sentttiiie_11 40F
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4/17/2016 8:17 pm
Why Lights Off At Night?

Some people can't sleep without light
But according to WHO (World health Organization) and doctors, sleeping without light has good benefits
have a good sleeping weekend snorewell

woaini1947 60M
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4/18/2016 1:37 pm

    Quoting papaya1972:
    In Singapore, we have the lights on all night long in the HDB corridors. They will be off at 7:00am in the morning.
    Says one reason is to prevent potential crimes at night time.
Criminals need to be able to see where they are going same as honest people. I am kidding. I have a motion light outside of my home as well plus the normal street lights.

beyondfantasy3 112M
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4/18/2016 4:00 pm

I have a dresser light and a corner pole light that is on at night. I also have porch lights, back yard lights that are on at night.

I don't like to see homes with no lights at night. Years ago, they use to install the gas lights in the front yards of many homes.

I'm going to add a pole light fixture on the side of my house, I have one in the back yard,

I did buy the auto controls, but "they seem to only work for a short time and they are no good", I bought the digital one for the light switch, it was not good, then I bought the analog one, and it is not good.

I have the Timer box for the lawn lights, it works great, but now I have to replace the lawn lights, and when I do, I will hook the pole lights to to it.

for the other lights around the back of the house along the eves, I am going to get the dusk to dawn sensors.
Sadly, many of the things being sold are not so great, except the timer box, I bought the upgrade model, but I don't see wiring the lights along the eves to it nor the porch light, its just too much hassle to do that. So, I have to look at other options.
the light in my den is on all the time. the light on my desk is on all the time.
the light in my garage is on all the time.
I may make adjustments, but right now I have other priorities