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12/6/2017 5:03 am
"The Falling"

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12/6/2017 5:20 am

Are people truly paying attention and grasping the ramification of such events.

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12/7/2017 4:57 am

Many Nations and Many American People are now disturbed and angry, at yesterdays acts.... The stage for expansive wars in being set and people are still allowing this "destroyer" to remain in office. That is a signal sent that is weakening itself when it become to weak to remove a madman and his regime of imbeciles from the country's highest office. This is not good for the future.
How could we allow any one many to damage decades upon decades of work that went into building our alliance, be so terribly damaged by a mad man and a vile Right Wing political party. (This Administration and the Right Wing Party, DO NOT Represent the Liberal Minded Average American People who love Democracy and Respect the Values of Diplomacy) The world of nations needs to know that !!!!

The damage done already may be "irreparable" in any short term. Any progress to repair may take decades and 100's of Billions of Dollars and require a pledge that never again, will this nation allow or accept Republican Leadership in this country. That means the people of this nation will have no choice but to learn more and stand up and not be so easily hoodwinked by a swindler from within.

It's long past the time the "Confederate Ideological Right Wing Meet with the words "Treason", and we modify the process of how we remove not just a President but an "entire administration appointed by such a president" when they are doing damage to the nation.

There is certainly likely to be modification to "the button", which will require a three step verification, where "no" president has the ability to launch anything, as a single entity.

Overt Racism may well be handled in the ways it should have been long ago, and that is with "penalty". and Covert Racism can meet with the same fate.

"Administrative Revision" as well as "Congressional Revision", where no party of Congress can change the votes required to pass anything. The votes should be 60, and thus take the gamesmanship out of it.

Members of Congress will need to meet with "removal provisions", and penalty when removed, as well as 'forfeiture of pension" and absolutely no benefit. The exact same that we give to "dishonorable discharge" from our military. They are due nothing of benefits from such position.

As with America as well as any other Nation, must adopt a firm outline that denotes that it takes "reality of penalty" to sustain honor and integrity within mankind. Time has proven that conclusively.

Financial Auditing on All Members of Congress must be done "Bi-Annually"... No more of the game of "come to congress and walk away self enriched and wealthy.

The Definition of the word "Treason" must be interpreted in the broadness in which it exist. This will include "Economic Treason" as well as every other form of "Treason".

If we expect to regain the respect and rebuild the character and redevelop our National Integrity... we have to make "changes".

The Entire Trump Clan and Associates must be met and assigned with a charge of "Illegal gains, money washing", Misprison of Treason, and other charges that all equate to felonies that carry penality of financial consequence as well as prison time, including the highest penalty for Treason.

These are necessary things, to assure ourselves and the world of nation, that we uphold the integrity we make claim to represent. The great of the nation is measured by the quality of its character and the solidity and strength of its Integrity.

It is sad to see so much damaged during campaigning, and what resulted to the placement of one who engaged Misprison of Treason, even before they were seated, and began a process of more treasonous acts once seated, against the very Declaration that Established This Nation and Against its Constitution.

America is a Great Nation with a Great Design and it is time to ensure that we regain all that has been lost and damaged in the madness being engaged.

We are many who are 'Proud American's, with Dignity, Honor and Respect of Nation, It's Systems and Its Nation Loving People. We must rid the nation of all those whom have an "anti-government disposition" and realize that a Governed nation is one that is with Regulatory Management, and the higher the population becomes and the more diverse the more Regulatory Management is necessary to sustain the basis of being a "Democracy".

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12/7/2017 4:58 am

"Speak Up People" !!!!!!!!!

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12/7/2017 3:31 pm

There is a lot involved in being a good citizen, it too must first be based in being a good person, and a responsible individual. There are many things which impacts the individual, as well as, there is much which challenges the means and options to meet the role and engage in function to be and of being a responsible individual. There are elements in the Constitution which has understood this, and the phrase "promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity" - this is based in "us as a nation of people having a common unity as American people within the Democracy established. Thus so, it is the system of governance that we have as being a collective, which has within it the responsibility to "Promote the general welfare" which is to design and administer and promote programs to achieve said objective. The selfishness of mankind, seeks to "negate" that with resentment, contempt and rage, and animosities of many sorts, all with aim and effort to make difficult the task of the departments, divisions, programs and process that is established to meet that function.

The principle of "God Essence" has been and is of core within what is established to honor the principles taught in the teaching of God's Truths.
It is our responsibility to not let "greed, vanity and other of the many elements of vice and haughtiness, nor the vile misplacement of pride to become to diminish all that was so painstakingly fought for in the establishment of this nation.

