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"Who Are We" as Individual Person - (It's a valid question)

A Continuation from the Post quotCivicsquot quotEvery Nation Should Invest to Educate its People

Caution: (This likely will not be suitable for any with "short attention span", or "incessant impatience", and certainly not for those whom find disdain about "Thinking". )

Shall I begin with a question?
Where are all the people who use to flood this site, boasting about their educational degrees? They seem not to join any subject. Then I would ask, what good is an education that has little of concern about the civil and civics of life and society?

Who Are We?

This may well concern Westerners, who live in a Democracy whom sit silent as if they take it all for granted. For Principle sake, any and all people within the world, including those who have and those who have grand-.
But, realize also, it does not excuse those who live in other systems of governance.

What is the type and character of society "people of the world" truly want to contribute unto and build within the world.

"YOU" MAKE A DIFFERENCE IN WHAT THE WORLD IS, AND WHAT IT IS TO BECOME. "Your Role and Your Part Counts" in making the world bring about the good of mankind and its future..

Because the "human factor" still exists, and learning how to understand the Civics of ’s society, goes further than just the governance system, it involves how people deal with each other in civil society as a whole, Yes, this includes the 'diplomacy of its relation with other nations". Many talk of "World Peace", but think themselves "relieved of the need to know and have voice as to what our Ambassadors are doing, and what of policy they are engaging for the better diplomacy among nations. This too is within the "Civics" of society. Why do we live as if we have no say in the matters of what is "Diplomacy Among Nations"?

The lack of Civics learning which has not existed in some places, and has diminished in other places since the late 1960's and 1970's has produced a mass of people who have very limited Civics learning, and many who live today, simply rode on the tails of misplaced folklore for the span of their lives, and now deend into lackadaisical ousness, to still have no invested interest to learn the Civics not only of the Land and Nation, but of their lives and their role.
So many are caught up in a " chase", until they desecrate the very same system that supports the currency they are obsessed with lusting for. ’s life is always more than the material things, or what level of mtary access they have or have access to. But... it’s up to "Each" individual, as person to learn of a greater value than their vanity.

So much of the Mtary and Material Obsessions have consumed so many, until the sense of "responsibility as a citizen" eapes them.

When it comes to the system of governance they live, the ousness is overt; it so often show itself at the Voting Booth, by people going there based only upon "Drama Madness Advertising Commercials", as to who can buy the most commercial air time and promote the most vitriol.
Sadly, many people have no idea what the real and true concerns are and often have no will or intent to learn the detail of the concerns of a nation or their lively hood is being impacted, and often have no idea what their own community concern and needs truly is.
So, they often elect the people based solely upon who “evokes the most drama and surround it with the most fictional belligerence" and result at times to send some who are both fools and madmen into their local governance as well as into Congress; and when these who are fools and madmen driven by aims of self enrichment, those pursuing such, become mad men who get there and damage society. Such types, far too often become obsessed to sell out the voice of the people to any who gives them the most , for a reelection, when they already have d nothing to serve the cause of the people who sent them there. These types result to spend their entire focus to become an obsession on simply staying there, for the sake of their vanity and “self enrichment aims” and result to do nothing, but enrich self and damage society in the process.
The people blame Congress, when the world “Congress” only mans "A body of representing Individual for the facility of governance and the policy making that is necessary to advance and promote as well as protect society",... The people should blame themselves for the "type of representative they choose and send into the body of governing"... and then, if the representative is deaf and blind to the voice and presence of the people, then blame the representative for the deception and betrayal the engaged upon and against the people who elected them.

But, people can't do that, because they failed at making efforts to learn what issues are, and what is necessary as good policy for the betterment of "ALL". They have an “expectation” that these elected people will make everything all rosy and glee filled. When fact is, the people can never give up their vigilance to assure that they are fully represented.

Sadly… there are so many who can't even see beyond their Tribal mentality, whether it driven by race, skin color, ethnicity or simple self concerned greed, as well as others whose Tribal Mentality is driven by trying to "deny something to other, who do not look like them.

The lunacy is beyond belief in a world of such information and available knowledge.

