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11/27/2019 4:14 pm
The Journey of Wonder.... (is within you)

The unpredictable expressions of natures flow through a day.... the joys of sights and sounds, feeling and vibrations brings realizations within the life in us....

It spans the emotions, intermixing them into wonderment of many sorts, some high some low, and some with a tick toc ping.... and we know we are alive....

Despair tells us to look within, accept the beauty of our soul... and we work our way through ..... to find what works and flows to move us through the day.

Joys make us glimpse what is the explorations of delight, and we take in the realism of moments.... as the tick toc of the clock moves us through the day.

The Journey of wonderment is ours... we explore, we experience and we express... and it spans the spectrum of emotions....

If what we learn, is our worst is in some instances may be the best for others of which they could hope to know and experience; and some may never understand that some suffer would be delighted to have our worst day.... if only they can walk about and communicate with life and others.

We must find the patience to live... and we can learn better to appreciate what is life...and what is living.

Make no thing bigger than yourself.... nor make anything smaller than what you want to feel for yourself....

The Journey through wonderment... is "Life" !!!!

Expect no perfections other than what nature has made... and you may find your stresses to be less and your willingness to work through challenge with a hope and faith that grace will encompass the outcomes that continue your gift of living. Be willing to work, for without the works of engagements... nothing come freely... but with the joy in working... many things reveal themselves beyond what even one may have expected.... and revelations inspire ideas... and we can create, make and build in our ways of giving back into the world, what others may share ....... One simply has to not loose sight nor focus on the sense and compassion to care....

and ..... The Journey through wonderment... inspires your living... and you find that the gift of life is precious.

We can't make tomorrow come today, it comes as it will .. after today.... so appreciate the patience to engage the living you have today. and tomorrow will become its own "Today" when it arrives.

Know what you choose... and understand, you can't predict the outcome, but you can prepare for what you seek to pursue....

But first you must meet "Today" with a grace driven by faith.... and keep hope alive... that you may live.... to engage living day by day.

The Journey of Wonder !!!!

beyondfantasy3 112M
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11/27/2019 4:36 pm

through all that is within living... we learn not to take life for granted.....

beyondfantasy3 112M
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12/1/2019 11:50 am

All the years on this site and people are less and less engaging as the years come..... I find that too... interesting.

woaini1947 60M
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12/1/2019 9:14 pm

The only perfection is in nature and babies. As the child grows so do the imperfections. At a young age imperfections are cute and entertaining. As the child grows into an adult, the imperfections have grown into unwelcome emotions such as hate, abuse, prejudice, selfishness and greed. I look outside in the morning and I see hummingbirds, the young children across the street playing, the leaves moving with the morning breeze and the sky covering it all. Turn on the news and all you see is Trump, a man whose political ambition is rooted in power and greed. Sad that the world can see he is sick but millions here make excuses for his behavior to justify their misplaced vote. People here are less engaging because the world is so. Years ago when I first came on this site, people were either clearly crazy or just. Now the crazy have taken over and the just, have given up the good fight as they feel no one cares. Sad...