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3/1/2018 12:29 pm
What's happening???

The Chinese government has banned the letter 'N' and George Orwell's Animal Farm and 1984 in a major online censorship clampdown.

Experts believe the crackdown is part of leader Xi Jinping's plans to become a dictator for life. The move has been met with criticism from around the world.

The China Digital Times reports that a list of proposals made by Beijing's National People's Conference includes the letter 'n', George Orwell's novels 'Animal Farm' and '1984', and the phrase 'Xi Zedong', a combination of Mr Xi and former dictator Chairman Mao Zedong's names.

It is not entirely clear why the letter 'n' was briefly banned, just among hundreds of words and phrases, although some speculate it could be considered a sign of dissent.

the move to abolish term limits, announced on Sunday, has resurrected deeper fears in Chinese society, where memories remain of the personality cult of China’s founding father, Mao Zedong, and the fevered emotions and chaos that it conjured.

China Moves to Let Xi Stay in Power by Abolishing Term Limit FEB. 25, 2018

President Xi’s Strongman Rule Raises New Fears of Hostility and Repression FEB. 25, 2018

Anxious to suppress criticism, and maintain an appearance of mass support, the Communist Party’s censors have oured the internet and social media for content deemed subversive. The sanitizing has included many images of Winnie the Pooh — Mr. Xi is sometimes likened to the cartoon bear — and search terms like “my emperor,” “lifelong” and “shameless.”

For a short time, even the English letter “N” was censored, according to Victor Mair, a University of Pennsylvania professor, apparently to pre-empt social ientists from expressing dissent mathematiy: N > 2, with “N” being the number of Mr. Xi’s terms in office.

many of Mr. Xi’s admirers have been taken aback by his bid for indefinite rule. Some worry that he might upset the peaceful transitions of power that have brought stability.

“More mistakes can be made if the term is longer,” said Shi Jin, 45, a stay-at-home mother in Beijing.

Others are now looking to leave China, and immigration agencies are seizing the moment to advertise their s.

Why would any Man think himself so great as to want to Rule a Nation for the span of his life?

Whether its in China, America or any other place on Earth. No Man in Any Place is of Such Value To Society, that he should Rule for Life.

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3/1/2018 12:49 pm

When any Man in Any Nation wants Power and the Lust to Hold on to it for Life over a Nation of People. It is a sign that is not good for any society of people.

We have many examples around the world, we currently have many examples this very day and time in Nations with Dictators, who refused to step down and get out of the way of society and its growth.

It never ends well for the people of such nations that have such a things a Dictators, and Certainly NOT for Dictators who want to stay in power for Life.

It may not be long before the world over, that people, become aware and stand up and force around the world, Leadership Term Limits, and Limits of Powers that Leader are to be given.

In the age of technology, communication and Information... No people can be contained by the control of any one mans aims, and people will demand, a term limit and change of power, in some cases, they will change the "whole" establishment, to ENSURE, that the voice and wills and ideals of the people can flourish and grow and build a new model of unity among nations.

We may be witnessing the last Era of Dictators and Men, trying to hold power for Life. These men can never be nor become as if they are Gods over the People...

Among the Societies of Mankind the world over, is growing tired of the Poverty Created by these Models...

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3/1/2018 8:32 pm

thats interesting

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3/3/2018 9:15 pm

I have said in my previous blog that Communist China is still in "Emperor" system. They have to obey the "emperor" (or the current leader). It is their TRADITION. They only have one political party, one voice only, no protest. They are "silent lambs", they don't know how to protest. It is the thing that Westerners that follow "Democracy" can't understand.

The most ridiculous thing is their government wanted to kill their own intelligent people, e.g. university professors, school teachers and school principals, ... in their "Cultural Revolution" for a decade. How many intelligent people died without complain, without lawsuits, .....?? Even up to this date, they still have "Mao Jer-Dong" loyal followers half century later. It is preposterous!! Even the dictator such as Hitler who killed millions of Jewish (Holocaust) was in 2nd place after Mao Jer-Dong. Hitler was a German dictator who killed Jewish, but Mao killed his own millions of people. Go figure!! You can Google it, Mao killed more people than any dictator. Maybe it is the reason that China banned Google, Facebook, ... because their government don't want its people to know the fact.

It was a tremendous economy set back for China during 10 yrs Cultural Revolution period. The "Iron Curtain" closed down and their people didn't know the outside world was growing. They were in recession for 10 yrs. No wonder their GDP "GROWTH" rate was 7.8 % compare with U.S. GDP growth of 1.6 %. Because USA is in stable slowing growth rate, but China had to catch up fast with the rest of the world. In ancient China had thousands of years of emperor system. Chinese thought they were the biggest country on earth, other countries had to submit gifts to China. They didn't know there were British, Spain, Roman, .... once the leaders of the earth.

I once argued with some female Chinese that they are like frogs sit at bottom of a well and look up the sky. The sky is only as wide of the diameter of the well. It is difficult to let Chinese people who only know China to understand how big the earth is.

Actually "Winnie the Pooh" is a friendly cartoon figure. People said on social media that Xi Jin-Ping looks like Winnie the Pooh and Obama looks like the "Tigger". If Xi is a confident person, he can just laugh it and let go of it. It is just a nice and friendly "Pooh bear" nothing wrong but China has to be "thin skinned" to block twice the Winnie the Pooh. Chinese people have no sense of humor. They didn't know Winnie the Pooh is a very friendly bear and brings joys in cartoon. What is wrong with Winnie the Pooh?? Go figure!!

Honesty is the best policy.