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6/19/2019 5:25 pm
-The Hidden Values in Doing Rewarding Work... even if no one else recognizes the value of the work

I think many people don't understand the importance of it, how many people go to a business and become repeat customers to a business who have people that do not find their work rewarding, Generally such business that don't have people who appreciate their work, have business that is unkept, not courteous and the facility is not very clean.

Do you find your work personally rewarding and beneficial to society as a whole and beneficial to individuals on a per individual servicing level. ?

I think "All Things that are Jobs are necessary... some people don't see it as such, but imagine... if there was no washing dishes at an eatery, or no waitress serve customers, or no working at the fast food counter, or no cleaning the business facilities, or no collecting the garbage, or no working on the sewer systems, now working at the recycling center or the garbage landfill.

I think people should be more appreciative other the work that others do... instead of this "DELUSION" that everyone is going get a University Degree and wear a suit and give orders others and ride the chair behind the desk.

What I found interesting years ago in HKG and Thailand and Costa Rica, was people were proud of their jobs... and did them with a sense of pride, as compared some people in some western locations, feel not so good about their jobs if it is not some popular status symbolic job.

I think the U.S. Economy has suffered because of how it "degrades various types of work"... and then "outsource" work, because they devalue the elements of labors that it takes produce products and provide services.

I see picture of people in some foreign factories, doing work that is tedious, but they do this work and build a life for themselves and their family because of the work and having a job to be able to work.

No should be ashamed of their "type of work" as long as its honest and they do it with a honest intent do a good job and be good at doing the job.

There's many jobs that I prefer not pursue, but it does not mean I don't see the necessity of the work in the society that we live. Example: "plucking the feather from chickens", but nearly everyone on the planet likes eat chicken. so the value of that job is higher than people may consider give regard for.

Here in America with all the backlash about "immigrants".. America can't find enough white people or black people, that will go out and pick strawberries or pick and wrap lettuce, and many of the labor intensive jobs that many immigrants perform and those immigrants raise their families by doing those jobs.

How many people like "nuts" but never stop to think of the people remove the shells from those nuts. Or even the people make "matches'.. when matches are still a vital product in much of the world.
Every time I buy a shirt, I think of the people "put those fold it and put those pins in it", so it can fit in a package, I think its quite amazing... that some do what appears tedious, but it make it suitable for marketing where people can enjoy the sight and convenience of the packaging when they are shopping.

I think we've become as a people, too easy to take so much for granted, simply because "things" show up on the shelves in the stores.....

When you are in public engaging people provide services and produce products... Be more how you consider and how you treat them!!!

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6/19/2019 5:37 pm

"Everyone wants their work to be respected" !!!!

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6/22/2019 2:18 am

I would say check if the items you bought are from the source of fair trade, or you are buying something that workers will only pay very little that can't afford their families so their kids need to work rather than go further education.


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6/23/2019 11:33 am

I would think that most of the adults here either work, have at least worked at some time in their life, or is still working... or interact in some way with people who are engaged in "working"....

How is it so few have anything of thoughts about it?

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6/27/2019 7:13 pm

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You seem to have good ethics about work... I don't know how you could deal with your Ex... not working for an entire decade.... but as it was, you were able to deal with it.

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6/27/2019 7:15 pm

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It would not be my desire to pursue working at a fast food eatery.... I did that kind of thing for a few months ( Not a McDonald's)... before I joined the service decades ago...