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2/3/2019 10:55 am
How would your run a business?

Yes, it does need to make a profit. ( in order to survive)

Would you be more concerned about the "quality of product" and "quality of service" OR.... would you be more concerned about the % of profit margin you can gain and cut corners on the quality and service provisions and standards?

Again, it would matter what it cost to run the business, cover your living expense and provide some level of profit % ).... "In respect of that, would you be willing to gain more over the course of time, OR to maximize your profit % to the highest degree immediately).

Today, we see product and service quality diminishing, in some cases service being low in performance and every item of service itemized as a profit angle.

Would you want to use "natural products" in food prep. OR Artificial ingredients?

If you sold Leather goods, would they be 100% leather, OR Leather veneer over some composite material ?

If you sold "tennis shoes" would you choose to sell them with "quality comfort inserts" OR the low grade of insert?
Would they have "leather uppers" OR the "mesh material" being sold today?


Cable companies: would you sell an package where the customer choose the channels they want, or would you give them a junk package with only a few good channels?
Would you have a flat rate billing or every month it 'tacks on a few pennies, nickels or dollars, and the bill is never the same, but you have no made changes to the services you initially chose to purchase ?

(I ask this, about cable, because I'm about to cut the service, and just buy Internet and I need a land line only for Alarm and Emergency Call system).


Would you put a Siri or other internet listening devices in your home?
If you owned such a business, what kind of protections would you offer the customer?


If you were a website owner like Facebook... would you sell your subscriber's data ?
Would you use your customer base to make profits from marketing firms of their usage habits?

What kind of business would you like to own?

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2/3/2019 11:19 am

What would be your main reason for creating a business ?

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2/4/2019 4:22 am

I certainly do wish you the very best, I remember reading your post about your work in home building, and working with it to help people have employment while also building quality structures.

That is a respectful and considerate business goal...."the provide something that helps people" and to do it with integrity.

I think your motivations are honorable and dignified to concern itself with the people being serviced and helped, more than a "quick spin of how much money can be made".

I think that's how business should be focused, because if the product is good and the service is good, there will be a profit, but the delivery of a good product that meets with quality standards is of the high aspiration that makes a business become and be a good business.

I like the idea of Steel Framing, especially in areas where there has been a natural disaster and areas that may see additional future challenges.

I see people rebuild in areas in this country where natural disaster has been an atrocity in the damages it cost, and the contract builders return there and build the same "stick frame" homes, as if the area is no longer prone to tornado's, and other strong weather related issues.
I've began to wonder in area that are borderline low lying, as to why they continue to build "slab homes", without trucking in dirt and raise the base the slab is to be placed upon, to provide some elevation. Also, I don't understand why it is not standard practice in these areas to have a requirement to build "storm shelters" as a basic attribute of homes in what is called "tornado alley"... ( I often wonder why, they don't use modified "sea container" that are partially buried and have a build up around it to make a secure "storm shelter". A nice recreation deck could be built on top of it, to make it attractive as a attribute to the home.) Practicality wise, I think it would be far better than "adding a swimming pool" for those who like it.

I see some places that do roofing, using the very thin lower grade of roofing material, when areas are prone to high winds. Now, some use the compressed foam fiber board, which may be a good product, but it some cases it does not have the thickness that may be needed.

I watched guys re-do a roof on a high rise, and they used the 1 inch fiber board, and they had a lot of panels left which they simply tossed away, the man told me I could have them, but at the time I did not have a truck, ( I should have rented a truck, as I had though about getting them, beause it was such a waste to see that stronger material being discarded.

I do see some places that use Steel Beams for the Box Like Main Corner Frame, but they don't seem to use the steel as cross connecting parts to make it even stronger when they fill in the side walls.

I admire that you do this kind of work, years ago, I started a business called "Home Enhancements"... but eventually had to back out. I did not have a contractors license or the type funding to move forward, I could have hired a contractor to oversee the projects.
Point being... I wanted to build quality attributes - It stated our to have aim to build and do brick work designs in back yards, to give a home a the quality of what an "outdoors room" would be that was well build and desinged. I did encounter people who had "old vintage homes", who wanted work done, but that required a specialist to restore some of the things they wanted with the Historic Antique Replacements. Then others wanted to have their homes re-stucco'd, which we did, but when people did not want to cover the expense to strip it out, and replace the severely cracked parts, I stopped, because the work would not hold up and I knew within a few years they'd not be satisfied.. which is a very bad for business result.

I currently would like to have a business that makes quality "Soups", so people who are very challenged "can eat and not have to pay an excessive cost"...

I did create a business to do "events', and this was during the "economic down turn in 2007-2009, I had included a module like "LinkedIn" which was based on the "Myspace template", and other attributes that promote professional in a format which gives employers a good look into potential hiring as well as people who had special skills to market. My design was to create an environment to promote "small business development", ( Kinda like what "Night Markets" in Asian Locations do, but I was going to use the Local and Regional "Fair Grounds"... I made big mistakes, by not finding quality people to work with and then the dwindle away of funds, I had to back out.
These are still Businesses I'd like to do. It's unfortunate there is no funding mechanism for "start up's"... But.. I have not abandoned the dreams of doing so.