People are many whom are filled with apathy, circled in desperation, and propped up on despair... who make even their own lives more challenged than need be. Sadly, there is many who work hard to invoke their anguished heart into the environment, with envy, biases, resentment and contempt at and against and upon other. and such ones can and do promote divisiveness with a driving force of self consumption and vain pride at and against other.
Bringing the madness of racism, ethnic bias and gender inequality, as their targets to make their basis of goals in attacking others.

This array of madness has led many to become absorbed in shaping themselves like a cult, driven blindly by the fictions Trump has been selling. They stand and promote what is and what makes them as enemies against everything that support what is Democracy. As it is true, for Democracy to exist, it is first based on "equality", and our systems is designed, for "One Man" - "One Vote" and majority is the premise that elect our representative, and it is by Majority, that is to promote and back the passage, of bills, measures, set policy and promote function.

Non should be elected to any office who is not first "self vested in these aforementioned values.

The drama of campaigning is best wasted on the foolish, sadly that has become all too common. When our system long ago, established a system of education, to create and make an "informed society"... Yet, we have failed much in that area as "individuals'... thus being so... many are foolishly led by "drama" and facts escape them by every spin that drama and fiction engages to promote.

Therefore... we must move to "Federal Campaign Financing" , when such funds are equally distributed, it force the aspiring politicians to stick to facts, and not waste their resources on fiction, drama and person attack styled campaigning.
Every State Contributes to this Fund, and the funds are used for All Campaigning, as to State Level Campaigning and National Level Campaigning.

Each politician should know .. what is within their State Constitution, and any National Campaigner, need to be informed about State as well as National Constitution. Then we wipe away the madness of individual States thinking themselves as being greater than the Federal Governance System, or exempt from Federal Governance.

The future is destined to bring the changes.

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12/8/2017 5:20 am

News Article:

Kurt Bardella, Opinion contributor Published 5:00 a.m. ET Dec. 8, 2017
The GOP would rather elect a sexual predator who preys on teenagers than a prosecutor who happens to be a Democrat. That's it, I'm switching parties.

"For the first time since I was in high school, I was free from any professional loyalties. It was liberating at first, then very sobering and ultimately just disappointing. I couldn’t understand how so many in the GOP could stand by, silently, as Donald Trump and Steve Bannon remade and redefined the Republican Party. An unrelenting assault on the Constitution, the free press and freedom of expression while Republican “leaders” do nothing. Ignoring legitimate issues about race relations in America, environmental policy, gun reform and equality to instead pander to a lunatic fringe that subscribes to an ideology of hate and fear.

Which brings us to Roy Moore and the Alabama Senate race.

President Trump and the Republican National Committee are endorsing, supporting and funding Moore because they would rather elect a sexual predator who preys on underage teenagers at the local mall, than a crime-fighting prosecutor who happens to be a Democrat.

This is not a party I want to be associated with any longer.

This is not a party that is trustworthy enough to protect innocent children from sexual predators"
. end quote

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12/8/2017 8:54 am

The more the Trump machine seeks to disgrace those who were sent out with orders to engage Russian support and programming, as well as act of illegal conduct such as Flynn and his text at the inauguration, is simply symbolic of the acts of a "criminal in the Whitehouse" still doing the RICO violations and treasonous acts on a national level in every areas that one can conceive to imagine.
These people will "talk"... !!!

"George Papadopoulos was no mere “coffee boy” to the Trump campaign, the disgraced foreign-policy adviser’s fiancée says"
These people will fight to save what of integrity they can, and if it means "exposing everything on the Trump claim and the network of American abusers that surround him and are part of this effort to over take America', they will tell it all, and by right... they should tell it "ALL".

Once the charges go out with indictments of Trumps Daughter, that is the only one he will submit to telling some variant of truth to protect. He will let his sons take their falls, because he will boast that his sons were so dedicated because he thinks himself so great that his sons would fall to protect him. That is all he will see of such downfall of his sons. but when the case gets around to the daughter, he will be in all out panic mode, but fact is, what is befitting for her, is the same that befalls her husband, and maybe more, because she was in the heart of it. Documents already exist showing her, telling Flynn, he can have any position he wants. When this government is not about such nepotistic-ally promoted madness, it is about over 300 million people, a Nation and this Nations relations within the whole of the world of nations.

Nothing escapes "Gods Truths"...and time has always proven that the truths of God principles prevails... All done in the darkness of deceit and malice, greed, vanity, and all the vices of the haughty, shall be seen in the brightness of light.

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12/9/2017 9:41 pm

I have been thinking lately about many weird things happened in 2017.

