beyondfantasy3 113M
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6/3/2017 5:44 am
Over the years

I wrote here for many years, one blog with more than 20k posting got wiped out, and the current blog has been up for a number of years.

I gravitated away from the site in the last few years because people are simply not "interactive enough" on subjects.
I find it an oddity that a number of people can read various post and have nothing of commentary to say, to add and expand subject interactions.

There was a time when this program was more engaging, even the magazine section was engaging.
The design of the blog script is a good layout, simple and easy to use, but the people are mostly silent about far too many subjects.
Even with the simplicity of the script program, people are simply not engaging to subject matter...

I write on citi-data, which has far more interactions. (funny), it is filled with a great many Right Wing Minded people, who go way out in right field on so many items, which often pushes bigotry, bias and old time racism, and its interesting to engaging them on such madness. Some are hung up on their confabulations about the 1950's and some seek to return to the era of segregated madness.
The oddity is, it exposes the very reasons why American has fallen in so many ways.

I find it interesting to see how many people are so politically illiterate, and how many are wrapped up in denial and engage in deflection to avoid truths of history.

beyondfantasy3 113M
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6/3/2017 5:45 am

changes and things.... I sometimes come here and see what it up... but now its only a hand full of people posting. I think that is sad...

1ClassyLady 68F
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6/17/2017 10:45 pm

I know how you feel. I don't get enough responses that I can interact with. I am not a paid member so I came here for Blogs. I posted some blogs with jokes, some are political, some are medical knowledge.

Although I am an Asian, but been in states for 37 years, I have been assimilated. I can speak, read and write in Mandarin and English. I have my own opinions in various topics, e.g. religion, politics, ... etc. I stick to my guns for my opinions and speak out what is my thought. You know me. I am an agnostic/atheist, I am a Democrat, I want "Peace on Earth", I am an environmentalist. I was born and raised in medical field families. I care about the people's health.

This is Asia Friendfinder and most people are in Asia. Of course, they don't have "voting right" in U.S. Presidential election, so they are NOT enthusiastic as you and I. Most women particularly Asian women are NOT interested in politics. Not mention they are communists that only has ONE political party, no presidential election, no democracy idea, ... How can they discuss with you and me about U.S. political opinions? They obey to their leader and become "silent lambs". Whatever their government want, they follow. Just like the "Emperor" in ancient time. They don't understand the importance of "bipartisan". Trump won the election, we admit that but not necessary to obey/follow him. We have different voices. That's why they have "Cultural Revolution" massacre and carnage for 10 years. That massacre/ carnage was far worse than German killed Jewish in "Holocaust". China wants to push Taiwan to the edge of corner. They like to kill their own people. Hmmm..... like North Koreans like to kill South Koreans. North Vietnam wanted to kill South Vietnam, East Berlin against West Berlin. Communists should change the policy.

Back to U.S. politics, Trump has vendetta with Obama. Whatever Obama did, Trump against it, e.g. Health Care (Obama Care vs Trump Care), the Paris Climate Change agreement, the Cuba policy, .... etc. I think a President's personality, attitude, language, behavior, .... are very important. Trump is a bully, narcissistic, racial discriminated, .... "my way or the high way" person. I simply can't agree with him.

Last but not the least, I want you to know that I have been very busy schedule lately and couldn't take time to respond your blogs. But I know and you know what I stand for.

Have anyone heard from "Laogui" from Australia?? I miss him. He has very similar concept with me. He is an atheist, peaceful person (he doesn't like guns), I have been to Australia and NZ and he knows both countries. Laogui, please show-up on blogs again.

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