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5/17/2020 10:45 am
People and Realisms

Many people marvel at "entertainers and media persons imagery" in make up, and then suddenly they run across a picture of the person "without make up'..

Wham!!! REALITY shows what they did not expect. "An Un-Glammed Up Real Person"!!!

If people look at everyday life... many people "put on the fancy" during the date and mate seeking and catching process.

But in a great many cases, a great many of the people in long term relationships, don't keep up the "glam"... Daily life takes over.

Some people have nice features that others like without make-up, but also many people in relationships where the "glam look" is not the daily in house reality, don't love their mates any less when they are not wearing the glam. Because they actually got know the individual as person, and love went beyond what the eyes can see. (Nobody wants a slob, or un kept mate, so cleanliness is always a priority factor.)

Its sad how so many people have made themselves miserable trying to look like some "glammed up entertainer" and they live on edge fearful that someone may find something about it, that does not overwhelm them or see through it. .

It's kind like the media and the skinny girl promotions, when fact is, body size has nothing to do with the specific organ that people get so mind blind behind, because the "gender generic organs" ... all function the same We knows that's a fact, because people choose mates of all sizes and shapes....

For some, sx might catch and for a time hold, but it looses it ability to control, because technically, it never had such a capability and those who continue to rely on it to hold, often 'loose out'... because they make it more of a "gambit barter object" than something to appreciatively share with their mate, without bartering conditions.

Then... if they don't learn it early... Age and Gravity... makes them learn it when they have least prepared to accept that learning.

So... when there is such thing as we have today, of a "Social Media Website" it may be to peoples best benefit to use it to "communicate honestly".... when doing so, they are less likely to be scammed and they will not have such a motivation to try and scam others.

Scammers are "desperate people", they have no dignity, they are Leeches, who waste their life... leeching by scam motivations.... and often ... time gives them exactly what they deserve... A life that has been squandered.

Many people have seen old time hustlers, whom age has left them where they have no options but to hustle... and they no longer have the attributes to enact the hustle.

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5/17/2020 10:47 am


Reality is the sum or aggregate of all that is real or existent within a system, as opposed to that which is only imaginary

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5/17/2020 10:57 am

The Journey of Wonder is within you

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5/17/2020 3:00 pm

For the young... Youth is an amazing things... use it to build good memories and promote good qualities.... don't be callous and allow it to be a string of heart breaks and regrets....
Think about the choices you make, and think about what you invest yourself in....
As time moves along you will find that your character become more demonstrative of the person you want to be, and work to communicate, so the pains of love don't make you cynical about loving.

Smile from the inside and it will reflect on your face throughout the years, and as you age, the glow will not be covered by wrinkles from frowns, but can become crease of joy.

You have those choices.