, because holding office will not allow, support nor tolerate the conduct and disposition engaged during campaigning. Just as his last few weeks changed his temperament, the position of Office will bring that Change to be necessary. Can his base make the transition to deal with the necessary temperament change?

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11/9/2016 5:37 pm

People can remain silent, and no matter whether silent or vocal, the truths will be an awakening,
Facts exist: Trump has no political experience, he has no foreign policy experience, he is not a student of the history of Presidents, nor is he a student of the political shifts, upheavals, and posturing and covert manners of party competitiveness, and certainly he is not adept at knowing what is within the finer details of international policy, as it relates to humanitarian factors, as well as dealing with nations that suffer devastation, as well as nations that have found means to be economically prosperous. He has to learn how communication works on the international system of nation to nation, and know that nations don't only speak as a single entity, they speak as a collective of their business ties, political ties and their stand and function as allies. He will learn quickly, that "words matter", and the matter greatly when speaking that a world of many nations must interpret, he has to grasp and know that when interpretation is to be effective on a diverse group of global players, "rhetoric" and "belligerence" does not play well in that arena and certainly not on the Presidential Stage.

As to "likability", it is not full circle and may not be, and in some regards may never be or become to be such. But what we will see is far different than what we saw from the Republican Ranks toward President Obama. From republicans we saw not only a dislike of the man, but we saw racism, and we saw even a disrespect that was cast upon the office, because it was held by a black man.
Democrats, will not Disrespect the Office, even if they disagree with the man in the office and/or disagree with the man in the office and his policies, they will not disrespect the office like the Republican did over the past 8 yrs.

Things Trump has said, will not go away, not even the semi nude or nude pictures of his current wife will vanish from the landscape of public awareness. It will not be ignored that Trump played out the Birther game, about birth nation in his denigration of President Obama, now Trump himself, has to deal with his wife being foreign born with only 20 yrs and being from a former Soviet Nation. He may not speak the words, but time and situations, conditions and realism of facts, will bring within him a change in heart about how much vile he interjected trying to denigrate President Obama, when he comes to face the facts that he brought into the white house a foreign born woman, he will want respected as an american without question or comment. Therefore, he will find that he has to atone himself within himself to come to terms with such bias he projected toward President Obama. Will he do it publicly, "likely not", but he has to come to term within himself, of live with the hypocrisy that becomes a gnawing part of his own soul.

There is much that has to be done, there will be a parting of ways with some whom he has endeared himself unto, but time will without a doubt cast a dividing point that builds distance between various members he embraced in his aims for this office. He will find that people like Guiliani will become like a pebble in ones shoe, and those like Huckabee will be one that leans too far into the religious right, that disturbs the need to have some balance in how progress and religion interacts.

The battles will become many, and then comes the matter of the Supreme Court - It will meet with some challenges, as it cannot and will not be bent to slant to the extreme right. This will be a point of much challenge, that will force either change in how appointees are considered, or it will be a turmoil, that divides the court into an unrecognizable entity.

Comey, is a done deal, his career is over, regardless of how the cut comes and goes. He is done, he has served out his usefulness and he must be dispensed with, or the controversy may expose some elements that the Trump administration would find its best to not have exposed. The stature of the FBI has been damaged beyond recognition, and it will take some detailed work to correct it. The DOJ, will get new leadership and there will be other changes in the system.

Medical will become a matter, as will how the military is taken care of and how we deal with conflicts in foreign nation.

So, the American people may serve themselves well, to become invested in "LEARNING" - understanding!!!! and dispense with snap judgment based on drama and punditry rhetoric.

This is now far and beyond time for "media talking heads" to dictate. We see the damage they done, the slants they promoted and the wrong information they presented with fake claims of fictitious promotions as if it was of authentic.

There is a segment of society who pushed for the support of the Trump Presidency, and each of such one has a personal responsibility, they may not think they assumed, but they assumed it when they cast their vote, and now must be aware and become knowledgable about what they actually voted for, far and above their excitement at the belligerent tone, and the bully like drama, and the entertainment of the dramatics of the campaigning game.

There is no one to lay blame for any failure except upon and against their vote and their choice. Maybe this will push American's to learn to become of more responsibility, as they failed to blame the republican obstructions over the past 8 yrs, now they can't deflect, defer and deny, what results because they made choice to push their vote to elect, the current President.

The rest of us will continue to be discerning, aware and knowledgeable but we will also not lay in silence and become the blame for any failure that come based on the situations as it exist.

The best is for people to be knowledgeable and work together and let's make a success of the Presidency and ALL work to improve America for everyone.

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11/9/2016 7:27 pm

I voted for Hillary Clinton yesterday in hoping that she will become the first female president in USA. She won the "Popular Vote" but losing the "Electoral Vote". She couldn't break the glass ceiling. She had a concession speech today.

Luck is on Trump's side, he won the Republican nominee that defeated other 16 candidates and surprised everyone including his Republican senior members. He eventually won the White House. He didn't release his income tax returns, the video tape of lewd language on a bus, 12 women are suing him, bankrupted 6 times, a loss near $1 billion in 1995 that he didn't need to pay income tax for 18 years, asked the 2nd Amendment gun owners to take care of Hillary, disarm her bodyguard weapons to see what happen on her, ........ with all of those, he won the election. People forgive Trump but can't forgive Hillary used private email case. Amazing.

