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3/4/2018 6:52 am
"Civics" "Every Nation Should Invest to Educate its People

Regardless of the TYPE of Governance a Nation Claims itself to be, or aspires to be and become.

It should invest to Educate its People as to the Civics of understanding, what its system is, how it functions, what is its responsibility to the people, and what the peoples responsibility is to the nation.

When such things does not happen, people can be contained, manipulated, controlled and ultimately dominated by its own governance system. Their nature of independence as a person, is thus infringed upon, because they are not made aware, nor will they have the ability to have collective voice. There should be a teaching as to "how to live in a governance system". As well as how that governance system, must respect the humanity of All its people.
Democracy is a premise that is the ways where people can support majority decision, as to how their society is to function, as well as how they themselves are to function in being a part of that society.

NO People, on this earth should be subjected to Tyranny, Not by Governance System controlled by such Tyranny, and Not by systems built upon a individual Religious Dogma of Dominance which disrespects the people to not have choice in such ideological religious aspiration as they choose.
In every religion that aspires to accept the belief in God... also accepts that every person has the will to choose, as well as every person has the same principles established by the universal premise that one is responsible for their own soul. The Golden Rule is a universal Ideal that is also acknowledged around the world.

The system of Regulatory Governance is necessary, but that Regulatory system must be for the better benefit of nation and its people and how it works with the world of nations and nations people. And its people should have voice in how the system of Regulatory process is established. The only way to do so, is by a democratic process, when governance is done without the need or involvement of Tyranny. It is a "majority rule". But for a Majority to Rule, it must be informed, and educated in the nature of Civics as it relate to the Governance of their society and land.

People were not created to be ruled over as if they are "sheep" or some livestock. The creator gave man the ability to "think" and "to communicate", as well as to learn and to share that learning among other mankind. The world can never know peace, when it has the likes of Dictators and Tyrants. It can only be achieved by a world that understand the principles of Democracy Process, where even the League of Many Nation, use such to develop a "majority rule" basis of principles and norms and the guidelines that support such. Nor can it know peace when the Dogma of any individual religion seek to usurp the system of Democracy Processes, which does not ascribe to the principle of the 10 commandments, and the ideals of the Golden Rule and respect of equality of person, as being of equality in their rights of civil membership within society, where civil rights is based on human equality and each person's voice counts in what establishes majority rules within the society and its nations governance.
It may have representative political process, but those who represent is voted by the people, for the people and must represent the voices of the people. It must too, accept being in accord to majority rule, among what representative vote to establish as process of and within governance, societal civic rules and laws of the land. To treat all mankind, fairly within a system that respects equality of person.

We still live in primitive times, even with all the technology and sciences, available to use, we still live as a "Tribal World". When fact is... NO TRIBE, will NEVER dominate the World of People. !!!!! When we as a world of people come to learn this crucial fact... Only then can we abolish the nature of Wars. Then under the principles of a Democracy Process, we can use the nature of Diplomacy to Engage with One Another to ensure that Fairness unto Humanity and Society is the basis of our International Relations across the many lands of the world.

No man was made supreme over any other man, everyone was born a baby in the world, unable to even care for itself.

We must evolve beyond the "heathen mentality" caught up and lost in the vanity and greed about material things, and monetary acquisition as if it will make us more than any other human being. No living being shall depart this life with any material thing, nor with any monetary element. These are things "of the world"... and they shall remain within the world.
In the end of any mans life, what did it gain him to seek dominance over any other mankind?
It does not mean man cannot or should not gain profit, but he should be concerned that his gaining of profit is through the fairness within his dealing with any mankind. If he gains wealth, by such means, he may use it for his convenience and comfort, but also, to use it for his good will toward and unto the society of mankind, that other mankind may live and continue to improve the ways of life, that benefit mankind.

No Billionaire nor Millionaire, shall take from this world any penny. Nor will the amassing of such monetary wealth guarantee any man, eternity. The Creator has granted no living person exemption from death, regardless what of material or monetary thing he possessed within his life. Equally so, no person, is given eternal youthful physical image of beauty, it changes with the living of life, and age is the equalizer that tells people, such image of beauty is fleeting, such image of youthful beauty will not save them nor can they save it, nor will it have granted them any immortality. Therefore, abuse not the appearance that attract eyes, stares and favor, for these will come a time, when it no longer will do such things, for any lost in such things of such vanity, they become an abomination unto their own life and its spirit. Therefore, one should always invest in cultivating a good and honest character, with integrity as one who is of good heart and honorable sense of soul.

Even the lure and lore of sex, shall come to pass its fancy of dominance within the pursuits of the individual human being. Therefore, abuse it not, nor let it be your sense of self measure, for in the end, it shall not remain of its youthful vigor, and it will not guarantee any person eternity. The Notoriety of mankind about and of such things, is a vanity that often consumes and diminish even those who have sought such notoriety. for they will have forsaken the Character and Integrity of themselves. They leave no legacy that can improve the world for those yet to come.

The civics of life as well as the civics of society, is very much so, something mankind should aspire to educate all who live upon this earth and within the course and duration of ones life.