Bitcoin soars to sky-high is euphoria and Holland tulip mania, the narcissistic and thin-skinned Trump is in Oval Office, the stock market Dow Jones rock 6,000 points higher since he won the election, the North Korea dictator, Kim Jon Un, is still alive after so many missile tests, .... none of these made sense to me, but they keep going on and on.

What goes up must come down.
Bitcoin will sharply plummet as fast as Holland tulip.
Trump will resign and replace by Mike Pence (I'm not sure for what reason), e.g. Robert Mueller investigation, or other unknown reason.
Stock market will come down due to fear of something.
Kim Jon Un will be assassinated.

As Trump said "we'll see...."

Honesty is the best policy.

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12/11/2017 5:25 am

    Quoting 1ClassyLady:
    I have been thinking lately about many weird things happened in 2017.

    Bitcoin soars to sky-high is euphoria and Holland tulip mania, the narcissistic and thin-skinned Trump is in Oval Office, the stock market Dow Jones rock 6,000 points higher since he won the election, the North Korea dictator, Kim Jon Un, is still alive after so many missile tests, .... none of these made sense to me, but they keep going on and on.

    What goes up must come down.
    Bitcoin will sharply plummet as fast as Holland tulip.
    Trump will resign and replace by Mike Pence (I'm not sure for what reason), e.g. Robert Mueller investigation, or other unknown reason.
    Stock market will come down due to fear of something.
    Kim Jon Un will be assassinated.

    As Trump said "we'll see...."

We don't know how much "Russian Money" is fueling the temporary prop up of the Stock Market. There is no way, they'd meddle in the election and forego meddling in the Financial System.

"People go blind when money spins" and they don't look at the details behind it. They go for the gusto of euphoria behind the spike up. But, that is "typical" of Russian interference, and their interference has an objective.

"Lull the Americans into the greedy fantasy of fast bucks"...

Trump has done nothing which supports Stock Rise, therefore it has no solid policy moves supporting the spike up. Therefore one could surmise that it is "artificial". The big haulers will take the profit at some point. and down comes the market in a "grand tumble" and who win's...
The Russian !!!! and the blind greedy wealthy in America, and the working class suffers a devastating blow.

Russians will make gains on their investment, where they could not make gains in other ways due to the "sanctions".
But many have no interest to think in such terms.... But when the crash comes they will wish they had.

The key is "careful" and watch for sell off, watch for big investors and see what do they have to back up the spike up... "currently they have nothing" !!!

Trump has severely damaged "international relations", "damaged US Trade", and damaged the element of Democracy, and he has terribly damaged the U.S. Alliance.

Therefore... one must factor in the consideration of "Russian Money" propping up the Markets.

But it's not only Russia... the other Global Players who operate in the "Money Washing Machine" are fast at play... making capital available for Mergers and Acquisition, and "destroying competition in American Business Environments", and that fuels massive layoff in certain sectors, and setting up big top entities for one of the worst mass lay off and crashes.

What we saw in 2007 was real, it taught much unto many who paid attention, and unto many others from many nations, who lost much.
They are determined to get some of those losses back as "gains', but that too is linked with the aims which include "extracting vengeance" for the damaged they suffered. And that entails means and methods to make the Ruble stronger and to give it ground against the Dollar.

Political Play such as Trump being backed by Russian Management and Manipulation "Was Never" a "One Dimensional" game plan. Yet, it is very real.

Russian and Many other nations have watched the massive volume of "Ignorance" within the Right Wing; not only Political Ignorance, but Social Ignorance, and they have watched the fact that the Right Wing is an tool to make use of to promote "internal divisiveness"...

The fact that the Right Wing serves as a denial mechanism, unaware their denial is a benefit to Russia...

Maybe people ignored the fact that the Russian told America, to "back off of N. Korea. China also said... Back Off and Don't Agitate, but each (Russia and China) followed the comments up with "counter military drills" , which is a direct message as to whom they support.
They are sending to the message, making it known, they WILL NOT allow any American movement to establish itself in the N.Korea sector of that region.

Just the Other Day... it was listed of the various nations that still find their means to make Trade with N. Korea.

American Arrogance within this Administration provides its own "blinding mechanism" and Trump... is skilled in "Mass Distractions" and gets out Media caught up in the Spin of Ignorance, while the big game continues in other sectors of the theater.

What I'm talking about, people often do not care to deal with, beause society has been relegated to be caught up in 140 character, and they are being "played like a yo-yo in and through it.
Sadly, our media; the Right Wing and the Liberal, are caught into the spin of Drama, they spend 24-7 talking about some "ignorance that Trump post', and the minuted it dies down, Trump pushes another round of distraction, and then he "attacks something about the Governance and Systems of the Nation" and the media spins become rabidly obsessed.

