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12/23/2017 5:08 am
"Wishing Everyone- A Wonderful Holiday Season"

We all deal with many things in many ways, as the basic duties of living and working to live well in mind, spirit and body in an ongoing experience.

To be thankful, is a blessing itself. To take time to appreciate is a gift in and of itself.

Everyday we learn something, and some days it is simply relearning something we thought we knew, only to see it in a broader perspective.

To be aware to know the actions that we take, impact the lives of others; is a gift in which consideration opens us to learn the values of our thoughts.

Such simple things become gifts unto ourselves, through the concerns and compassion for and of others. 'What a Blessing".

One may not get a diamond, or a sparkling new car, or even a handkerchief ... the gift from others may be a hello, a phone call, or simply a smile from a stranger or sharing laughter with a friend. Such gifts fill us with things, often time we may not know the true value until time moves on to bring us to acknowledge, that we are "appreciated".

"Wishing Everyone- A Wonderful Holiday Season"

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12/23/2017 6:32 am

Holiday 2017 - your time to appreciate...