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8/18/2017 6:05 pm
Chaos and other stuff.....

So much changed for the worst quite quickly on the National Stage and it impacted changes on the International Stage as well.... The Trump Presidency, has presented an ugly image of America to the World.

Most have long known that racism was an issue in America, The Right Wing went into crazy mode the minute Obama was elected with their Tea Party and the Republican Congress taking a Pledge to Oppose anything and everything. Taking such a pledge was also a pledge against their Oath of Office.
The stirring the pot by Trump persisted for 8 yrs, and then he took it a step further in the campaigning, and as President he's moved it even further into the sphere of trying to reinvigorate the racisms of the past.
Trump grew up, as a Jim Crow Baby from a Jim Crow Tonality of Wealthy White Enclaves, his history and that of his family if one care to trace it back has been one with racist ideals as well as racist drive within his business models as well. Housing Discrimination has long been within his sphere.

Trump business is focused on the well to do from the upper most levels of top tier middle class economics, to the wealthy, to the pander to the rich. He makes nor sells anything that was directed to Average Americans. It is quite certain his actuaries told him, that when the wealthy declines in the areas he caters to, then be concerned. Thus so, his concern has no depth for the low income earners or even the moderate middle class, because they are not part of his Brands customer base. It is not in his clientele interest to pay higher wages, so he stands against raising the minimum wage, it is not in his business models interest to pay taxes, nor is paying taxes in his ideal for those whom are among his clientele and the target groups he wants to market his brand.
The plan to move $780 BILLION to give away to the wealthy at the expense of the aged, the sick, the youth and the working poor. demonstrated that his concerns are targeted to the groups that supports his brand. He has not hesitated to demonstrate that he does not want people around him who are not wealthy, and he has no concern for the ideals of people who are not wealthy.

His ideals is that the wealthy control and the general public is "The Service Class", and they should be relegated to Service Class Labor. His plan to make use of people as "Apprentices" is as similar to what the Plantation Owners tried after slavery, which was to give themselves a "free labor pool" of young people under the guise of "Apprentices"... they were not paid !!! If he can push that agenda, he give the wealthy generations upon generations of indentured servant wage levels, as he uses the youth of the working poor American Families Offspring's.

He pushed the change of policy about jobs maintain safety record, where they would not be required to maintain such, then if people get hurt they have no recourse.

Nothing of ideals will change, because his concept is about money... he has talked about it on the International Stage and he has focused upon it in every aspect to move the money in the hands of the wealthy even more than it currently exist.

Sadly, he has no idea how to improve American's Industrial system, because it was the wealthy who shipped away industry and invested in every aspect of industry on foreign shores seeking slave wage labor. In doing so, they weakened America from every aspect, and those who amassed wealth, squandered it; which led to the crash of 2007-2008 and devastated the people and the systems. Every Republican Administration for the past 50 or so years, has damaged the economy and in doing so, took back the gains people made, and left people and our society in worst economic, social and civic conditions with many challenges.

President Obama did good work to build back the economic system, but Republican forces would not help him remove the cycles of "greed chasing" from the system.
Trump plans to open the "greed gates again", but he wants also to open the import gates for "illicit monies to flow was well". Unaware that such can damage not only the American economy more so, but equally so, wreak severe damage within the world currencies as well.

..... and other stuff...
The Answer for America is exactly as President Obama said... We have to REBUILD FROM THE BOTTOM UP, WITH A FAIR PLAY SYSTEM.... That means, invigorate small business start ups, and focus on new industry, new technology and new 21st Century modeling. Trump does not think in such terms... he has duped people to think, he can bring back what cannot be brought back. The past can never be re-created in real time living of the world!!! It's always in motion toward the future. The past is recorded, what is best for man... is to learn from the past.

Nations that build for their people and manage their business to not sell off their legacy establishment nor their legacy national marquee entities, and not barter away their infrastructure, with indebtedness to foreign entities.
Those who choose well, will be those who choose the pathways to uplifting their people. Nations that Nurture the Culture of Small Business Development will be the nations that lead in the future. American must come to terms to understand, that all big business was developed from small business over time.
It is necessary to build and inspire the culture of the youth to think in terms of being enterprising, not giving all their focus to thinking they will secure a high paying jobs at a multi-national company.

As we muddle through the Chaos... we will emerge an awakened nation.... President Obama saw it, he knew that Diplomacy was the Program for International Relations, and he knew that Cooperative Agreements was the best way to set the stage for future improvement in modifying and rectifying Trade.

Now it is up to the people to re-learn the value of relationships.. both of the heart and of the soul... in living, in business, in the home and within the families ... The time of divisiveness has no place within the future. America is, and has been Multicultural and Multi Ethnic and now it must be so... with "Equality for All"... Then, the brighter future takes it shape and moves with a renewed sense of values into the future.

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8/18/2017 6:06 pm

Those who make the choice of brotherhood among mankind will be those who find the future more fulfilling in the ways of the desired ideals for and of society.

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8/18/2017 10:36 pm

There are so many cabinet staffs either been fired or self quit. I hardly can keep track on their title and which day left their jobs. Today Steve Bannon is out of White House. Bannon had agreement with Trump's son-in-law, Jared Kushner before. But Trump still trust him. In the SNL (Saturday Night Live) shows that the skeleton/devil acted as Bannon. But, you never know, Trump may call him back later.

During the 2016 campaign, We already knew that Trump is White Supremacist. Trump doubted Obama was not born in Hawaii, USA, Trump wanted to do everything that opposite of Obama. Because Obama is the first Black president.

Trump will make self-inflicted mistakes.

Honesty is the best policy.

beyondfantasy3 113M
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8/20/2017 6:48 am

It's continue to amaze me of the generalized silence as to the events of society, that many hold such silence. I guess people in some interesting way, think they are so how immune to what happens in the world.