I stayed awake to watch the election result on TV till 1:30 a.m. (Pacific coast time) When CNBC said Trump was near 270 electoral votes, the Dow Jones plummeted 855 points, Mexico Peso plunged to unprecedented low, Asian stock market plunged, Europe was observing the situation, ... I woke up at 4 a.m. just in time to watch Trump's "Victory speech". This time Trump was more polite and Dow Jone started to come back. When stock market opened, Down Jones only down 260 points and closed at high up 257 points. Amazing wild ride from down 855 points to up 257 points.

Hillary is very smart and the most experienced presidential candidate. She was the First Lady for 8 years, New York senator for 8 years, Secretary of State for 4 years in Obama first term. However, the luck is not on her side. I think FBI's investigation twice have damaged her image tremendously. People lost the trust on her. Hillary had "pneumonia" on Sept 11 and people doubted her health to be a president.

People have "double standards" on Trump and Hillary. No matter Trump said or did, people forgive him. Hillary used private email for her work and Trump called her "crooked Hillary". It is not fair but we have to accept the fact that Hillary failed to Trump in presidential election.

C'est la vie !!

Honesty is the best policy.

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11/10/2016 4:29 am

John, you are truly absurd, maybe you support the racist groups that gravitated to Trump, maybe you support other older white men like yourself, who think the world will go backwards to the times of your youth. You may well be one of the Anti-Government people, who can't live in world with governance and regulations that respect "EQUALITY" and a world that is not just designed to favor white men as it was during your youth. Well, the world has changed, likely some in your category won't, but there's a mass of people who will never accept nor allow bigotry to regain the foothold on this nation and certainly the segregationist mindset of racially anguished people, who can no longer stomp around with some self delusion of their white skin thinking themselves above anything and anyone and wanting to tell others how to live.

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11/10/2016 4:44 am

Anti-Government people, who can't live in world with governance and regulations that respect "EQUALITY" and a world that is not just designed to favor white men as it was during your youth. Well, the world has changed, likely some in your category won't, but there's a mass of people who will never accept nor allow bigotry to regain the foothold on this nation and certainly the segregationist mindset of racially anguished people, who can no longer stomp around with some self delusion of their white skin thinking themselves above anything and anyone and wanting to tell others how to live.

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11/10/2016 4:52 am

You sound like you may have a radio implanted within that is tuned to Right Wing Media, because you are like a trained parakeet, repeating exactly what you've been instructed to repeat.

the most likely candidate who possibly should be seeking exodus from America, would be those with the Anti American sentiments, such as yourself, those with the anti government mentality such as yourself, and certainly those who are still caught up and lost in the Confederate Ideology, wishing for some Antebellum system to return.

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11/10/2016 7:13 am

Amazing that America could choose two such, and then actually elect one of them. Now we have to wait to see if the insane and stupid words become stupid acts.

wuzetian0705 57F
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11/10/2016 7:20 am

putting a creepy man in a place which had respect in the past does not make him respectable -- even Bush must be cringing.

1ClassyLady 68F
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11/10/2016 7:49 pm

I voted for Hillary. I have my judgement, standards, principles, and conscience, .... I don't want to change anyone but don't want people change me either. In California, people always voted for Democratic party.

I am a liberal. I have same principles with Democratic, I believe in "Global Warming", "Green environment" and use "clean energy" e.g. Natural gas, wind turbine, solar panels, geothermal heat to produce energy, power, as for electricity. I don't use coal (fossil). Burning coal will produce "air pollution" eventually become lung cancer or emphysema. Look China is a good example using coal to produce power (electricity), they have serious air pollution problem. Republicans (e.g. Romney and Trump) like to use coal mine. Those coal miners all voted for Republic candidates. Coal not only produce air pollution but also lung diseases and the worst is once the coal mine collapse, the workers died and coal mine owner only paid a little compensation to the family to bury the coal miners. Coal miners are uneducated and their live are miserable, they have been told to vote for Republicans. Many TV reporters said all the uneducated White males (imply coal miners) voted for Republicans. Hillary wanted those coal miners to change jobs to natural gas, but coal miners won't listen before Hillary continue to say there are better jobs instead of dig coal. Hillary tried to save those people's live but they don't listen. Those coal miners believed only Republican can bring good lives for them - they can keep digging coal and that is the only job they know. So sad.

We are educated people, we know what is right or wrong. We know health is very important. Burning coal will create "global warming" that the ice in arctic will melt and the sea level will rise and the lend will disappear. That is the reason we pump "un-Lead gasoline" to our cars to reduce global warming. Romney and Trump don't believe in global warming, clean energy, they don't know the consequence for our planet. So sad.

We need to look things in deeper level not just surface. Some people burn coal or wood at home and close window in the winter. They died due to "carbon monoxide".

Obama is very intelligent that he believed and advocate using clean energy to avoid global warming. I just a retired pharmacist, I know those knowledge but why Romney and Trump NOT??? Go figure !!

Honesty is the best policy.

1ClassyLady 68F
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11/10/2016 7:56 pm

Using "natural gas" instead of coal is the best replacement. Coal is cheap, but natural gas is even cheaper and no need to dig coal mines that might collapse. Natural gas is a clean energy source. Hillary was going to educate the coal miners using natural gas but they don't listen. Some people are just idiots, uneducated and stupid.

Honesty is the best policy.