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Woman Warrior!

Challenging MySelf as a Woman Warrior

API Asian Heritage Month 2012
Posted:May 6, 2012 1:12 am
Last Updated:May 10, 2013 10:46 pm

May is Asian Heritage month in the U.S. In Seattle, I will be participating in a festival. How are you celebrating this month?
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Need Help in Recruiting People of Color?
Posted:Feb 18, 2012 3:08 pm
Last Updated:Feb 22, 2014 9:45 pm
Having problems in recruiting People of Color for your business?

Please attend the Diversity Career Fairs that's nationwide in the U.S. I participated in those, while I was working for an Asian American newspaper, for their booth.
I suggest that you contact some minority non-profits, government agencies, churches, that help with job Placements. I just know the non-profits in the Seattle area and their Executive directors.
So you can get them for free and not pay an arm and leg to HR / Temp recruiting firms. In Seattle, I have many connections with the Latino, Asian and know where to connect with African Americans too. But still a lot of my contacts in business and my personal life are Whites too.
I grew up in the inner city, (What we refer to as the ghetto) where there was tremendous amount of diversity. But it's no longer a ghetto where my parents still live. We have more neighborhoods that have new housing for low income.
Dealing with Homelessness
Posted:Jan 30, 2012 9:59 pm
Last Updated:Mar 11, 2012 1:12 am
I actually went to a potluck in Oct. and met this young homeless guy. I think he probably wanted to stay at my house, He also asked me if I needed a boyfriend.

I asked him where he lived and he said Pioneer Square. We went out for drinks, and I offered to give him a ride back to Pioneer Square, but I didn't know that I was dropping him off at the homeless shelter until he finally told me.

He had a cell phone, and was looking for work in Seattle after arriving a week or so earlier. He had an aunt living up in Bellingham, WA, but he didn't want to ask to stay with her or money. I told this story on my other dating blog.

Long ago, when I had my first apartment, my first Ex-boyfriend rang my doorbell and needed a place to stay for the night, since he was homeless. So I did let him sleep in one of my chairs. No he didn't take advantage of me. Another time, I saw him in line at the homeless shelter in Pioneer Square, in Seattle. But I didn't feel like facing him and made it a point to avoid him.

So two guys I met in my lifetime that were staying at the Homeless shelters.

We also have a Tent City in Seattle, that moves from Church to Church around the Seattle Area. People are still out of work and struggling. I do know that our Divorce Social Group will volunteer to cook and feed the homeless in downtown, once in awhile.

It does make you appreciate more of just have a permanent place to stay. I two was homeless once, but only for one month, after I left my husband. I didn't tell my parents for 2 weeks that I left my Ex., since I thought my mom would have a cow and try to argue with me to go back. But she didn't after I told my parents of the abuse I faced with him.

My closest relatives and one girlfriend, rejected me in allowing me to stay with them too. They couldn't stand in having me stay with them for one night, even though they had extra bedrooms. I didn't waste too much time in talking with them since they were all stubborn.

But I have a wide network of acquaintances that did help me out when I needed a place to stay. Like a salesperson, I made some cold calls to people I don't normally talk too. I also called one of my friends who owns a hotel in Chinatown and offered her to do some office work if she needed something done. It would of been a problem to find a place to park my car for free.

So I never slept on the streets or in my car. I didn't ask my parents for money. I also had access to my own credit cards.

Some women, I've talked with who also had to leave their husbands or boyfriends, ended up homeless as well. They slept in their cars.

So remember to appreciate the simple pleasures of having your own place!
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Goal Setting for Upcoming Year 2012
Posted:Dec 19, 2011 11:39 pm
Last Updated:Jan 30, 2012 12:25 am
It's important to make goals in life whether they are short term or long term for your career, and love life. I've finally found a job that I can work for my next career, until after I retire too, working with seniors.

So one can make them beginning of the year. But why not make them anytime during the year that you feel more confident?

I have sales goals to hit for my new job every day and week. It's commission only too, so no salary after this month.

It's pretty intensive and hard work doing cold-calling. But so far, I'm enjoying it working with my Sales Mgr, Co-workers and other managers in our organization for other parks. Also people need to enjoy what they do in life for your goal setting.

It's also important to resolve any conflict that you might of had before the New Year's end but sometimes, it's hard to do so.

I'm just thinking off the top of my head after putting in 11 hours of work today. I won't be getting any holiday pay too for this new position, so I hope to just take additional time off to relax.
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Ethnic Cultures, Civil Rights.
Posted:Dec 6, 2011 10:57 pm
Last Updated:Nov 18, 2015 9:24 pm
How do you accept different cultures?

