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11/2/2017 6:02 pm
The Shape Shift of the World of Nations

As the info unfolds, nations governance systems are watching, but more so the people of nations are watching.
The uncovering of how "dark money" in the money washing machine is exposed, not only will many other nations come to terms that if such things happen to America with its claims of such high standards of finance systems... then other nations know it too can and many it is happening to them as well.

This will likely set off a series of acts that uncover the money trails that have damaged many countries, destroyed industries and in the process damaged societies and caused much havoc in the sphere of families.

The "profit by any means' at all cost... has been costly.... standards have fallen and quality in goods and service is today worst than any time in the worlds economic functional societies. With the systems of checks and balances, has been bought out by the "money gatherers manipulations", which has damaged society around the world.
The world faces some issue... the population grows, and the commodities that people now consume is more deadlier than ever before, the chemical consumption that is thrust upon people, the damage to the massive Oceans, and the decline of fresh water... are only a few things in the madness which "GREED" has caused damage unto; some irreversible, and some diminished in the potential to be reversed within our lifetime.

The saying that "The Meek Will Inherit The World' is more likely today, than it has been over the past few 100's of yrs. Mankind's greed has made him "ignorant", and his vanity has fed into him the spirit of Avarice... and what results is damage to anything and everything for the sake of gain... and the more such types gain, the more void they feel and as the void grows by their greed for gain, they become obsessive with aims to destroy more than they care to serve and protect.

The ascension of such a Imbecilic Greed Drive Megalomaniac has ushered in a destructive level, which is showing the attitude to destroy in pursuit to dominate. Such mindsets are many, being exposed in places about the world... When such Mad Men fight in their Avarice driven pursuits.... the world is then pushed a point of challenge that may become the unthinkable.

This is the results of mad men and fools of vanity, when the spirit is Avarice is the basis of their malice driven pride

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11/2/2017 6:03 pm

People should not be duped to ignore the madness. be aware of the deflections, denials, the smoke screen and be not blinded by the attempts of deceit in it multitude of forms...