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4/27/2017 6:22 pm
The Golden Rule - is the power that heals the world

The world has become of such dimensional variables of desperation's, that people now choose every form of radicalism with a claim to want change.

One God, One Rule

The Golden Rule

The simplicity of matters of change, they ignore. The premise of "The Golden Rule", is something it seems nation after nation continues to ignore.

After all the centuries and all the battles and conflicts and man still can't figure it out, that a principle of such simplicity can make all the difference in the world come to a level where societies can build frameworks which unify rather than divide.

"Everyone is Never going to be Happy with Everything"

Society could find more reasonable means to build consensus, but it basically has to be a "Majority Rule Among what a Society Adopts as its Policies, Regulations, Guidelines and understand that as a system, it can't function to achieve such, without regulatory governance.

Raw Natural Resources should only be Traded by Nation to Nation through their governance system. Private companies conducting the business of Natural Resource Trading is and will always create divisiveness and conflicts that result in damages to the Civility of Society.

Natural Resources should be labeled as "National Security Elements", that belong to the people of a nation, and only that nations government can Trade it. Thus the Money goes into the Government Coffers and WITHIN a nation, then private companies that want to use those natural resource, can buy them from their respective government in their respective country.

Example: If an Private Oil Company wants to buy Oil, then it buys it from It's Nations Government. Then it can process it, refine it do what it takes to make marketable products. It can sell those products, globally.

When exploration in any country is in need of assistance, Then if Multiple Nations Government want to invest with other nations to extract it, then they do it through a "unique body of system" ... where a nation that can't fund it own exploration can borrow from this system, and pay the system back, from the proceed it gains from its sales. Then ... "No Country" has Undue Influence upon any other country. Using the Rate of Exchange - Everyone pays the same price for what they want to buy from the nation that is selling the Natural Resources to another Nation. Some nations may consume more than other nations, therefore there can be a quota system set up as to what is on the market to be sold. Once your buy your allotted volume. Then if you need more, you can buy it from another nations allotment, at a 10% transaction fee....

Restricted Ore that can be used for unscrupulous purpose, can only be bought or sold through a special Global Unity that handles the sales of such resources. The company that produces it, must submit their production of it to this Special Global Unit, and monitors are sent to make certain, that the policy is honored by all.

We have to figure out how to make the UN work in such ways, by adding in the Divisions which can facilitate these functions.

If we did that, we could develop some management to control better the system of Natural Resource Greed, where private companies go into other country and destabilize them with "policy shift games of playing one side against the other in a circular process".

We have the Computing Power in the world today to mange such a huge process. We have the technology to make if efficiently productive in managing such.

If we could achieve that, all the "Greed Gouging that exist today" would not be within the frame work for nations to encroach by collusive means within other countries.

Examples of the current mess can be seen with Oil, and any Natural Resource, when it found, in any poor country and private industry comes in, they all bring a "goon squad", that pays off one side that is favorable this year, and next year push the other side to over throw the former side, and claim to offer a better deal... and then factions within that country "fight" and the private industry scoops up what it wants in the middle of the chaos it created.
Lives are lost, civil unrest become prevalent ... eventually, these same private companies influence politicians until war ensues, in a power grab for the resource; and the world population become a refugee population on a nomadic trek with no place to go.

That has happened around the globe, and continues to be the theme of private industries manner and process when it seek to capture the access to resources.

Every nations economy would function, the governments will have funds to support civic programs for its society, and private industry in every country can thrive. People can be employed.

Consume goods can be bought and sold across border, and quotas maintained and managed so, there is no mass dumping by one nations upon another.

Global Trade Imbalances has been and is a havoc making system, as nations abandoned the Quota system. All nations have a standard volume they trade as an allocated agreement, and 5 % above that quote, must pay a 10% duty. anything that exceed that 5% will be hit with a 50% duty, as a deterrent.

Then we would need a global standardization of price for goods. That can be factored by the rate of exchange equations that current exist when factoring how economies function. If it cost $10 in America, then it cost $10 in China's currency valuation. This requires "Quality standards to be met in production"... If we achieve this, then we also cut down on "waste" (as we currently waste a lot by production of inferior products that does not meet a general basic standard). Thus we have a "Minimum Global Standard", If some specialty products are made, then one can market it to those who can afford it at an increased cost, but other countries that have met the same standard for upscale products, also can make and market it at the same increased cost.

Fair Play --- has to be Fair Play.... Again, as to quota's, if one country can't buy its full quota by itself, it can sell the % of its quota to whom ever, at a 10% transaction rate.

Every country will benefit, because people can then travel and engage tourism with each other across the globe. and share in the benefits of what tourism generates in the consumption of what it has to offer to the tourist.

God principles work, if man works it. "The Golden Rule"

In the civil community society has to stop playing "gender games" and again get back to the God Principle - Man and Woman is within Gods Creation were made to be "Help Mates" - thus so, man need to stop using his "gaming of religion" to put women at a disadvantage and under situation as if man owns her. She owns herself.. she was born by herself, and she will die by herself. The best that Man can be to Woman is a Help Mate, and the best than Woman can be to Man is a Help Mate.

Man has to come to terms to put "God Principles" Above, Partisan Religious Ideologies.
"The Golden Rule"

Should always be more powerful than any Religious Ideology Gaming that man has created.

One God, One Rule

The Golden Rule

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4/27/2017 6:33 pm

The world needs to choose... will it be greed that dominates and destroy us, or will we ever come to learn the value and power of
The Golden Rule -

It is the power that heals the world

As it honors God's Principles.