For my new Funeral Sales job, i have to learn more of cultural burial customs. My trainer mentioned that the Hindu families need to bury their loved ones within 12 hours. But it's not going to happen in the U.S. since it takes some time to get the Death Certificate itself processed, about one week.

I have Asian American friends, who in the U.S. are Civil Right activists and also support our Asian American candidates when they run for office. I also go to campaign parties for Asian Americans too.

I too protested the movie, "Year of the Dragon," in front of the downtown theater, when it came out several years ago in the 80's.

Everyone can have a voice to fight Racism and turn it into some positive thinking. You can too. You can have a voice no matter what.
A Woman With Masculine Energy
Posted:Nov 14, 2011 9:50 pm
Last Updated:Jun 1, 2017 1:00 am

A Woman with Masculine Energy

I have a lot of masculine energy, a deep voice and can do certain things to set up a date, which usually the man needs to set up if it's the first 2 dates. So he feel in control. I often can't step back to allow the man when it comes to arrangements. I had to take on different roles with my Ex-husband and be more dominant.

The one thing I don't much of is sports except playing pool, bowling or cards. I did learn how to shoot a hand gun recently, which I thought was fun. You won't find me doing rock climbing, marathons, bungy jumping or skydiving.
I would like to try race car driving on a track.

There are a lot of women athletes who use their masculine energy to compete in team sports like soccer, basketball, volleyball, and softball. There are few women who have Black belts in Karate or who wrestle. I've seen the Mexican women wrestlers who wear skirts, on one travel show.

I've also take a lot of leadership classes, programs, professional development to improve my business and personal skills and attitude.

I was the event planner even for our wedding, travel agent, sometimes financial assistant to get him to go to Fin. Planner appointments. I looked for the mortgage and house. I even looked for his used car, when he needed another one.
I'm also a Tom Boy, where I feel comfortable in hanging out with a group of men, even by myself. It happened when I attended a 26 Y.O, male friend's party. We are just friends.
Dress for Success!
Posted:Nov 8, 2011 1:44 am
Last Updated:Nov 4, 2012 6:47 am
Dress for Success!

So many people don't dress properly when they show up at Dating events, that I have seen. I like to see men in suits, dress pants, nice dress shirts, leather shoes, as oppose to T-shirts, shorts, flipflops.

Women should take a better effort also to fix their hair, wear some make-up, jewelry, dresses, nice pumps or leather sandals. If you are going to a Gala, then bring out or buy that Little Black Dress or Gala evening gown.

You can go get a free make over at the department store Cosmetics counter.

I went to get my eyebrows fixes at Macy's and also got the free Make-over. They did put too much eye shadow on me, but I was going to Co-Host a dating event, so it wasn't too much makeup.

When you dress for success, as if you are going to a job interview, you will attract more people of the opposite sex. It can make you feel confident too.

Use Body Language to Communicate
Posted:Oct 31, 2011 6:44 pm
Last Updated:Nov 10, 2011 11:42 pm
Masada brought up an important article on translation services for AFF. There won't be much capacity for that really on any Online Site, since the basic charges are reasonable for Gold membership for a year.

There are Sister Websites for people who don't speak or write English including for the Filipino, Chinese, Latino, Korean markets.
Here you can convert the English Profile to Chinese language. You can locate translation services depending where you live. There are Asian Communities all over the World outside of Asia. In Seattle, you can find translators at the Int'l Community Health Services where it's necessary for their diverse ethnic patients. So each individual should study more English to be able to communicate here on this site. I know I meet many Japanese and Chinese students in Seattle who come to study here.

But here, on AFF, most people do understand some English.
They might not able to write much in correct English grammar, but at least I think the Asian Women speak some English.
But a lot of the men here lived in Asia already, and can speak several languages. I'm personally looking for men who spent some time in Japan and know about Japanese culture.

Whether it's studying Japanese, or those who might of taught English there or worked there for their companies.
So that they do have a step ahead on my list, compared to White guys who had no contacts with Asians before or have studied about different cultures.

Some people on AFF, do live in Europe, they speak Spanish, Greek, German, French, Turkish, Arabic besides English.
English is the international language for Worldwide Business and personal relationships. There's many intercultural marriages going on, worldwide depending on where you live and what are your interests lie.

Still I feel there can be mis-communications between men and women even with the same race and cultural upbringing.
From my personal experience, I couldn't always communicate with my Ex-husband who went to the same high school as I did and grew up in the inner city in Seattle, where I grew up too. But he never exchanged emails with me, so all our communications were verbal and body language.

When a couple are in front of each other, then you have to use body language to get the messages across. A gaze across the room is a gaze towards the opposite sex. Then verbal language can be optional, right? Love and passion are international! It's only living together day to day can be difficult and it's necessary to talk about certain issues in deep thought.