We have a segment of society that is also made themselves blind with "casualness", and "lost in material matter and fictional fantasy" wildly assuming that "everything will just roll back to what it use to be"... when it has already made a stretch and pushing to turn a corner.

One can save these post, and watch the truth unfold... I'm sure many doubt the words and have nothing to say in expansiveness of the commentary. Therefore, the mentality passivity always works against the citizen population.

Bitcoin is an animal all on its own, but it is a tool, and will clan much money, because at the price hike, when they smooth out the means of sell of, many will reap much profit, as in "Cleaning Money", and it won't have the traces that expose the means to inject illicit moneys into the system, because it is a prime cleaning tool.

Some of the investors on the lower end will make money, but the ones on the top will reap the benefits and when the spike down comes, those driven with vain and blind hopes will find, they have little means to sell off their holding, after a certain value point.

There was never such a thing as a "single prong attack" it is multi faucet attack methodoligy, and what the World Knows and Russia for sure knows; is the play of reliance upon the lesser educated; is like a "universal tool" they can make use of in their arsenal, and the people whom are politically unaware, are are also fill with denials that makes them unsuspecting, because they are fixated on Trump.

When time comes that Trump is no more benefit to the Russian, they will leak much that will fall right in the lap of Trump and his Administration. The Russian will claim no involvement. Because they operative through many of the banks of many foreign countries, they have their links with the various mobs, both domestic as well as international.

No one in the world is unaware that Americans will "sell anything" for short term profit, and when the vain hope of gain is promoted, they blind themselves to every value they once claimed to hold.

We have 20 Trillion of Debt, and the worst financial mess proposed with tax that will damage this nations for Decades to come, because once the corporations are given a lifetime tax deduction... The internal system begin to crumble, because Corporate Greed is a hallmark in the American system among the Wealthy.

They have no idea that America made its strength by the systems it created and how it funded them.. When that is damaged, it will be devastating, because the greedy among the wealthy, will fight any effort to elevate the tax on the wealthy and repeal the mass give away. that means, spiral down as in "downfall" of economic stability.

There is many ways to fight a war, and you fight it where the enemy is weak.

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12/12/2017 6:47 pm

Trump knows about the economic calamity which exist... but his method of approach is what is wrong. You don't destroy your structure to make the change, while relying on the past to return. You cannot build morality, one has to build a system that allows "everyone" to engage, work and ultimately prosper.

That in America can only be done by the nation wide creation of "small business development"... He does not grasp that. He thinks giving to the wealthy will bring back industry. Once cannot bring back enough industry to employ the mass volume of unemployed, nor can it be sufficient to bring wage increase industry back.

That is not realistic. Tearing down Regulatory Governance is itself a devastation making madness, because the Regulatory Governance is of the core within our stability, and it is made more important when one is carrying 20 Trillion in debt.

One.. must do exactly what Obama said... Build so everyone can engage, but one has to "build for the future"... and this can be done in every state and every country across this nation.

Not trying to bring back "yesterday". One cannot feed and breed internal dissension, damage international relations and alienate our allies. Once certainly can't go on a wild rampage of attacking Trade Agreements. It is very damaging to have attacked our legal system with incessant violation and disregard. Nor can one demoralize the massed with attacks upon and against the media, nor our cultural elements such as sports, and it is detrimental to have launched attacks at our citizen populations.

The damage of infusing State and Religion is a disaster that has resounding devastating impacts.
The ongoing insult to our "Congressional Institution" is a damage that even though it has massive problems, it still is a structural element.

Right Wing Policies have never worked nor will it work in American Society in this day and age, it is a madness that attacks everything that made America.
The list is as long as the attacks launched by Trump, and the list expands by the vile that is being promoted in Right Wing corridors.

We are likely to see and expanding decline in tourism, and that brings with it many things far and beyond what has been considered.

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12/14/2017 5:17 am

The Right Winger evidently own the site I frequenlty write on. They allow most of the Right Wingers to push their normal spill of "put down commentary" "slap stick derogatory comments" and many of them never address the actual content being discussed. They allow people to troll me, with comments that have nothing to do with the content, but personal attacks. Normally I don't complain, even if I defend myself, they will delete the post, and only recently did I issue a complain to see what they'd do. rather than deal with the "troller" they deleted the entire thread. Instead of simply sanction the troller via their point system. I've listed many post that received a number of "positve votes" and they have deleted some of them also. I have 1.6 million people who've read my posting since being on that site.

