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12/26/2017 5:20 am

my machines are acting weird... one the Ethernet port does not work, and this one seems to have a key logger or something. because it hangs up.
maybe its just a matter of "RAM".... It rather crazy because I don't use it much, and it is fairly a new unit, as to being "unused". I keep it because it has Windows 7, and I have programs I want to keep.

This weekend, the Internet went down, and has slow speed issue. I've complained and even picked up a new router, and same problems. In this day and age of "computers and internet. the US should not be having these problem. This country needs to learn to "build' its own computers, and build them to be stable, not with some of the low grade stuff, looking for a resale in a matter of months to a new unit, because people nor business, make computer changes that quick.

It's evident why so many young people stick with their phones for their internet activity. Besides, I can't see paying $700-800 or more for a computer. when the things are almost obsolete by the time you get it home.

Even typing this, every 10 seconds it hangs up. I've scanned it, with three programs to clean it up, but because it has basically been unused, it should not have any issues. It was mostly used by my mother for "games". that were not connected to the internet, and all those games have been removed.
I have a couple of lap tops... one for music and the other is just old, I rarely do anything with it, It likely needs RAM updates.

I use Ad Blocker ( this site does not really have ads)... and yesterday, while on Yahoo... it logged 2400 blocked ads... (THAT IS CRAZY !!!!!)

I wish I knew how to create a browser, that blocked out ads completely. I don't care for Facebook, because it is far too "INTRUSIVE". i DON'T THINK people understand that Facebook, is not what it appears. It is basically nothing more than a "data collector' that connects that data to selling "AD's" and profiling people in a 1000 different categories. .. but sadly Google is exactly the same. but google is indispensable for information search.
The internet is now more colluded than ever, with every kind of scheme mankind can think of.
I recently had a card that was locked, due to someone in another state trying to use it. the company froze it, and will simply close the account. I have the special software for web shopping that is suppose to lock out any peepers.

there needs to be some "specially produced browsers" which the future may have no choice but to create. Especially for "Internal Business", the Intranet are fine, but not when they use, market produced browsers" even after they try and lock it out, there needs to be separate and distinct "intranet browsers used by companies'. with ultra high grade encryption.

Even people using computers for cryptocurrencies, should be very careful, as people have and people will find a way to steal their 'so called secure purses".

I prefer to "go to the bank", not on my phone or on the computer, that's rather sad, because its would be a good tool, if people were not so criminal minded. I see many people who put their credit card data in phones and use their phones even to pay at something as crazy as a "soda machine'. As if there is a "false sense of security".

Everything in the country is crying about "budgets' when far too many companies are "leveraged with these multi billion dollar debt deals", and at some point, that has to spell a level of trouble. Competition is destroyed, because any time a new company has a decent service, one of the big ones come and gobble it up. Maybe that's only an American Madness", I don't know if other countries allow such "Monopolizing" in their market place.
Most companies that are assuming this massive debt, are likely using some "script process', because it involves too many institution and too many character playing in that field of finance"... and the question is, where does the 'corruption and collusion" exist... because with that much money moving, there is no way, that it is criminal free. With $20 Trillion debt and climbing, then where is the money coming from??????????????? when banks and other organization are claiming double digit $billions in profit, that means a lot of money is taken out of the circulation cycle, and many stash this money in offshore accounts, which has a dramatically impacting curtailing impact upon the economy.

We have exaggerated housing cost where people are bying homes for millions upon millions, and then one has to spend more to furnish it, because you can't put cheap furniture in such an expensive home. We have people who are up to their neck in expensive cars, when the economy has not seen pay increases, and the Administration is dead set against increasing the minimum wage. In America, based on the claim of "higher standards" the basic minimum wage should be at or above $20 and hr..... but that won't happen without "inflation" breaking it down to be no more than what is $7 an hr. so... its a great deal of "fiction" in the system. The markets are filled with "hedging games', which means, that one is playing both sides against a "shrinking middle",, and at some point... something will not balance out.

We have no category of dominant "Industrial production", but a mass of commercial merchandisers, and tech companies selling social media and commercial enterprises, and next, companies like Google and Facebook is profiting from "Advertisements', and most of that is selling "foreign made products'.... so... the fiction is far greater than ever. Our financial system is functioning on "speculation" and frequency of "trades based on speculation', so where is there "real value assets"????? It appears not to be connected to much.

The major productions are done in "Foreign locations', even when it comes to fruits and vegetables. Oil comes from the Middle East, and now many of the big selling car companies have offshore plants, and others are foreign owned auto companies, that some are not built on U.S. soil....
We don't make shoes, we don't make tennis shoes, we don't make clothes, we don't even make the appliance that are in our homes, and even the building materials and gadgetry for building our homes is imported.

I get the point Trump claims of America needs Industry, but his methods are not going to force the CEO to bring back the companies, because Trump's family does not produce his goods on American soil, so why would any of them listen to him. The global supply chain is not in America, its in the Asian Region of the World... so... even if one built a factory, its parts used would come from foreign location.

It's exactly what Obama said.... America need to rebuild from the bottom up, and that means... a "whole new era of new technology and new products" produced by "small and growing business in America"... but there is no money directed into those areas.

so, its no wonder the "internet is suffering from slow and unstable and insecure structure, because companies are too buying playing "acquisition games' and no investing in building a strong, stable and durable system.

We can't even stop "hackers from continually invading massive companies and stealing massive data'..... So... ??????

