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12/19/2017 4:23 am
What Do You Think?

This site must have around 10 members or so.... if one would base the numbers on active participants, it seems there is a "extremely low number of blog posters" and even lower number of participants in the Magazine section.

I wonder if people know... the thing that makes a site's performance increase is the involvement and interactive efforts of its participants, especially of those who claim to be members; whether paid or unpaid.

This site is quite interesting in that it does not "bombard one with incessant advertising", it is not amassing "personal data" about its participants, beyond cataloging their posting and commentary. Bots from other internet organizations/businesses can only scan and catalog the posted commentary and attribute it to the handle. And it is not mandatory to list a long criterion of personal data.

The collection of sites the operator has, may well use the posted commentary on many of their array of sites that operate under a volumes of names. Still it leaves the choice up to the individual, as to their want to personally engage others. It too is the responsibility of the participants to be "discerning" to know who is real with being honest vs those who seek to scam others.

With the choice not to list a lot of personal data, then none has the immediate option to scam anyone, without the persons willing consent, by their not being vigilante to vet those whom they engage. As to money, "anyone", should know... the best way not to loose your money to the corrupt minded, is to "keep your money in your own pocket" and "don't" advertise whether you have any or not.

Over the years, various posting list a number of people who come and read, though it does not present a logical understanding, when it comes to ratio's as to commentary.

If one looked at stat's it may be a very, very low ratio between the number that read and comment, vs relation to the number that read and don't comment.

Often "any topic" can fall flat.... because people don't carry it forward.

I have no idea what the % of "those who actually make mating connections" or even friend connections beyond the familiarity among those who do post.

It's quite interesting that people would post their image, but not present commentary to discuss their thoughts and perspectives about something. Or even make comment about something. Does the picture represent a basic of "all" one thinks is necessary to make connections with others? And again, some, as myself have no posted pictures.

Maybe there is a difference considering this is a Multi-Country mix of people, there may be governing elements, that prevent some from interactions of presenting thoughts and addressing commentary.

As a globally accessible site... it seems that the site providers do a pretty good job of keeping the site open, without reliance on "advertising saturation on every page".

Likely it may be to the advantage of many that it operates in much part with no fee, but does require a fee to use some of its services. If it makes all services free, then it may have to resort to mass advertising to support itself. maybe we don't know a good thing when we see it.. especially in the world of the web today. Where many have a dominant reliance on "advertising' and all the advertising bots" that come with ad's. Its good this site, has not succumb to the intrusive pursuits of Facebook", by requiring a Facebook account to log on and use it.

It might be interesting to many uses to look at the differences in what is "social media" sites, and they may find... over the years... this site has managed to not overwhelm its members with incessant advertising, continual pressures to disclose a litany of personal stat data, and Advertisers can't target on by their email. (unless the site markets the emails one associates with the initial establishment of an account).

Who knows what data they actually collect, and what they do with it ???

They still offer the options to use it, by the use of a "chosen handle"...rather than a lot of other personal data. As to paid users, as with any business, it requires personal data to facilitate a payment method. But... even when I was a paid member, I did not see a mass of advertisement directed at may.. Although, I don't know if junk mail that came to me, was in any ways connected to such status.

At some point... things and time may change what is "Facebook" and the incessant data collection by entities such as Facebook and Google, or other companies that are large social media sites in other countries.

Anyone and Everyone should be with some care about what of "personal data" they allow themselves to post about themselves. It does not mean there are not means for site operators to do "data mining expeditions".... but, at least on is not willingly just posting a lot of personal data to entities, they know so little about, their internal business ethnics and actions.

The site even tells people, if you use its built in Mail, "do not" blindly send your personal contact information, to people you only know via short term unfamiliar associations.

It's even a benefit that this site does not "change its look and function" every 3 months or so. It has retained its model design for quite some time.

Maybe people don't know... when something remains simple and may well be though of as an overall suitable service for any to access and utilize?

What Do You Think?

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12/19/2017 4:24 am

What Do You Think? -- surely... one has a thought about the site?