We as living being established institution of Education, that many may share and pass on his learning, for the betterment of other mankind and the societies which one lives and the societies that are to live beyond his lifespan. We've even contorted that, by the vanity of "wealth chasing for the vanity of ourselves", and thus become an abomination to the very education that was to teach us how to give and share and improve the world in the lives of people.

We have even seen the evolution of medicine void out its oath, and seek status and monetary gains, to the point, it will not care for those who need care, without the aim to enrich ones self, beyond fair compensation for their effort and contribution. It is now, exaggerated cost, that serve to deny people, the benefit of the learning that some gained by the teaching and lessons left behind by those who came before them. and those who live today, developing more techniques by the use of their ability to learn and put to practice what they learned. No such person shall ever starve, nor should the obsession of acquisition of wealthy by exaggerated cost, be the goal of ones seeking of wealth. Such learning is to the duty to help other mankind, and by such, one shall find they want for very little of material conveniences, nor shall they go hungry.

Ecclesiastes is an interesting read for any who has become obsessed with the acquisition of material things and monetary measure.

What is important in the lives of mankind, is his good will toward other man, and knowing that there is a force and power greater than himself, and exist only because of that force and power. He should be grateful, that he is given life and the opportunity to live it, that he may contribute to other life and the ongoing lives of the living and those yet to come into this life. This may compel him to the will and want to do good, and be honorable in his doings.

When one understand the civics of his life and the society and world that he lives, he can learn of his place and his role and duty, for and unto goodwill unto other mankind and care for earth he lives upon.

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3/4/2018 6:59 am

Seek to Learn.... yes, greater knowledge brings with it greater grief, because mankind's gaining of knowledge, if he choose it well and for the good of life and humanity, will inspire in him "compassion".
And one cannot have compassion without it acknowledging the challenges that many other endure and inspire in him a want to be of help and good will toward others.

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3/4/2018 7:50 am

Ethics and morals relate to “right” and “wrong” conduct. While they are sometimes used interchangeably, they are different: ethics refer to rules provided by an external source, e.g., codes of conduct in, civil society, or principles in religions. Morals refer to an individual's own principles regarding right and wrong.

If one would take heed of the 10 Commandments... one may find their morality to be aligned with respect and good will unto other mankind.

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3/4/2018 8:31 am

If there is such as more advanced beings in the universe who have learned these things of such value and meaning. It would be certain, they look upon us as Primitive, and within that, as being vile unto and toward each other to no valuable end within such a course and conduct.

We as a "people of the world" abuse 'everything" including ourselves and the time we get to live our lives, we go so far as to abuse this earth... for the sake of "Vanity", "Greed" and "Haughtiness of Fools Pride".
We become gluttons, unaware that non can survive nor thrive for the good of the society, nor the world of societies, as a result many through their foolishness, succumb unto the ravages of gluttony.

Thus so... Avarice becomes the downfall of mankind, by the same "Vanity", "Greed" and "Haughtiness of Fools Pride".

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3/4/2018 3:22 pm

Myanmar today, is an example of Tyranny by Tribal Madness... destroying the lives of people within its own land.
It does this upon a land with many whom are uneducated in the civics of society and governance. Tribalism mentality rages which dis-respects the rights of all human beings, and such mentality invokes violence which descend into tribal contest of madness upon each other as inhabitants of that land.

These things happen in societies that fail at the basics of "education" and thus it fails as the basics of Civics of humane society and the humanity of persons and community.

Death and Madness makes hell within such a nation, and destroys the lives of its own people.

IF they had "education" and understood the democracy among humanity is the only way for peace among humanity. For such a democracy to work, "All" people must first be respected as being "equal" as persons. anything short of that will lead to Tribal warfare and Tribal based system, which ultimately will lead to Tyranny. We've seen it in many nations and it always leads to the vile of mankind to engage in genocide and pursue ethnic cleansing by one or the other tribal groups.

This is the vile and ignorance that befalls an uneducated people, who have been stripped of voice and choice, when no system of Democracy is in place, that all are "equal" and all have a voice, and "majority" rules for the benefit of All, as Equal persons.

There can be no peace in any place where one tribe seeks to usurp all others, and disregard others as unequal as persons.

The power of any nation is within the Unity of its people, not the power of madness, but the power to be a contributor in the world of nations and the life and humanity of people, for the betterment of society as a whole.

We are yet, far too much of a primitive world, who choose to be void of understanding and respecting the nature and value of "equality of person".

No Person, "gets everything", "no people gets everything", "no tribe gets everything" !!!! and there is No People, made perfect nor superior and certainly not above the nature of human life, among All other people.
Therefore, it is unto man to embrace the premise of Democracy, which is founded in "equality of person", and thus ADOPT a system of "majority rules"... Then, for such a system to work... ALL people must then accept the societal compromises that affords "All" to live in communion and peace among each other- this is the premise of Majority Rules - that make possible for All People, to be an equal member and contributor in society.

No other system can provide such and allow the flourishing of humanity to work in peace among each other and make provisions that All Persons may enjoin the opportunity to make contributions that benefit the whole of society.