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3/26/2017 10:42 am
Tricks of the Trade.

so... who's had love and met challenges?

Has it made you reluctant? You only have to be honest with yourself!

It is those challenges you must find means to overcome- or love will remain a distance from your grasp. Pain has made many seek perfection, yet, it has too made them realize they are not themselves perfect...
Thus so>>> So Truth shall indicate that one has to grasp self and come to terms, that what has been found is" Love is Work", it shall not give one everything they want as the minds may dream, but the dreams only serve to give ideas what to invest your effort to work for.

If money is the matter, you may have already hung up your gloves in the search for love.
If you are looking for a equal match of dollars, and not a equal match for the heart, you may be standing in your own way.... You may have already made money more important than love, thus so, if such is true, then you've chose to search in vain and wonder why your options remain slim.

If its sex that is the kicker for you, you may find that such is a fleeting infrequency, sometimes its just the mechanical motions and even at times it's a self focused desire... Therefore, one must figure it out. and come to terms that it will never be the one be all fulfill all, that one can stake the whole of the relations upon.

Tricks of the Trade... is to give and share, appreciate and care and accept that not every thing will meet with a 50-50. That's just the nature of life and love and certainly it is within the process of living.

Looks will find that age will make many changes, the youthful soft skin glow is just that, a youthful soft skin glow.... time and reality changes that too. and most certainly the teenage "slim", does not last a lifetime, it is what it is, teenage slim....

So... its to the ones who come to such reality who give themselves a better change to find and embrace the activities of building love.

It's always a matter of whom you choose to share the appreciations and relations and whom you chose to engage the ups and down for the better growth of love to be found.

No One, is guaranteed the future so many "Lay in Wait" as if they have forever to find an make love grow and work. Life is such... that we get it where we find it, work to make it be the best it can be, and accept that we can't make perfect in life... as we can't even make our individual selves perfect...

So... one must overcome themselves FIRST, if they expect to find and share the building of love mate.
Everyone is special within their own mind, therefore, never make ones-self so special they omitted everyone else, because they shall find nothing but their own vanity continually depriving them of even the opportunity to share the moments of their living.

You make your choice--- and when its said and done... seek to not lay blame one way or the others, because it is what it is, and it happens "moment by moment" and you have an active par in how it shapes up.

Learn the Tricks of the Trade.... Of Love... and you may find yourself, sharing love with someone. it's never any more harder than we make it.

Respect before you Expect, and you just might find continually, more to appreciate

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3/27/2017 5:23 am

challenges to self to find the truths within self..... is good work... we all must engage.

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3/28/2017 4:42 pm

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I kinda knew you'd be the only one with an honest response