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3/9/2018 6:25 am
Crazed people Killing Others.

America needs to become less passive about all these crazed "murders" and adopt a system that support the Death Penalty, and Carry it Out with 2-3 months, for any person who has committed mass murder, murder of a spouse, or a , and those who commit murder, during crimes. robbery of others or business, should be locked up and put on "work farms", and proceeds given to charities that help the less fortune who are honest people.

Recent Crazy Murderous people and their acts. ( a few examples)
-* 92-year-old woman smothered by roommate:
-* Murderer kills 17 students in Florida
-* Woman Accused Of Poisoning Friend With Cheesecake In Identity Theft Plot
-* California Authorities Launch Manhunt After Series Of Random Shootings Targeting Drivers
-* Police Arrest 16-Year-Old Boy Suspected Of Killing Parents, Sister On New Year’s Eve
-* 18-Year-Old Confesses To Molesting ‘Upwards Of 50 ’ In California:
-* Texas Man Charged With Capital Murder In Adopted ’s Death
-* Serial Killer Taunts Police In New Letter, Claims There Are More Victims
-* Man Arrested After 5-Year-Old Fatally Shoots Himself With Gun Left In Glove Box
-* Former New York City Teacher, Brother Charged With Attempted Bomb-Making
-* Two Ohio Police Officers Fatally Shot While Responding To 911 Call
-* 4 Killed In Shooting Rampage At Pennsylvania Car Wash
-* Parents Charged With Torture And Abuse Of 13 May Face Life In Prison
-* Neo-Nazi Chat Logs Reveal Chilling Praise For Slaying Of Gay Jewish Student (these same Neo-Nazi become homosexual abuser of other the minute they are sent to prison)
-* U.S. Schools Have Already Faced 10 Shooting Incidents This Year
-* Mother Accused Of Subjecting Healthy To 323 Hospital Visits, 13 Surgeries
-* 19-Year-Old Arrested After Parents Found Shot Dead At Central Michigan University
-* Man Pleads Guilty To Murder Of Indian Man After Yelling ‘Get Out Of My Country’
The list is ongoing and seemingly endless.

We can't go on just because the courts and media want to make money with prolonged trials and sensational based media promotions to sell advertisements. The quicker these vile malicious beings are executed, the more we have of deterrent to stop people from doing this stuff.
No major publicity, we don't even need people to man a firing squad, it can be managed by a "digital controlled firing system".

Too many people know they can game the system, get publicity, and then waste 30k-50k+ a year with prison cost, and courts can make millions upon millions for court employees and attorneys. These people along with prisons for profit make a fortune playing off this murder and mayhem and madness.

We have RUN AWAY KILLING MADNESS IN AMERICA, and people know the consequences will allow them to live for decades, with free meals, and sleeping facilities, with every kind of recreation that is given to some of these criminals.
We have people who ride out the Federal Prisons, with every benefit that honest working people cannot afford.
The system has to change..... because people don't fear prison any longer...

The media is so hung up on telling the public what they already know about TRUMP being a criminal and treasonous money washing, swindler who is a clear and present danger to America. Most of American's and the world already knows this. But they have forgot to report on all the vile and maniac crime that is taking place across the nation on a daily and hourly basis.

People have the vile to just kill others as a first thought, behind anything. Therefore, we need a very publicized message that the Death Penalty will be Instituted Nationwide, for Murders.... !!!! We don't need years and years to get rid of these killers.... and we don't need to waste millions of dollars spinning it, when they are known to be the guilty party.

It's like that killer in Denver in the Movies Studio... It's known that he did it, why is he still alive? That's the kind of questions American should be asking. We even let some of these people out, and back into society. Yet, one can be certain if these crimes were all created by black or brown skin people, the death penalty would be mandatory across the nation. We have enough detective and crime scene specialist to know what happen, and who did it. Why do we spin in denial and waste so much court time and prisons expense on these people.

We have enough swindlers and greedy thieves who rob society, business, industry and such, to fill our courts 24/7, and that is what we should be doing. Not wasting time on "known killers", spinning and gaming the courts so attorneys can make money and courts can profit by this madness, many even wasting city, state and federal money.

Yes, due process and Justice is a valuable things. but... there needs not be a drawn out gaming for someone known to have killed their family, their mate, their parents and other people in mass shooting, and just raw murder. We then play it off if they are white, as some "mental condition"... rather than label hem as the murderers these individuals are. Mental or Not, mass killing of people families, and such things, is no excuse and should not be made to be an excuse to allow such vile madness to continue across the land.

Some may not like the reality of such, but one may need to look at the countries that have far more people than this one, who does not put up with it. As well as some countries who have smaller populations, who also do not put up with it.

We can still have Fair Justice, but the point is to make it fair... and that includes dealing with the known murderers, in a expeditious manner.

We even have a high frequency of females, making sex with students, and given a slap on the wrist; but if the same student teacher sex happen with a man involved, they want to lock him up for decades and vilify him to no end. Society should ask, why are women treated with such leniency for the exact same "sexual crimes" against ?

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3/9/2018 6:32 am

Many countries don't have these crazed problems, because they don't tolerate it, and they are not going to continue paying mass amount to house and feed these killers for decades. They don't have high prison population, because they exterminate the malice killers, and they don't sit around promoting other to do stuff by promising them, decades of sitting in jail eating and sleeping, and being given medical services that the honest public can't even afford.
Next if it does not stop... we will be offering people sex change operations in prison and their own personal digital equipment and entertainment systems.

This is all from the long history in America of letting "white people get away with crime in the courts, and when they go to prison making their lives with more services than the hard working people who try to get by on minimum wage.
The long history of incarcerating blacks for longer term for non violent crimes, and then farming them out to corporations as if to have a "prison based slave system".
Then we have the vile of allowing people who have Money, to buy their way out of justice, for a prices.