jmenyo 49F
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7/5/2014 2:25 am
An interesting phenomenon

Did anybody find the interesting phenomenon just like I did, that men who are active on Chinese FriendFinder blogland are mostly over 50, some are over 60, very few are under 40?

I sometimes got a few messages from male members here claiming that they are interested in getting to know me more. Sometimes I replied them I wrote much on my blog here if they want to know me more they can read my writings to get an impression about my character. And, eventually, I didn't see they visit my blog.

I am quite puzzled about these.

1.Why are there only older men active on Chinese FriendFinder blogland but no younger men? Some possibilities are as below:
A. Older men are not as easy as younger men to be attracted to women especially young Asian women, which results in that older men can spend more time on the blogland discussing things, instead younger men are busy in contacting their favorite women.
B. Older men are mostly retired or have less work instead younger men have to pay a lot of time and energy to work for their living.
C. Older men have much more life experiences that they are more intelligent, considerate and willing to share, give advice and discuss everything, instead younger men are more fickle and impatient.

2. If you are really interested in someone, why can't you spend some time reading her essaies? Can beautiful pictures tell you more than her writings about her character, attitude, value, etc? To be frankly, I always think pictures only show you a person very superficially.

I am not in purpose to refer to a certain someone here, just want to discuss the phenomenon. Please dont assume it's about you. I hope this post won't offend anyone.

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woaini1947 59M
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7/7/2014 10:27 am

When you state that older men would not be as likely to be attracted to younger women, I think that all depends on how young. I am very attracted to lovely young ladies in their forties because most are worldly, knowledgeable, and caring. I am physically fit and consider myself intelligent so that age group works best for me. Younger ladies; (younger than forty) most likely would have no interest in me nor me in them. As far as "younger men spending more time chasing their favorite women", if what you say is true, you being a married woman, these men will have little interest in developing a friendship with you. We older guys have already perceived that ladies such as yourself, have much to offer that goes beyond your physical appearance. Younger men, much of their interest is aligned with their needs and if you don't satisfy their need they will move on. Yes, many older men are retired but in my case I am employed, full-time, as a director of a transportation company. The younger men you speak of are normally being managed by men such as myself who have the experience and knowledge. Believe me, they are not working that hard and even if they were, men always have time to spend with a beautiful lady. If they are not physically attracted or if getting to know you is going to involve some effort, they will move on. I devote a lot of time to my grandchildren on the weekends and I also exercise at least ten or more hours a week. I still find time to write. You have, in some respects, answered your own question. You speak of younger men being fickle and impatient. Yes, in general, younger men will not want to spend an exorbitant amount of time sitting in front of a computer trying to entice a woman into bed who appears unattainable. You also mention that if "you are really interested in someone, why can't you spend time reading her assays?" I guess my question is; does a married woman in her forties, need friendship or understanding from a single man who is fickle, impatient, considers photos more informative than profiles or blogs, and doesn't have the time to write because he has no interest in doing so?

chatillion 70M
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7/5/2014 7:48 am

Your blog covered many areas. Unfortunately, I'm late for a luncheon and going to my office after, so I cannot make a suitable comment. I will get back to you later.

Good luck. I wish you many responses.

chatillion 70M
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7/5/2014 6:47 am

... an interesting blog.

beyondfantasy3 111M
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7/5/2014 6:21 am

I've been here for many years, often I've stated that I enjoy to write. The blogs are a means to post and share those writings.
I almost left when they deleted my previous blog handle, as I had more than 20,000 things posted.
I find some of the women appealing to look at, but I know this is the internet and in some ways its a giant shopping arena, although some people have made friends and relationships.

I think it is a great tool for communicating, writing and what ever other may use it for.

I do think the young people are spending their time on facebook, twitter and instagram. I seemany many young people are constantly on their facebook, they use it even while driving and standing in check out lines.

I don't think Chinese FriendFinder is a site that many 20 something, 30 something and maybe even 40 something men cater to. It's a far different site than facebook. Most of the young people 'want instant feedback", on AFF, it is not instant, and often times some blogs go without people sharing any commentary.
The very high upper income young people, are probably more prone to use facebook, as well as moderate and lower income. they don't have the patience to post and have it non interactive. The facebook experience for them is a continual stream.

I think it this site tried to mimic facebook, many of the people probably would not gravitate to it, or many of the long term poster may leave.

I don't care much for facebook, I think they are far too intrusive, I think they are in the business more to compile information on people and their habits and use it to push their advertising income. they profile and categorize people based on what they want to do and how they want to use people as their main product.

Practically every website one visits, either it wants you to use a facebook login or some like on it is designed to tell facebook what you like or don't like.

On any of these systems, there is no such thing as completely deleting a profile ones its there, it will forever remain in the servers. they may not activate it, but they can access their archives and use it as well. This site included. This site however does not bombard its pages with advertisements.

People here often care to write more than 140 character quick blast, however, some who use this site may also be on facebook, twitter and such.

I do think some guys get the wrong impression about Chinese women, and some don't realize these women have an accelerated pace of living as does women in various other countries. This is hardly a site for men to specifically find some "country girl" or "peasant poor girl desperate for someone" , although that can be found both on this site and on facebook if one truly pursue that aim. A lot of these women are employed or they may have their own means of resources to some degree or the other.
The days of a foreigner finding a poor destitute Asian girl is quickly vanishing in the sense of possibly how it may have been more than 10 or so years ago. Even then it may not have been as much so.

I'm constantly amazed at how some of the guys have an impression that Asian women are more than just people. As I do see some guys who have a fetish like obsession. I think those men in that category are easy pickings for being set up, scammed and what ever. Many of the regular poster are a bit more astute in knowing that he is not going to find a "Virgin Mary" or some saintly person, they know reality is, it's just people and they may be of interest to find compatibility with an Asian woman who fits with their compatibility aims.