I wrote the post about "The Declaration of Independence and the Constitution, being under attack. ( I knew they'd seek out some means to try and make it vanish, and they did... claiming. issue with the quoted text, that had "hyper-linkes" to the original owner of the quoted text".

First they placed a ban for 9 days for "quoted text" when the source was clearly identified and hyperlinked, to a study done by university professors. they evidently did not like the research materiel, some posters not only take various snippets, some people past in the "entire text", but they do nothing.

Then came back this week with a 30 days, ban... when the discussion was about the history of American courts in the Southern United States. , where "white people" did horrible things to minorities, and the jury let them walk.
Sadly, the site prefers to vanquish truths they don't want to deal with, when the history is documented in both video, text, books and other web based material. The whole world knows of the ways that Southern Courts worked when it came to the unlawful treatment of minorities.

It's an atrocity... One can't make change, until things are acknowledged and the wrongs are seen as wrongs. But vanquishing the commentary is not the answer.
I could simply create a new handle and continue posting, but I won't. After 30 days I will go back and continue to post "historical truths", and as normal I link to the sources to support any quoted text.

If one looked at the picture on th web of the people at the Roy More post campaign rally, then it can be seen as to what is the imagery of his supporters. Well, on that site. The Right Wing denials, are as simlar to the manner of Trump supporters who seek by any means to avoid truth and deny actual facts.

Nobody in America held back the "poor whites" they held themselves back, because they have had 400+ plus yrs of full accessibility to anything and everything. They chose to cling to racism, bigotry, bias, belligerence, and thinking that all they needed to be was white and the world was suppose to give them something, even at the expense of others in the world. Time has come around where there "put down commentary" and "slap stick belligerence' no longer can get them what it use to get them. They have to "stand in the Equality Line, like everyone else.. so they call that "discrimination" because they no longer get "first entitlement because their skin is white"... They detest equality, because they want "white privilege to have first opportunity in everything, and then after they get what they want, they want to slam the doors and deny anything and everything to everyone else.
When I say minorities, I mean all. Years ago I met an Asian woman on here, she had an MBA and was trying for a position, and they picked over her and the only thing she could get was a position where she had to "answer to a white man, who was lesser qualified than she was".

I write much about "The Poor".. ( the poor is made up in America of working poor whites, working poor minorities, dire poor whites, dire poor blacks and working poor Asian and Others, Dire Poor Asians and Others, and many woman are left in job categories that are insufficient to maintain their lives"...
But.. people let that "Right Winger Mentality' blind them. They can't see all they have is back breaking work and a line of credit. When they get sick or hurt or the jobs lays them off, the "collections agencies come and take everything'.
We see now... nearly every day... when white men can't make it, they resort to kill their families and themselves. Just this morning I read an article, where the man killed his two kids, 5yrs old and 7 yrs old and then killed himself. Now the neighbors say they saw the signs, because he was overly controlling of the wife and never spent time with the kids. These stores are endless. When they loose their money, or can't live like a TV commercial, all too often, the wife, the kids and the man himself is often killed by the man.
if women try to leave, the courts is full of stalking cases, the sadness of women being killed and dismembered, and all sorts of stuff. We read frequently of all kinds of crimes, One only has to go to the FBI website and read of the horrible crimes to get the real truths.

For the 100's of years of Craziness.. people still refuse to open their eyes and see the madness. Women on a whole are many who simply choose to remain single, rather than submit themselves to being controlled as if they are "owned property". If one studies American History, it is evident that women were considered in ways as property, she could not vote, she had no voice, and she was not considered a person, as the history shows, that the only considered person, was "white males'. The Civil Rights Bill helped change that to a greater degree, but women still have to fight for the rights of equality, as does minorities. We have voter abuse, trying to deny people the rights to vote and every kind of things.

Time in America will become just like its becoming in the world. The world of nations are no longer willing to "submit themselves to the American White Male'. They are not any longer willing to be looked down upon by the American White male ... and this angers the American White Male, because he no longer has "America white male dominance" and and the world of nations will not insult themselves to pander to 'American White Male delusion of Superiority".

Today, there is an Article that says: "China snubs Trump, says Russia ties are the most important in the world" - this should have been understood when China and Russia did their own "counter military drills" as a means of showing America, that they stand behind N. Korea, and will in no way ever accept any American dominance in N. Korea's land. But the arrogance of this Administration tries to ignore that direct message. There are more than 50 nations who are doing business with N. Korea and ignoring the American sanction, as a message to tell America, they no longer back its act or stand of trying to tell other nations what to do or when to do it.
the world is outraged at the push in Israel.. all one has to do is look at the Map of Israel in 1948 and look at the Map today, and note the encroachment of Israel and how it has taken over land that did not and does not belong to it.

