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Public Auction
Posted:Apr 10, 2016 5:42 am
Last Updated:Apr 12, 2016 3:55 pm

I went to one yesterday, I was going to bid on a car, but I decided to watch.
It is amazing how much value some cars lose when averaged over a period of even 10 yrs.
I saw a 2004 BMW 645ci that sold for less than 6K. I came home looked it up as to average cost, it was in a range from 9-14K, and the mileage was avg around 100K+/- .
These cars new sell for around 78K - that's almost a $6k loss per yr when averaged out.
It's outrageous!!!!!

It makes me question buying and paying new car prices for vehicles. Yes, new cars are nice, but the value loss is tremendous. They also sold a BMW 740li for less than 7K. This is a very expensive vehicle when its new. The loss ratio is equally high.

I have been checking Porsche, the value loss is somewhat high, but the level of value retention is also on the high side when one reviews the options available, some over the span, loose value down to about the 1/2 level of what it cost new, and it seems to level off and drop more slowly.

I am thinking of a car, but I am looking at Certified Pre-owned, as well as various used cars. I don't like the idea of a 5yr or 7 yrs loans. Especially at my age, why would I want to get locked down to 5-7 yrs paying for a car. By the time the car is paid, I'd be 67-68, and the tech and advancements will have brought many changes to what is an automobile.
So, I look at the Lease options. I would only lease if I have another car that is already paid for. But the deal with the lease is, after 3yrs, they will give me another new car.

I like the 6 and 7 series BMW, I like the Porsche, and I like the E-Class Benz, but I don't like them at the new car price. I will likely buy a used one.
that I can simply pay for and be done with it, I don't like having car payments.
I have not had car payments for many years. I did pay payments on the motorcycles, but they were paid off, and I said then I'd never get stuck in such a long term payment arrangement. I gave one bike to my , the other is sitting in the garage collecting dust. I might sell it, take the money and simply buy a car for cash. I am going to keep my existing car. Which is old, but I like it, I will make some upgrade maintenance items repairs, and simply keep it. And what ever I buy, between the two, they will suffice what what I want.
I'm single, I don't need two cars, but I've practically always had two or more cars my adult life. It's just something I like because it gives me the options to change up in usage. The insurance, well if its paid for, I only need Liability, so that can be a savings over having to buy full coverage on a new car.

I think about keeping the bike, then I think about selling it. I'm not so motivated as I once was about riding, I don't like having to put on all the safety gear, but I don't care to ride without wearing it.

Cars are not like they use to be, the tech is so good, they last a long time if they are taken care of. I have absolutely no problem with owning a previously used car.
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"sheng nu" or "leftover women"
Posted:Apr 10, 2016 5:18 am
Last Updated:Apr 24, 2016 6:57 am

from news:
As part of skin care company SK-II's Change Destiny campaign, the brand produced a video that challenges the Chinese notion of "sheng nu" or "leftover women" — a term used to describe unmarried women over the age of 25.
Since being posted to YouTube on Wednesday, the roughly four-minute long video, which features emotionally charged interviews with young, unmarried women, has been viewed almost half a million times.

China is a very OLD CIVILIZATION, the point that should be gathered is the value they place on family. These women are taking a stand to say, not rushing to marry just to marry does not mean disrespect for family, it means they are not interested in marrying for the sake of duty, they want to actually have an interactive love with whom they dedicate to live their lives with.
Learning from and with people
Posted:Apr 2, 2016 11:16 am
Last Updated:Apr 4, 2016 3:43 pm

If and as we look at people with regard and appreciations, we will be amazed with what we can learn from and with others.
Thinking of people
Posted:Mar 19, 2016 1:45 pm
Last Updated:Mar 22, 2016 3:36 pm

I bought some shirts today, as I unpacked them, I could not help but think of the labor put into folding, pinning and putting all the tags on it and placing in within the packaging.
Then I look at the whole of the matter, including the investments, the administrations and All the pieces, pins and sticker and tags, I 'threw in the trash", as I was doing so, it became apparent, that each thing, provided a job for someone. Whether that job is in China or Other places, making all the elements supports someones life, from the spinning of the yarn to make the cloth, dying the material, designing the patterns, sewing it together, including all the machines used, and the many people who make the many parts that build and create the machines, then the transport, delivery, set up in the store, to the check out stand.

What an Amazing World we havein this day and age!!!! - How much goes into the things we purchase for usefulness and enjoyment and other concerns as to why we purchase.