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12/26/2017 5:21 am

It took forever to type this because the computer hangs up....

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12/28/2017 6:35 am

IBM has a system that works like a "tunnel" with financial institution and any page that is for processing internet purchase can be used with this software.

I detest, internet thieves!!!!!!!... but truth is, they are never going to vanish. So... its just a matter of trying to stay updated to make it difficult for them to get data.

In general, I'm not very trusting of these system that make all the claims about privacy and such stuff. I think the best scenario is to "manage what is done on the computer". The IBM system was designed for security for online banking, but it works well for any page where there is a payment script for financial transactions.

I don't know where someone get my card number, but they are sending me a list of purchases, so i can try and narrow it down, it should be simple, as I don't frequently use the particular card. .

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12/29/2017 6:15 am

Headline: "Thousands of major sites are taking silent anti-ad-blocking measures"

Seeing the uptick in anti-ad-blocking tech, University of Iowa and UC Riverside researchers decided to perform a closer scrutiny (PDF) of major sites than had previously been done. Earlier estimates, based largely on visible or obvious anti-ad-blocking means such as pop-ups or broken content, suggested that somewhere between 1 and 5 percent of popular sites were doing this — but the real number seems to be an order of magnitude higher.

The researchers visited thousands of sites multiple times, with and without ad-blocking software added to the browser. By comparing the final rendered code of the page for blocking browsers versus non-blocking browsers, they could see when pages changed content or noted the presence of a blocker, even if they didn't notify the user.

As you can see above, 30.5 percent of the top 10,000 sites on the web as measured by Alexa are using some sort of ad-blocker detection, and 38.2 percent of the top 1,000. (Again, TechCrunch is among these, but to my knowledge we just ask visitors to whitelist the site.)

Our results show that anti-adblockers are much more pervasive than previously reported...our hypothesis is that a much larger fraction of websites than previously reported are "worried" about adblockers but many are not employing retaliatory actions against adblocking users yet.

It turns out that many ad providers are offering anti-blocking tech in the form of scripts that produce a variety of "bait" content that's ad-like — for instance, images or elements named and tagged in such a way that they will trigger ad blockers, tipping the site off. The pattern of blocking, for instance not loading any divs marked "banner_ad" but loading images with "banner" in the description, further illuminates the type and depth of ad blocking being enforced by the browser.

Sites can simply record this for their own purposes (perhaps to gauge the necessity of responding) or redeploy ads in such a way that the detected ad blocker won't catch

(end quote)

The internet should be a great tool without all the covert conduct being engaged Unfortunately... it is no way to rid it of these types at this day and time.

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12/29/2017 6:47 am

Many people are caught up only in the marvel of technology, and picture taking. some are absorbed in digital gaming, others on 'chat sites" where they utter every little things that makes up their days.
I watch some people at work, who cannot put their phone down for incessantly engaging facebook. Others send pictures back and forth of anything and everything, and many do so without concern or thought about what they send, they are simply "seeking a laugh". some seek to be the one who has the most "outrageous things". We even see people posting their relationships even when they know they are intertwined into a mult partner hook up, and then others have even fought and some have set out to attack others, about who's being played more than the other.

Its basically exposing much about people... yet some have no thought about it, until it comes back and bite them.

I have no idea what kind of people it is that stores nude pictures of themselves on these gadgets and in the cloud (nothing but a server), and then act shocked when it is hacked and their pictures are plastered around the world.

Anyone who believes there is privacy, is not aware of what is privacy. most updates come and advise a person, that data will be shared with their 3rd party, but no one stops to inquire, or understand, they have no agreement with the 3rd party, nor do they know how many 3rd parties each of the parties have.

One can't even buy food and get the fair sales prices, without a swipe card, and every store wants to give a card, as their marketing research, as well as they are all engaged in "selling data list", to any manufacture who will pay, or give a discount or kickback.

The card captures your data, the camera associate the picture with the data, and "whamo" !!!! you are catalogued. Heck, even if you are a {cash} payer, still the image is associated with one as being a {cash payer}. Yet, people still think they have privacy? I find it amazing.

I have many associate who are tech void, when it comes to considering the elements of what "tech involves".
At the rate companies are bought and sold, and divisions closed and entities transfer data... no one knows who has their data.

Cloud, has people baffled, as if the data is in some "actual cloud", when it sits on "multiple servers", owned and operated by "who"? Billions of various types of "Bots" already scan everything, and A.I. and its algorithms scan and associate anything and everything it can find...

Google already can show the house of anyone in America if they live on a general street that has been imaged, with the capabilities of Google Earth.. who knows what else it can do. Between GPS in the phone, there is no place one goes, that is not traced, some apps, offer to let on know, what and where they have been, how long they stayed and what ever else it may be capable of coordinating, including who else with a phone and GPS was or is at a particular location and what proximity they are to "you".

If any society wanted to initiate a "police state" of its people, the tools to do so are already in place.

Most people don't physically move even 5 ft without their phone tethered to them.

We have not even met the full spectrum of the capability of A.I. and surely the "Internet of Things".... is continuing to make its placement in places we'd never expect, and some its already there.

Maybe the test market for crypto-currencies is just checking the waters... to move us closer to a system of fully digitized currency. Already, people in many places use their plastic cards for even the purchase of a pack of candy, or a soda.
they will find a way to "tie it to something" to make stable its rate of exchange. the recent rise and fall, is telling the system, that it cannot allow it to just float freely without controls. It will eventually find a system to peg itself unto.