This is a situation that will not go away, because the Middle East has already demonstrated, there will be no more America Victories over the people of the Middle East. That was made clear with the war in Iraq and the ongoing war in Afghanistan.

People still think in terms of post world war II.. and that is long past. Today, China has a GDP of 11 Trillion dollars, and they have 2 Trillion in Cash.. American has a 18 Trillion dollars GDP but Carry 20 Trillion in Debt. if people don't understand, they should consider that it tells a grand story, of who is the actually better performing nation on the economic scale. China has the fastest Super computer in the world, it is (5) Times faster than anything the U.S. has and it was made with "All" Chinese parts.

Therefore... Nations are no longer willing to submit to any dictations from America. Yet... Trump does not understand, that "Diplomacy" is necessary. President Obama, knew... that the only path forward is by "Diplomacy". Trump thinks he can isolate America.. but truth is. the worlds Supply Chain is not in America, it is in The Far East, of China and within the Asian Pacific Region, and the Oil is in the Middle East. The world changed... as has the nature of what is power and where it is centered.
China's currency will get a higher position in the basket of Reserve currencies, and today there are many nation that use the Chinese currency as the basis of their trade and payment system. China will manage its currency, because doing so, has allowed them to Uplift over 300 million people out of poverty. America only has 300+ million, and only 200 million are able and of age to work... and it can't uplift them out of the poverty, nor can it support them to live the "promoted image of quality standard of living'... Trump is against minimum wage hike, so people are still working for poverty level wages, and now he wants to cut the safety net programs that assist children and the elderly, which means "destitution for likely more than 100+ million people.

Yet... the pie in the sky fantasy is what people want to cling to, and don't want to see the real truths.

Right now our markets are propped up on Russian Money, and when they decide to "take profits" the markets will fall.. far more than 500 points. at the rate of rise, the fall may well be in the 1000's of points. which means 'financial chaos" !!! But other nations have found means to "hedge themselves" they various International funds systems they have backed, and the AIIB can only rise, because it is supported by over 50 nations.
The acts that have alienated our long time Allies, is at a point, as Germany said, they will concern themselves with other means to forge their alliances and stabilize their position outside of the past reliance on America as the leader. Trump has no concept of what that means.

Truths always matter !!!!

beyondfantasy3 113M
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12/15/2017 7:16 am

I don't get why people are not concerned regarding the calamity that is taking place. Often people think "its doesn't concern them"... yet, what happens has impacts of all people, whether its immediate or delayed, it has an impact. The world is a "connected entity" and global finance is exactly that!!!! global finance

Often people don't look behind the cycles that take place within the circle of events. There is far more than meets the eyes.
On one hand Trump thanks Putin, and Putin give a lead in comment for the markets, so... what happens when the game spins and Russian take their money in profit taking ??? These things have no even entered the minds of many... Money blinds and the elation of profit makes people become callous. It's like a gambler, that gets excited at a win, and before leaving the Casino has lost everything back. Next Russia blames the U.S. for the ban at the Olympic's, the sanctions still exist, and the previous damage to the Ruble cost much, and these things do not go down and become simply 'forgotten".. it only becomes something to deal with by other means.

Trump does not understand the cultural and ethnic heritages of nor within the "World Community of Nations"; they are each, their own sovereign nation, and they have their own people to be concerned about.

As well as the despots and out right Tyrants.... not only fleece its own people, their game plans is to fleece what ever they can, and the engage multiple processes to do so. The world of monies that he has relied on in the under current money washing market, is far more than he can control, regardless of how haughtily he thinks of himself.

The challenges are many... the history of the "oil" game that Tillerson has been an entrenched player, has more moving pieces and much callous and malice, that at some point in time will come to the surface.

Nations have not forgotten the massive losses they suffered in 2007, and Russia surely has not relinquished its anguish as the break up of the Soviet Union Collective.

Trump sees nothing but $$$ signs... unaware nothing has changed in the sectors of Industrial growth. Mergers and Acquisition continue to "erode" jobs and stack up "massive debt"... never has that been a good scenario under any circumstances. All it does is "shrink" the American Business Base. Destroys Competition... and the FED's Know it, that is why they reluctantly raised interest rates. The wheel spins... and chaos rages, we have an insufficient staffed Government, and we have inept and unqualified people having been placed in a number of Departments, Divisions and Over Organizations.

