beyondfantasy3 113M
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12/26/2021 8:20 am
Have long time members done well through COVID?

Hopefully, people have done well and made it thought COVID to date.

Hopefully vaccine are available and being taken to improve protections from more severe impacts from the COVID Virus.

It appears likely that many of those who had been here years ago, no longer come to this site, since there are so many options when it come to social platforms.

I mostly write on Forums, yet, I come here with less frequency than in previous years.

I don't care much for Facebook and etc.... I prefer places where I can write about varied subject matter.

I have found whether its sites like this or various forums, that people are very brief with what they post. I've never been a fan of "brevity in such ways". It has time and place, but not as a standard format for me.

I prefer to deal with details and related factors and etc. Most who have ever read any thing I write, likely know, I'm not into "one liners" commentary.

COVID has taken out many people globally, and those people had thoughts and ideas about their future, and some were cut shot by the impact of the virus.

I say to any and all... Take Care and be with the best level of cautions that you can to protect your life.

beyondfantasy3 113M
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12/26/2021 8:22 am

Stay Safe and help those around you to stay safe.

Life is precious and there only one opportunity to live it. Value That Fact !!!!

Money will be here when you are not, and material things will continue to be changed and modified, so .... be careful in how you place your values.