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12/17/2017 4:05 pm
focus and attention - is needed to deal with challenges

focus and attention - is needed to deal with challenges

It's easy for "power to contain people". As many people are focused on money and their erogenous passions... much else slips right on past.

There is the world of Marketing and Advertising that drives the sense of wants and needs in people, until they become driven by the pursuits of "acquisitions"...
All the while there are systems which strips them of many things, by many claims the names as to the how and why.

The world has many things and not all are nice things in the ways of people.

What people have is a continual need to manage their focus.know ones self, and have a clear understanding of what is principally right, in the context of 'Treat your neighbor as you would yourself"...
For some that is hard. because not only are they not honest with themselves, some are simply living in a cycle of going from one desperation to the next and bringing themselves to a state of continual desperation.

Of all.. The questions continues from one generation to the next.. "What really matters" and "what matters most"....

The world works with a system of capitalism, even in the places that claim it is not so... they may deal with different types of what they consider the currency of value.. but still, it’s a form of capitalism. The basics and the connected necessities is all connected to some element of capitalism.
The sad part of that cycle.. There is the mentality and avarice which promotes the concept that there is never enough. No person can consume a billion in currency as an individual. Everyone, Rich or Poor; only get 24hrs a day, and one can only have time for so many things and one only can consume so much food.

Then it moves to the madness of "Power', and thus power becomes far too often an act of evil... but it too must fight pure and overt evil, and in doing so, it finds it difficult to find a balance to sustain what is "good" and what benefits many.

We as a world are moving to face many things... some areas will in the future have challenges with the basic simplicity of "water', others even today, have issue with challenges for the basics of food. then there is "shelter'... across the world, it is many things in many places.

One has to know themselves and what is their system of values, and what is within their heart and their spiritual self.... Otherwise, they will become lost in many things and by many ways, and some become caught in the treacheries of the world....

If one advertise themselves as a toy of pleasure, how can they expect not to be toyed with? Therefore... it is important to represent ones self and make good use of focus and attention, to remain prepared to deal with challenges.

Life is an interesting experience and has many things within.

Focus and attention - is needed to deal with challenges

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12/17/2017 4:06 pm

How does one prepare one's self to deal with the challenges.. is much to do with how one chooses to live.

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12/19/2017 3:40 am

If love is the goal, then it is certain one has to have a spirit of love, and a will to invest in building and living with a heart of loving.

If one's goal is money, then one likely will have to focus on what serves people, if they care to acquire it honestly. If one's only goal is money, it may be found that a level of ruthlessness becomes embedded within the actions they engage and undertake, and they may find their soul is tarnished by the involvements and acts they open themselves to indulge.

Those who make self gratifying pursuits of Pleasure their main goal, over time, what began as pleasure becomes a habit, that makes itself within one, to be a vice.

It takes work to find "balance", and everything in life that has life, moves all the time, therefore, balancing is a continual process of work that demands focus.

Physical beauty has never been the maker of truth, nor has it been the basis of honesty. It is the imagery of ones looks.

What makes beauty glow in any person, is the beauty they have within, the beauty within, makes a glow about and throughout anyone who possesses it within themselves.

A dream is what ones makes it, and making it so, become a work that requires much focus and much effort that overcomes many challenges.

No one can deny another the right to seek truth within themselves, for what any believe is theirs to be believe.

The gift of time is a blessing and the gift of heath and sanity is a grace we must learn to take care of. all these things and more...

"focus and attention is needed to deal with the challenges."