There are massive challenges, and if they give this massive "tax give away" to the wealthy... that will be a signal of a great economic calamity that can't quickly be reversed.

I'd tell people.. they need to "stash some cash".... because Cash will be King, when the calamity begins to spin. Others among the wealthy have already amassed some of their capital in a basket of currencies, to hedge themselves.
This transfer of wealth into Bitcoin, has a logic, but none is actually looking. It will take a big hit, but some will have saved some level from losses, depending who deeply they are entrenched.

Learning more and thinking in terms that are not common may be best for some, to protect themselves.

I don't have wealth so it won't affect me to the levels that it will affect some. I have no debt other than my house, and do not plan to create any with cars and other things. I am maintaining where my basics can be covered, and anything additional... I am thinking of ways to deal with

beyondfantasy3 113M
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12/15/2017 12:36 pm

The Shape Shift of the World of Nations

It's quite interesting how all these factors are presenting elements of a "changed world".

beyondfantasy3 113M
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12/22/2017 11:08 am

I've never understood this site in the context.. that so many people claim various levels of Degree's as in "educational training"... How among such a group, they can be so politically unconcerned and without interest in thing that ultimately impact the global societies. Its not just about America. It's as much about how the things done here impact global societies, on social, economic, environmental, health and all the aspects that are part of what is "generalized governance".

We see massive "brush off in the media" , spinning until they find a means to "dismiss things that have ongoing consequences". I see some in the media who push it as if they can wrap it in humor... unaware they lull people into complacency in mindset. The wealth holders and we are not talking about the average person who may have accumulated some resources. It is the wealth holder who invest to "shape and transform" national as well as global policy.

How can people be so blind when the repercussions touch everyone in one way or the other.

As long as such continues to exist in the format of such processes and the people are willingly lulled into mental complacency... Those whom hold influential wealth, which not only influence policy, but dictate it.

What the people have in many parts of the world, is a need where there is opportunity to vote in representatives. Then all such places should become "informed" and be with EXTREME care in who they cast their votes for.

The world is full of politicians, who can't answer a question, and will spin a simply question if asked, "If the sun is shining today". Most will dance around it until they confound the very basics of if the sun is shinning today".

There should be absolutely no individual financing, for any campaign, and no funds can be used except what is Federally allocated. No Elected Person can Meet with any Lobbyist... All Lobbyist Must Address a Panel of Individuals, and yearly "auditing" done for and of anyone and everyone who chooses to be a politician. They must submit themselves to be audited for a decade after they leave office. To ensure they don't not make a person profit from administering public policy and pass laws that impact the public. We would see a limited amount of people pursuing political office.

America's issue has been a history built upon the backs of slavery, and being driven by the continual lustful drive of seeking slaves around the world, until "it destroyed its own industrial base and its industrial might". That is a point Trump is correct to note, that America is now at the Industrial failure and reliant upon the World community for the basic necessities of American's image and claim of standards to what makes up the American household. We make no clothes to cover ourselves, we make no shoes for our feet, we import fruit and vegetables and we use foreign made appliance.

We have the history of greed driven Industrialist and fools of men, who were bought easily to export even the most basic of industrial production capabilities, all in the massive chase of "greed". Trump cannot bring back enough industry, in fact he can't bring back any, those who control it have colluded it with a multitude of foreign investors and debt backed by foreign banks and other funds that are not on the surface of fair business. and he is not aware enough to know that the only means to rebuild America is by the devoted promotion of Small Business Development Across the Entire Country". he has the people lulled to chase fictions, while he crafts a programs to indenture the young, with his apprentice programming, which is another term for "indentured servant" society. It's the closest thing they can get to what was once gained by "slavery:.

This mess that is taking place in America is an Atrocity against everything the Declaration of Independence stands for and it insults the Constitution and our Laws in every way they can, because of the passive mentality and the lack of knowledge of the masses. Who are easily "duped" by smoke and mirror, and colluded commentary.

What we see now is a mass of Confederate Ideologist engaging treasonous acts upon and against America, from within America. Other politicians, are pandering to the criminal at the top... because he's paid to get the dirt on them, so now they sing his praise, to save their own butts. Its no more about "Country", its about the wealthy and power, and mass of politicians who are fearful of their corruption being exposed.

It's the same things that has brought down every historical empire. Mans greed, wrapped in a societies ignorance, and corrupt by minds and hears driven by Avarice. People trying to use any angle to corral the masses into complacency and promote divisiveness to keep them off balance and out of focus.

Stories, Theories, and Ideas.... Much is unknown.

