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3/7/2018 1:14 pm
Global Trade -Jobs, Economy and Changes Yet To Come.. with the exposure of the untold truths.. !!!

Trump is like an older man with thought of trying to recreate the era he grew up in. What he often does not factor is, that period of the 1950's-60's was rife with racial bigotry, racial divisiveness, and every manner and form of prejudices such society could infuse upon and against minorities of every ethincity that was non white, these prejudices were instrumental in "why" American chose to outsource so much. It was not a good enario in that Era for Brown and Black people, or for that matter, for any minority group. That carried over into the 1970's when major companies just packed up and left, as another phase in the long history to ensure that "minorities Americans would not have means and opportunity to gain economic parity with the bulk of white Americans.

(((( Part of the Issue during Jim Crow America, it was "white people" (NOT ALL) who detested the thought of black people getting "EQUAL" and certainly they did not want to see minorities of any ethnicity of non white people, get any portion of benefits and services. These same white people, if they are still alive, now face the exact same thing they tried to deny to minority black people. BECAUSE degree riding companies executives realized, if they can have a mass of white people standing up to deny minority black people benefits and services and progressive pay, then the Corporations figured they could use the same ideology to deny the exact same things to white people, and they used the law of equality to justify doing so, and deny the same things to working white people and poor white people.
The problem in American is the Right Wing white people never figured it out, they were happy they could get a line of credit and some credit cards and a new car on credit, and they lived "in perpetual credit debt".. When the jobs dried up and were outsourced, they found the conditions they live and are subjected to declines year by year... They got the exact same things they "wished upon minority black people" and many still have not or can't figure it out. "They did it to themselves, by trying to doing wrong things to minority black people.
NOW - They "whine" I've been left behind. When it is documented facts: that is recorded history which denotes their own attitude, mentality and disposition of bias and bigotry, which put them behind.

None of these people want to review study and learn, how they lived off the labors of minorities for centuries, and taxed black people's labor 100%, which means they did not have any humane regard for the abuse and misuse they engaged, and did not give or afford black people any benefit of , , or even civil respect and certainly no protections under the laws of the land. And even after the slaves were freed, 'white ideology" did all they could to try and "starve the black people out", by not hiring them, and under paying those they did hire, and then they pitted the poor whites against the blacks... by telling the poor whites, if he asked for higher , he'd be fired and replaced by black people at less than the cost he paid white man. this kept wages low for poor white and poor blacks.
Martin Luther King Jr. discussed this many times and outlined in his speech at Selma.
White people were so filled with racist vile, they could not and would not hear the truths he tried to tell them. (All should go read the MLK's Speech at Selma).

Time has spun around and the exact same things a segregated and racist white segment of society, tried to do to minorities, has gone full circle and come back to bring the same devastation to the white people as well as all of American average working people, which is 'poor quality and low paying jobs, NO benefits, and NO pension and no stability in whether the job will exist tomorrow.
They did this..... and Trump's idea that he can restore the past for white people, is a vain fantasy.

When President Obama said, that.. the Right Winger went crazy attacking him with every kind of fiction they could conjure up. ))))

The reality of these things.. people don't want to face up to... but .. NONE of this stuff happened by accident... and no nation came and carted away American industry, it was 'American’s who carted away the industry, and thought it could survive by well to do white people in roles as those who could afford university cost, to be people who could just shuffle paper and control the wealth gathering aims, while turning minorities and poor white people into nothing more than 'servant class citizens, with minimum wage ', That's the closest they could in trying to recreate slavery like scenarios by the use of foreign people on foreign lands, and trying to create indenture among American poor whites and minorities, by using people on foreign shores as slave labor, for less than it cost to house and feed a slave in America, and the working poor whites and blacks, being paid no more than an indentured servant, so they could their credit debt on monthly installments. When they could no longer make those payments, "the collection agencies come and take everything back".
This is much to do as a result from a nation that detested the ideal of equality, and resent the fact that slavery was outlawed.

During the late 1960's through the 1980's it’s as if the wealthy whites in America, though they could manage and control the nation, by use of foreign labor at slave wages, and they thought they could manage the paper shuffling for other nations, and they did not count on the fact "the computer" came, and it made it possible not only for foreign nations to manage their own , and manage their own business, it proved to be of beneficial usage around the world, where "every nation" could manage its own business and finances. By the Time America began to awaken to the madness it made.... with its bias and bigotry and racist ignorance and looking down on other non white ethnicities, it was too late. The Industry was Gone, and Nations that it was shipped to, began to take over those business and out the white men, who had first come to run those business, and many were bought out and replaced by people who are native to the lands in which business had been shipped to.
Now... no business in China or Japan or Any Part of Asian, have to listed to the White Male American about anything, and they certainly are not going to be controlled or dominated by such.
At first they tried to tell China how to manage its Currency, but now, China does not have to listen to any telling them anything about their currency or their business, China, saved its and has spread out around the world, making "cooperative agreements with other nations", they are not there trying to take over and control other nations, nor are they there trying to take everything and give nothing back.