1ClassyLady 68F
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12/25/2017 7:44 pm

AFF is the first online dating site I've ever joined since Sept 2004 since I legally separated. Yes, it has been 13 & 1/2 years since my "separation date". I joined Chinese FriendFinder for six months and stopped. Then switched to Yahoo Personals where I found many male friends in 2005 to 2006, unfortunately Yahoo closed down its online dating site and switched all subscribers to Match. So I have my profile on many sites. I renewed Chinese FriendFinder when a retired orthodontist contacted me from AFF, but he lives too far, he is too old and he is a dentist (my ex is a dentist), so we broke-up and rekindled again, but eventually stopped. My total subscription on Chinese FriendFinder is approximately 2 years only (silver member). My last Chinese FriendFinder subscription was in 2008 for a year. The year I went to China for 8 days/ 6 nights.

I started to go on Chinese FriendFinder for blogs because I like to talk about the "current events". Chinese FriendFinder and SFF have very different communication path, i.e. Blogs. If you ever read my blogs, you know I like to talk about current events of various topics, e.g. politics, religion, jokes, travel, music, .... However, this is AFF, my topics mostly related to USA in general, so Asians don't talk about those topics. Actually I revealed myself very much that more than my profile said, if you ever paid attention. Chinese FriendFinder and SFF got many of my information in compare with Match or Our Time. However, I am very picky, so it is difficult to find a perfect match.

My politics view is liberal Democrat but NOT Communist, I like Obama and Joe Biden. My religion is agnostic/ atheist. I was born and raised as a Catholic till 32. My ex was anxious to get his Green Card by marrying to an U.S. citizen. The Catholic church told him to convert to be Catholic that will take long time, so he took me to Evangelical Christian church for wedding. That church pastor's wife cheated most of the church members - "Ponzi Scheme". I gradually realized there is no god, no heaven, ... God is just people's idol image, hope. If god is so mighty, so ubiquitous, why let 17,000+ Japanese died on March 11, 2011, let 3,000 U.S. citizens died on Sept 11, 2001 and many natural disasters and killings. I know politics and religion are very sensitive topics, even the best friends are argued for their different opinions. I don't want to change anyone, but don't want to be changed either. I have my freedom of speech, religion and press according to U.S. Constitution.

My best (happiest) years were 2014 to first half of 2015. I have had my best 3 male friends, an orthodontist, a banker CEO, and a PhD Physicist. We trust each other, emailed each other on daily basis, my investments were very good, so I went on a very happy trip to Australia and New Zealand with "Women Traveling Together".

Your blog topic "What do you think?" I will continue to post blogs no matter you like or not. I know this Chinese FriendFinder site, mostly are Asians and they don't care about U.S. politics, so they won't respond my blogs. Some U.S. bloggers had different political views from me, so I blocked them. I know my blogs will get less responses due to the differences but i don't care. However, I don't understand why nobody responded my Thanksgiving and Christmas greeting cards for the basic courtesy. I am dismayed. At least, SFF bloggers responded my greeting cards politely.

Okay, this is my response to your blog "What do you think?".

Honesty is the best policy.

beyondfantasy3 113M
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12/26/2017 4:27 am

Yes, I frequently read your blogs... you do address current events. the matters of political landscape is always an interesting subject for me. I follow various items on financial matters, more so as to how the economics impact the social systems, as well as the governmental matters.

I write about a variety of things, Much about the nature and elements of what it takes to move us forward as a people. It's not always pleasant conversation to some, because there are many who choose not to give much attention to things that not only impact the daily lives, but the future as well.
I have no problem talking about the ignorance of bias and racism and the madness of bigotry among a variety of other things.
I write here because they have a very simply and easy flow "blog program'.
I use another site, for a lot of writhing, because it is more I've. Though it is filled with many right winger minded people.
this site has never been very much on being interactive, except for a short period when the magazine did have interactions. but that changed.

I've been on here since the 1990's. mostly to write. I don't care much for the games of dating. for me its more simple.. If someone whats to talk and make relation, then that is simple enough. All the "ritualistic " formats of standard dating... is not something I've ever cared much for.
I'm not into trying to "win" any woman... I have no interest in some script process as if she is some game prize at a circus event. She should known what she wants to do, and involve herself in being as equally motivated to interact... If not... why spin in a circle.

The blogs section has been the same so I find that a good thing about the site.