sentttiiie_11 40F
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2/12/2016 5:19 pm
Women wait in queue to be caned in public for unmarried sex

Shocking images of young women and men awaiting their turn to be caned by Sharia police in the Aceh province of Indonesia for having unmarried sex have emerged, provoking sharp reaction from human rights activists. According to report in the Daily Mail online, public caning is not uncommon in the province. But it is rare for women to be caned. Three women and 14 men were arrested for various sexual offences and gambling, and were reportedly caned in front of a mosque following the Friday prayer. The images show women and men dressed in white and sitting with their heads bowed as they wait their turn to be punished. Aceh is the only province in Indonesia, a Muslim majority country, which has been allowed to practice Islamic Sharia law, in an attempt to quell the separatist insurgency. The practice took hold after the region was given special autonomy in 2001. But in the recent years, a lot many more Islamic laws have been introduced in Aceh drawing wide condemnation from the human rights activists. Banda Aceh banned women from entertainment venues after 11pm earlier this year, making it compulsory for their husband or male family member to accompany them. It is also prohibited for unmarried men and women to be riding together on motorbikes in the Aceh district. Earlier in June, three men and women, aged 18 to 23 were caned publicly for having found spending time together.

woaini1947 60M
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2/16/2016 12:24 pm

These folks are all idiots. Never invented anything nor contribute anything to society. Just abusive and violent. When these jerks go to war or imprison people from other countries, what they do to their prisoners is far worse than anything they accuse the innocent of doing.

beyondfantasy3 112M
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2/17/2016 4:50 pm

The best thing to do if stuck in a place with these kind of archaic policies, is -
"keep quiet about having sex!!!"