All this protectionism talk by Trump is no good, and will not result to turn out well. Nor will his pandering to the white separatist, and other race bigoted groups. They heyday of the "white man dominance of the 1950's is g, and the world will never allow it to repeat itself. That's not to say ... Other Nations won't try to become with Imperialist Agenda.... but that too is a problem, that The Young People of the World Today, won't support any nation pushing Imperialistic Bigotry and Bias, and they will fight against that ignorance!!!! if it takes them 20yrs, they will change the world and make systems that Respect People, as Equal.
all over the world. They will use Technology to make sure "people get information" and people become educated about life and things in and of the world.

America can't and won't be fixed. UNTIL IT RESPECTS ALL AMERICAN PEOPLE AS EQUAL AMERICAN PEOPLE !!!! The sooner American realizes this, the better it will position itself for the Future.
President Obama tried to get us on that tract, but Right Wingers fought him all the way, trying to preserve that "white dominance madness", and they expected Trump to come in and give them the system they had in the 1950's. But, most of American Society and the Society of the World's Nations... detest every element of that kind of madness.

Trump has also tried by every means, to meet every expectation Russia has about weakening America and its Allied Agreement, because he is in awe and lust for the power over a nation the same as what Putin has over Russia. But that too will not work.


Chinese People as a whole, will not long tolerate a leader without term limits, because the know it only leads to authoritarian tyranny. Nor will the people support the descendding into self destructive damage mode, by trying to assault Taiwan, or Hong Kong... And Russia will not get the aim they seek, of trying to rebuild a Soviet Styled System. India and Pakistan will figure out, they damage themselves supporting a divide among themselves. The same as N. Korea understand it has g as far as it can go trying to be a obstinate power, it will consider trading its Nukes for a Joint Rule of a Unified Korea, with North and South Structure under a Unified Economy.
The Middle East is at a point, that it is fast learning, that it will make itself into rubble, unless it finds a means of Law, beyond the Religious Basis of Law, and come to terms that is must have a law that exist beyond the influence of Religious Dogma. Southeast Asia is already learning fast, that it only invokes turmoil within its own lands, when and as it tries to engage in ethnic cleansing madness and Tribal conflict madness. While all around them engage in multiculturalism as they flourish and prosper.

Central America and North America will have no choice but come to terms they are connected as continents of what is American Make up. This madness of trying to uphold some vile segregation of white skin people from brown skin people, will meet with the element of "Equality" as people, and cooperative agreements as nations of people who embrace diplomacy in their governance relations.

Because the world of nation know... that kind of Authoritarianism Madness, is not suitable for the world of so many people and so many nations. People in every place on the planet, is pushing for Democratic Styled Reforms that Respect People as Equals, and People are not accepting of the Dictatorial Systems of Governance, which insults and denies them their human civil rights and humanitarian rights.

The old systems will be overturned and many abolished if they can't and don't reform themselves. And within Every Place... the people will not stop demanding "Equality of Person", and Civil and Humanitarian Rights for Each Individual. The old men at the helm today, is fast becoming a dying breed, many are retiring, and other will be forced out, along with their antiquated Ideologies.

The world is no long as unaware as it use to be, and the computer and technology is making more and more people, more aware 'Everyday". The use of communication is at a point in time, that people from any place and all places find means to get the tools to communicate.

People in every land is learning about the hidden history they were never told, and previously had the means denied for it to be presented to them.

Those who try and deny it, only make themselves look even more foolish in the minds and eyes of the young. The young people today, do not have a wall up in their mind to deny history and its truth. They want to know, they pursue with great efforts to know the "real truths".

What they may reveal to the world in the coming times, will likely not only shock many awake, it will stun people with a realization as to the brutality and vile that led to the malice and corruption of societies. They will dismantle every element of bias, bigotry, racism, and ethnicity discrimination and they will embrace the real cultural history of every people.

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3/7/2018 1:15 pm

Look to the Young People- to change the world.

"Those who try and deny it, only make themselves look even more foolish in the minds and eyes of the young. The young people today, do not have a wall up in their mind to deny history and its truth. They want to know, they pursue with great efforts to know the "real truths".

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3/8/2018 5:38 am

why is it that after a blog is posted, it appears the next day, missing parts of words?

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3/10/2018 8:13 am

why does this blog script 'continue to re-edit what is written, leaving off parts of words.
when I type "paying" it leaves of "pay".... I type None, it leaves off "one" and other things. I've re-corrected it three times, and it has repeatedly done it again and again.

What is the point of re-editing and leaving off parts of words ???????