chinese4me2008 68M
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1/27/2019 11:33 am
New Scammer or simply a re-run

If you see the profile for tais357 be advised that this is nothing but a scam looking for someone to pay for food and internet. The picture looks good but she is after an easy life with someone else's money. Caution

Lily20145 58F
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1/27/2019 11:47 am

how do you know ?


chinese4me2008 replies on 1/27/2019 12:25 pm:
Obviously I first wrote her and received her "pitiful" story on her life and asked for money to buy food and pay internet. Not hiding anything.

chinese4me2008 68M
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1/28/2019 6:14 am

Another scammer looking for money is Susie50. She gives the song and dance of being a successful "business lady" and then claims to have lost credit card and asks to be sent $550.00. Be cautious men --- or simple play her

woaini1947 59M
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1/28/2019 11:22 am

Chinese people have very close family ties and if a family member is in trouble, help is usually available. I have heard of and seen people get so involved in these internet romances they are forwarding thousands of dollars top total strangers. Lonely has a habit of breeding stupidity. We all need to exercise caution and use common sense. I know a man who probably has the IQ of a ten year old who told e that common sense if not that common.

chinese4me2008 replies on 1/28/2019 1:03 pm:
Your comments are dead on - especially when it comes tp IQ's of some people - male and female but why would anyone in their right minds send even a dollar to a total stranger???

beyondfantasy3 111M
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1/29/2019 5:09 am

If someone ask for money, tell them you will have your attorney contact them.... and they should prepare to provide "required documentation" when the Attorney contacts them.

Gabor660625 56M
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1/30/2019 11:51 am

    Quoting beyondfantasy3:
    If someone ask for money, tell them you will have your attorney contact them.... and they should prepare to provide "required documentation" when the Attorney contacts them.
Hahaha! That is a great line!!

woaini1947 59M
3973 posts
1/31/2019 8:28 am

I get at least one to two scammers every day and they are probably in some way. tied to this site. They are just too damn obvious. Thirty year old women chasing a man more than twenty years their senior. It's really funny when you investigate and you discover the sweet girl you are talking to is a thirty-five year old man located in Nigeria.

beyondfantasy3 111M
4737 posts
1/31/2019 5:38 pm

If people are less overwhelmed by faces and bodies.... they probably will not be susceptible to images that promote nothing beyond "image and provocativeness".

The adults also know..... that obsessions about sex will not make a relationship work for the whole of two individuals. Because the character of the person still exist... It's better to learn the character and be of concern about the integrity.... within the process of getting to know others.

People sometimes "build fantasy concepts about others, based on the image" and some get lost in that without actually giving attention to what the character presents.
Everyone likes what they consider "good looking".... its a part of the attraction process... There have been many people to put up with and submit themselves to all sorts of abuse, based on the fact they can't get past what they "focus on of good look", and they convince themselves that because of the looks, they can't fathom that their concepts of the person, can and sometimes does blind them to the elements they likely should give attention unto.

We probably see in life, more "short terms spins" and "nasty break up", because people later find they did not take time to learn the character of the person.

Anyone looking for a "Lasting Relationship" might be better off to build it on a solid foundation. That foundation is the character and integrity of the person.

There's tons of makeup and implants and costumes that can mask many things if one is blinded by the "looks" and take no concern to look at the character and integrity.

Everyone's got some kind of baggage, one might want to learn what's in that baggage.... and why they carry it around ....

ESLteacher2019 59M
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2/9/2019 12:24 am

There is a very pretty Japanese lady on this site that I first noticed on here some years ago. I just recently came back to this site with a new profile after being gone for several years. That pretty lady is still on here, with that same one profile photo and no other photos. We have written to each other, and she seems honest enough. Does anyone think it strange that a person might just keep the same photo and never add others, for several years?