Even on a dating site. Why seek a mate, you know nothing about their sense of character, their sense of self constitution and certainly nothing about the political ideology about a nation they live within.
Every is hung up on "let's crack a joke", and the fact is, they have become the joke.
Others are chasing the look of faces, with and without make up, or the shape of some posterior, and others still deluded about their own fictional fantasy about the sex organs of others, when fact is.. it’s always "a generic organ" respective to gender.

Adults should have learned by now, most of the fantasy of erogenous fancy is the thoughts within their own mind; they try and superimpose on others based on how looks.

Such ideals has never "sustained a relationship", in fact it likely is within the basis of why so many relationships deend into breakup. Each person may well inquire within themselves, and ask; is it because people become disenchanted when the fantasy they tried to superimpose upon another, and it did not turn out to be what they fantasized.
And then, after they go through the turmoil of a break-up, some come to realize, not only did they not know the other person, they are afraid to face up to the fact, they likely did not even known themselves enough to diern the difference between their lustful fantasies and how to build a meaningful relations.
Who is valiant enough, at such time- to seek to make apology unto themselves, for their errors as well as make apology unto the other, for what they have come to learn about and of themselves. If such was possible within the evolved learning, people may well learn how to part as friends, who found understanding, even when they have come to the point of intimate relationship not moving forward as such; but, realizing the potential of humane regard is still a possibility as human beings. Thus to be thankful for the moments they did share with another.

"We as a people have not evolved, to that level of humane civility." Although, some do find that level of understanding, though it may take some much time to do so, and other may find it through and after trial and tribulation have devastated them, and still some never find it. Most people never stop to think... EVERY relationship becomes a part o the makeup of whom is, because it is/was an experience in life that is part of ’s life growth. All growth does not come coated and surrounded by roses and daises; some is through challenge and pains.

Reality is mixed with much: some people simply choose not to become of such civil understanding, and instead choose blame, resentment, envy and contempt. They have no idea of the damages such choice does to their own future.
Some people are simply driven by desperation's for something outside of themselves, as if that will make them whole, when they must find "INSIDE" themselves, the wholeness of themselves. If they fail to find that, then; they have far less to share, and will go on continually "EXPECTING" others to make them feel a sense of appreciation for self. FACT IS: has to find an appreciation of self, as self, if they ever expect to approach another for the sake and want of making relationships, because it is necessary to have "the whole of self, to bring into the making of a relationship with another". Otherwise, desperation and obsession , will overtake them, and create a void that can never be filled, by themselves and certainly not filled by another.

What is really within the making of a relationship, yes, a relationship; that is based on learning and understanding and knowing how to respect and appreciate of character and integrity of another, or themselves. Yet, they spin in a circle, and make themselves believe they can't understand why it broke up.

People don't take the time to "learn each other".... and some chase others with a fiction of fantasy, that leads them to think "IF" they can' hook up with a certain image of another, or with title, popularity, , or material holdings, that it’s going to suddenly make their lives something which they have not themselves invested themselves to make it be and become.

People may serve themselves better to stop and think.... "Who are you", and more importantly ask themselves.. "Who am I". Because if that is and remains an "unknown"... the relationships will fail, by and through those same unknowns. You are the unique individual, you were born to be, the more you appreciate being so. The better you will find, your ability to accept your life and put your efforts into the works dear to your heart, and honorable to the character of yourself. You will then find it so much easier to uphold and support the Integrity of yourself, as whom you are. Then finding love, will be something within you, that has a passion to share and embrace and work within that sharing with another, for the loving of each other, as well as the continuation of loving self.

Many people don't even listen to each other; they only want to hear what will lead to the short lived cycle of "pleasure gratifications", or the "fancy of thinking they will get to spend some else's ". Those are the "traits of Hedonism"

Hedonism: Hedonism is a tool of thought that argues that pleasure and happiness are the primary or most important intrinsic goods and the aim of human life.

The question is: Is pleasure more important than compassion, understanding, grace and good will unto others? Is it greater than the Golden Rule?
"Do Unto Others as you would have others do unto you".