The most popular theory online? Trump is the "third Antichrist" predicted by Nostradamus, after Napoleon and Hitler. This is kind of a big deal, because the third Antichrist will trigger the end of the world. end quote

What we do know and we do see, is an endless attack upon world stability, via the attack upon the UN and NATO and the damages done to Allies and internal chaos that has damaged the American Democracy, and alienated nation who once stood in strong support with a sense of unity... Now... move to distance themselves.

The recent move to add 1.5 Trillion to an already astronomical debt. Will have resounding impact around the world, when no benefit to the people have been gained by such a massive load upon the debt. It will trigger nothing but decline in how other nations are assisted, and some will fall into despair, and others will rise up, and still others will choose a variety of options, as they realize the impacts of the expanding debt will have upon the world of nations.

We can likely look to see is a big shift and change in what become the lead in world currency as to the preferred currency for global trade. Once the process is underway, it will not be reversible without massive world wars and world devastation.
Russia and China is strongly allied, and N. Korea appears to be their mutual rally point in common. There is no match for their unison. All "three" now have WMD, and collectively they have a vast make up of military personnel. India may appear the Odd man out, but is far closer to what is China than being what is America. China now hold the global place as the greatest supplier to the world, and they have developed over the decades, agreements that assure them a continued flow of natural resources. They've demonstrated for decades their capability to Mass Produce "Anything They Focus to Produce".

Americans sit silent and become lost in the fog of chatter, while the madness of this Administration proceeds to dismantle the long history of what may become known as "a once great nation".

The Chaos is real.... and the Outcome is at a point of "Global Danger".

beyondfantasy3 113M
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12/25/2017 10:31 am

Who's really paying attention? A very valid question!

The things happening are not "neutral'... they are very disturbing... If anyone is aware of the value of "diplomats', then they know the value of Ambassadors who have a sense and mindset of "diplomacy". They know the value of such position and the value that a functioning State Department is, to Promoting a Sense of Diplomacy.

When there is conflict to such levels within the U.N.... it is telling a story that unfolds around the world. Much happens at these levels, long before the impact shows up in the lives and concepts of the people.
The acts of the current Administration is not beneficial to the ongoing works that is needed to manage the FRAGILE PEACE, we've known in many parts of the world.

Internal turmoil, is one thing.. but tonality of "belligerence" is a tone that also sweeps around the world, and arouse the factions that seek out such contentions. Flame up's are real... and the nature of a uprising wild fire can devastates.... (we see natural similarities, of how devastating such things can be, by the recent fires that ravages areas in California, We've see what can happen in quickness, by the ways the recent Hurricanes devasted Puerto Rico and other places. These things tell that the "unexpected" can become the result of an expected forecast, and go far and beyond what the mind may think will be the results.

America can't submit itself to the Plutocracy that this American Aministration is seeking to install to usurp Democracy. Not can Autocracy, by a cultist group become the dominant Ideology of the Land and its People. And certainly there will be a major stand against the acts of dictatorial aspiration being pushed and promoted. Nor will there be a "right wing" led evangelical fictions pushed of a morality, they themselves do not and cannot manage even in their individual selves.

The games of 'gerrymandering madness" will meet the wall of truth, and find it cannot manipulate the masses nor subject the unaware to the ignorance that "gerrymandering seeks to promote". Time makes all exposed, and the unaware even if by the destitution they come to face, will have no choice but to become aware and awakened. Ignorance is vanquished when knowledge is present and understanding in digested.
Evil things come with time to always feed upon itself. It will take the honor of the people in respect of people... to put down forces that evils promotes.

We've seen it before. When the world amassed to defeat the acts of Hitler. We've seen it overcome the madness of men like Mussolini and many others that rose up only to be made to fall in a spiral of being demolished, by the "people'.

Many try and hide in passiveness until it comes to their doors steps. But many may find, they must stand up before it enters upon their street or within their community.

As long as the plutocrats see the people as "ignorance and gullible" they will encroach by every means, and seek to find any means of indenture, followed by vague promises and false delusions of illusions of fake promises. for some, it takes such mass devastation to awaken.. for others, they will become the devastated fighting to protect those whom have brought such havoc in their lives and never know the difference of what is real and true.

The Chaos is real.... and the Outcome is at a point of "Global Danger".

it is up to "EACH PERSON, AS AN INDIVIDUAL... to pursue to know what is truth!!! and truth is the human being is only as weak as they allow their fears of self to weaken them to become.

The wealth and power have always brought to the masses a containment in being in continual desperation's. blinding them from becoming to know the truth and fact is: When mankind work with good will and fair equality unto all... the world "rises" and lives become improved for All.