G_Vincent 35M
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9/11/2018 2:54 pm
Would you leave everything behind?

Being back on the website again and reading some profiles made me wonder.

If you want to have a relationship or even marriage; would you leave your country behind or do you want your significant other to leave everything behind for you?

It's a lot, so what is most important for you?

As a person who has been in intercultural relationships I know what it takes and what it means to do for eachother. Unlike a normal relationship it's more demanding.
I have been to countries that where vastly different than where actually from.
But relocating for a unknown long period of time I've never done before and getting adjusted to an enviroment is not an easy task. A new culture, a new language, new laws to follow and new people around you..

When I ask the question to myself: would I leave everything behind?
I feel it would be naive to say directly: YES. Feeling like I would underestimate the situation and the task at hand. But within me is a stubborn part that still thinks YES! Still... I don't like to make unplanned decisions. Got to much experience with that aswell.

Changing the question to: can I leave everything behind?
I start to think about what is important to me. What would I miss? And would I miss it actually or is it something that is just out of the comfortzone? Would I rely too much on the significant other? I hate being a bother to someone...
When my mind starts to calm down the only answer I can find to these questions is; Take care of your responsibility here first and make proper preperations.

I know it's a romantic view; but could you actually do it? What is your perspective?

chatillion 71M
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9/15/2018 8:41 am

GV, I'm fortunate to have married a woman who packed 2 suitcases to come to America to be with me.
She is asking me to retire at age 70 and move to China to enjoy life with less stress than my current lifestyle. I had no plans to retire or to move to China, but I married the right woman so my plans will change... maybe not full retirement but extended trips to China is considered now.