Yes, that means more than pleasure, it also involves, the care of when they face challenge and the will to be of assistance, it means the care when is sick, and also it means to assist in ing others build something that s others in the world.... it means many of such things as compassion, understanding, grace and good will unto others.

Many people break up over "finances", and never look beyond to realize, they did not truly know each other, because if they had, they'd have learned how each other consider financial resources and how it affect their concept of their individual life.

Long ago, when people had no high finances, and lived a farm life, they learned each other, they worked together to build and manage their family and they were wise unto the understanding of each other as it related to finances.
Even many wealthy people become blind and foolish by , and choose mates they know nothing about, they choose based on "image", status, title, and mtary fantasy concepts, because, fact is if has much , if they knew each other as person and individual, they would have no need for conflicts generated by , they also would be able to focus more on relating and communicating, because they don't have the challenge of meeting financial obligations.
Therefore_ the "KEY COMPNT" to ANY relationship as mates is sustained and advanced and solidified by and through "communication as individuals". They will have come to knowing each other, and the more they communicate the more they come into the knowing more of each other as well as of themselves.

The rudimentary compnt of "Relationship" is.. Relation and relation exist when people "relate", and to relate, they embrace the forms and manners of communication.

Life is not hard... it’s an experience and opportunity to communicate and relate. Non in death has any potential to do any of such. Therefore, as you live, VALUE the experience and opportunity to communicate and relate, and you just might find that your life is an experience that gives much into the amazing wonders of being alive.

Yes, the Civics of live in a Civilized Society, is much more then the encroachment upon each other for the sole sake of Pleasure, by any means, or at any cost.

Too bad… each person is not given their personal handy manual of how to live. But… what we do have is a Bible and a Family, that is full of principles and parables that give example of how those principles work, as well as it gives parables and words of wisdom of the troubles that can come about when those principles are not embraced and adhered unto.


I've been on this site a very long time, seem many pretty to look at faces, shapely bodies and costumed poses and read many profiles that speak of how good of a person is, as well as those who write with a litany of what they want of mtary based accouterments. I've seen very few who talk about the reality of subject matter that goes into the many elements that make not only civil society, but humane and civic concerns about living in a civil society. So much is hooked on "the fairy tale of love fantasy", that omits the elements that are always a part of communication, which is the element of human debate, that must think and work, to find and meet an accord of communication which will always involve reasd and rationalized understanding. Most of these "flicker in the wind relationships", spin on a top, about pleasure, , material things and pomp and pageantry.... and sadly these often produce "offspring's", that end up left without parent or the other.

People need not beat themselves up, if divorce found them. But, it should awaken to what is truly the core of relationships, which is "communication and understanding" and learning the whom is choosing.

Some sadly, make babies as if that is some anchor that will keep them connected to or means, and some make babies, trying to think it will force a love to last, which they have not invested themselves in by way of open and hst communications. Still others, chase pleasure by the mind blindness of chasing only what their eyes see, but their heart have not seen.

The responsibilities within and of living is something no eapes. Delude s self as choose, for among such types, they've come to live many regrets, and compounded challenges and place a yoke around their own neck... which gets heavier as they age.

Any not willing to put in the work that loves requires, should not expect love to give them all that it is and has potential to be and become... withining making the values of their life, fulfilled in the graces that are many.

Loving does not serve the weak of mind and the faint of heart well, nor shall it endure within the combination of such a pairing.

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3/6/2018 8:19 am

We can't escape the many aspects and elements of work's that is a necessity within living.
What exist within the societies of the world, impacts all of us, even when we are unaware of its reality of doing and being so.

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There a lot of elements and factors in the above writing to create a broad base of subject matter for discussion.
I notices over a period of time, one can go back and look at blog posting, and the number of people who have read it, increases. Yet, the comment section still remains mostly silent.
I find it curious, as to how so many can read, but so few among the many have commentary that expounds on aspects of the subject content.

Such silence, stumps communication.... and to what avail does that serve?

It's appreciated that many people read the subject content that is presented !! and its appreciated it any part of it "helps" even one person, then it is a good thing. If it brings even one person to investigate their thinking and brings them to see any positive element or gain any positive awareness that helps their life. Then its a beneficial thing to have taken the time to write.