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8/14/2014 6:44 pm
15. What Is My First Date Like In My Mind?

What do I expect (to happen) on the first date?

I have read many Chinese FriendFinder men’s answers to this question, they all sound very correct and/or very honest. Today I am in the mood to give you my answer.

1) Having one glass of good wine (maybe two?)
You know, red wine is good for health; it helps us relax; and it could bring some color & fun & warmth for that occasion.

2) Given a small bottle of C.D. perfume
That is the only luxury I love to have (especially when it is free!!)

3) And/or DVD of Grimaud playing Brahms’ Op. 5 & Op. 79; and/or DVD of Brahms’ violin concerto by Pearlman and Barenboim; and/or DVD of Brahms’ piano concerto No.1 & No.2 by Barenboim and Celibidache; and /or DVD of Brahms’ concerto for violin & cello by Rostropovich and Oistrach; and/or DVD of Brahms’ 4 symphonies by Bernstein and Wiener Philharmoniker …and DVD of Beethoven's piano concerto No.5 by Michelangeli and Krenz... and DVD of Katchen playing any one of Brahms' works... and DVD of Sokolov playing Beethoven's No.15; and DVD of Zimerman playing No.8... and DVD of Brahms’ sonata No. 3 for violin & piano by Oistrach and Richter…and DVD of Tureck playing the Variation and Fugue on the Theme of Hendal… and DVD of Schumann's piano concerto by Fransz and Bernstain… I like them all and more and more…

I promise you that I would not feel so shy/guilty as to say No, even though given them all at a time (as presents!!!).

4) Anything else? Yes……I am not telling you!!!!!


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