beyondfantasy3 113M
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9/25/2021 10:44 am
People and "choices"

As people come to learn the true value of the gift of life... it opens up people to learn to appreciate and respect the days of their lives.

They invest to learn, they invest themselves to share, and they give unto themselves the strength of will to "care".

There is no repeat of seconds that come and go, therefore each second is the gift, it should be valued and treasured to give and do ones best in living a good and honest life.
One can lie to themselves, and it will cause one grave self deceptions.

Therefore... Appreciate ones self, do not measure self against another, nor measure another against yourself, and you remain free to grow, learn, adapt and change.
No one can live your life for you, people can simply "share'...

If more people understand that, they may find there is less need for contempt, there is less need to allow situational or momentary anguish become full blown anger.
Anger will not bring a positive resolve to anything, and can blind one to the good they may otherwise learn to give, share and do.

Be with great care in your "Choices'... they make up your living experience.

beyondfantasy3 113M
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9/25/2021 10:50 am

We have the choice... to never stop learning... if we understand that learning will bring growth and change... then ... make the choice not to fear making the positive changes that enrich your living experiences.

No one is perfect, nor will there ever be anyone who is perfect... we are people, who live, learn, grow and developmentally change with that growth. Out information base increase and our knowledge become enhanced.

So, don't let doubt seize your life, give yourself the choice to continue working to become a on going leaner, and you will find that you become a person as individual, who is not contained within old habits that block and stump your growth. We can develop new habits built from our living experiences and gained knowledge...

For any who seek love to flourish... accept that "communication is important', and the choice to do so, will enhance your experiences in loving.