sentttiiie_11 41F
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5/1/2016 9:57 pm
Have you tried to touch a kind of snake?

when I was with my friends for city tour,.......
we went to a small tribal area- the natives there
they introduced their way of living in the forest and their personal stuffs
then they also introduced their pet
a big snake- a python
they said it's tame and well-cared..
so each of us was given a chance to hold and touch the big snake
until they put it on our shoulders
i was nervous then at that time
but i noticed the snake was just quiet.. it was well-fed
i touched its head and body.. its skin was cold,,, it had thick-hard skin (scales)
shiny too
wow amazing
wow first time i hold a big snake like that and put on my shoulder because since i was a , i ran and screamed when they bring a snake closer to me
have a nice weekend

1ClassyLady 68F
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5/1/2016 11:58 pm

I am afraid of snakes, no matter they are venomous or NOT.

Honesty is the best policy.

beyondfantasy3 113M
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5/2/2016 8:14 am

I have absolutely not interest to touch any kind of snake!!!!!!

mmlooking 64M
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5/3/2016 4:40 am

Where I live we only have garden snakes, maybe 2 feet, non poisonous,, but still I do not like them. When out paths cross I go the other way.