Please read more of my blogs. If you have comments or opinions, please let me know. Good luck in your search for love and happiness. Thank You!

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Halloween Pub Crawl: Seattle's Pike Place Market
Posted:Oct 30, 2011 3:33 am
Last Updated:Dec 26, 2017 1:11 am
I went to a Halloween Pub Crawl today, where some of the White women had clevage showing and breasts implants. You can sort of tell who had the implants. These were young women too in their 20's and 30's who had the implants. I feel women who get them are very insecure about their looks and or they feel they can attract more men by getting them. Which can be true, since men love breasts, right?

But certain models are flat chested, but very tall, and slender.

There weren't too many Asian American women there today. I didn't show my breast hanging out, but wore a sexy silver mirrored Hugo Buscati sleeveless dress. With a silk Japanese Happi coat on top.

I took off the Happi coat only at the Irish Pub we were at, since it was getting hot. I also brought my mink trim fur coat to look like a Hollywood starlet or Millionairess. This fur coat I bought used, at a Church thrift shop.

So I recycled it and didn't buy it new. I couldn't afford a new fur coat anyways and it doesn't get that cold in Seattle compared to Alaska or Russia where you really need a fur coat.

Plus, there are a lot of animal activists in Seattle, who wouldn't like the fact I own a fur coat. So I don't wear it that often.

It didn't look like a costume, but at least I was tasteful in my dress. We did parade thru the streets in front of Pike Place Market with many onlookers and I felt proud to be in front of the parade, with our host with a blow horn. It was very humorous that he made some cars wait who were coming down the hill while we were walking, without a permit too.

At Pike Place, there's many street performers out today and other weekends, so it's sort of a circus atmosphere anyways.
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Get Involved When You See Crime Happening
Posted:Oct 28, 2011 1:20 am
Last Updated:Nov 10, 2011 11:44 pm
Not Wanting to Get Involved When Crime is Happening:

I read in the Articles Section, posted by Beyond Fantasy2, of a 2 year old in China who was ran over twice and only after 7 minutes did someone grab her off the busy street. This a very sad incident that the 2 year old was ran over by 2 cars, and people just walked by, not wanting to get involved.

You know that in China, they used to murder their newborn Baby Daughters, Because some parents wanted Boy babies only. I feel that's even more terrible than the incident listed in this article.

China is an overcrowded nation, so when traffic accidents like this happens, I can understand why they didn't go help this out.

People have to fend for themselves it seems, even a little . So the mentality of Eat Society might arise, because of the overcrowded situation. But people aren't starving in China anymore. It's become a World Super Powerful nation.

It sounds familiar though, where people don't want to get involved when they see a crime being committed. It happens here in the U.S. as well, when there's gang activity in the neighborhoods. So murders occurs here often and it's very easy to buy a gun legally and illegally. My ex-husband bought his gun from his former roommate. It was a big Magnum too. He refused to teach me how to shoot it, even though I wanted to learn at the range. Maybe he was afraid that I'll shoot him too. Ha Ha! So it was left unregistered to this day. I left him 2 years ago.

Over 12 years ago, I also lived once on Beacon Hill, with my Ex-husband in an apartment, in Seattle. Beacon Hill is part of the inner city. I also grew up in Rainier Valley, which we refer to as the Ghetto, as a joke amongst our former classmates. There were Neighborhood Block Nights on Beacon, where people can come out and meet each other and have a potluck.

My other former neighborhood in Renton, was for the most part extremely safe with many families living in our cur-du-sac housing community. Since it was part of the suburbs and we had neighbors who looked out for each others' homes. A few times I forgot to shut our garage door, but our home wasn't burglarized. Our neighbors would have their garage doors wide open during the weekend when they were home in the afternoons. So it was normal for that to occur. I however, would shut my garage door and locked it all the time, while we were home, since I grew up in the inner city where there were a lot more crime.

The only isolated incident that did happen in Renton, was when I was at home, was when a young guy tried to kick my door in. I confronted him since it made me angry. He didn't threaten me at all. Instead he made a story saying he was looking for a man . I kept telling him no one of that name lives here.

I could of left it as is. But he was driving a suspicious car with long antennas and a paper license taped to the window. But I called the police, after he left and he was caught. I did my job as a good citizen by calling the police and also showed up at his court sentencing, after he pleaded guilty for this crime. I didn't have the guts to speak in front of the court during the sentencing and wasn't required to testify since he pleaded guilty. But I heard other victims' stories of what his stole that were expensive family jewelry from these two couples.

So when you see a crime occurring, please call the police and don't wait to long for other bad things to escalate.


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