There is much compassion's for the many people it took for these shirts to be made available,

What is there, not to respect of the works in which others perform!!!!! We may need to take pause and consider such things, that not only can we become to take less for granted, we may even evolve to give credence and respect to people at all levels in all jobs, which people engage to do.

Often we fail to regard so much and it becomes easy for us to take so much for granted.

Then, we see people who have nothing, and some have so very little, they in a great many cases take care of the little they have, or some dream to fill in the space of nothing, with something.

Most of us who visit this site, have what could in terms be considered a life with many conveniences and much blessings. If we simply acknowledge such.

Everyone does and present the best they can at a given time. (to do so entails many things, for some it may seem easy but for some it is of many challenges)
shall we judge less harshly others, that we may come to learn to appreciate more.

(I speak such, yet knowing there is too, Evil and its madness within some), I have not much of concern for such as that of the thief, the looter, the criminal, the abuser, the murderer and the vile, for them, we can only have a prayer to God they that learn of God and accept Gods gift of life and learn to treasure what it is and what of great meaning it is to have life and seek to live with honor and graceful purpose.
When Years Pass By
Posted:Mar 12, 2016 9:35 am
Last Updated:Mar 26, 2016 8:27 am

When Years Pass By
Posted on March 3, 2016 _ truthsintime

Looking back, wondering and thinking, even to consider what might have been, is interesting, but; it is wise not to fret, but to be of thanks for those whom one has loved has found a wonderful life, far and beyond the dreams once held of being with them. When Years Pass on By.

This is an amazing thing to come into peaceful understanding, as some never find such, due to holding anguish over things which cannot be changed, cannot be re-arranged and cannot be repeated as if to do over. It means, one has learned of love as being something amazingly wonderful which cannot be contained, only beheld within the heart.

How wonderful it is to have found and held the beauty of the moments shared, while knowing it was of a wonder only God brought into being, to give unto each what God had put within each, to give and share unto and with each other for the time of such a paring. Yet all the while, preparing them even then, for a lifetime with wonderful knowings of loves realism. When Years Pass on By.

Such a wonderful gift and treasure God made possible to be; of which one can hold fast unto as a learning, a knowing and a gift of love experiences shared.

It’s almost like the seasons, they come, bringing often more than we know, but what it brings, gives and bestow for us to behold…. last a lifetime. Not unlike the bountiful things brought and given within the seasons, which come, and too, come to pass..leaving a lifetime of Gods gifts a part of what makes us into whom we are.

The Sun is always shining !!!!! we may not think or know so at times when the clouds are grey, we may not connect that it shines even by way of the reflections of the moon, this too is how love is; once it has entered within what is the make up of us.

How might I speak that you hear, is too, how might you listen that you hear, and how might grace of understanding bless you, that you know. Love is everlasting!!!!!!

Even, When Years Pass on By…..
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The world ... Un-factored consequences
Posted:Mar 9, 2016 4:49 am
Last Updated:Mar 13, 2016 7:43 am

(what is with the censor's can't the read)?????

The changing world

China has just started on the long, bumpy road to solving the problems of debt and overcapacity in its industrial sector. That means Wall Street analysts are also trying to figure out how much it's going to take to get the job done. Spoiler alert: It's going to take a lot. How much is probably something we're going to be arguing about for the next few years. There is some agreement on one thing, though — what has been announced isn't even close. The government has already announced that the coal and steel sectors alone will fire 1.8 million people, costing it about $15 billion. Anonymous officials told Reuters that 5 to 6 million people would likely be laid off over the next few years. [/quote]

These events always underestimate the true impact: Industries are always fed by support feeder industry, therefore the reverberation impact will be far greater than the focus on the main industry. These will be impacts not only felt in China but among the many nation which supply China with resources, the financial and administrative sectors who built their business providing services on to the many sub business which are built from servicing the workers. This includes care facilities, many of the program working people pay to take or be involved, all of which changes when the income of these millions of people is cut, diminished severely or taken away.

Not only in China, but American and many other nations, will in the future be forced to RETHINK executive compensation, there has to come a change in how the business is run, how compensation is managed, and this should have an impact on the game of "degree riding" and "self interest" decision made by many executives and their staffs.

Young people should be smart in the coming days, don't go to school just to get a degree as for use as a "get a job certificate".... FIND a field to "specialize, and don't shortchange yourself, "make sure you truly and definitively learn the skill", so if and when you are given a degree it has "value".

Get ahead of the madness of the "degree riding game" of which so many have become caught up within, to just go and get any kind of degree and then never work in a field even remotely close to the claim of label on your degree. The days of the "degree riding game will eventually find its end of abuse which has been so common, of "taking money, giving them a degree for showing up and taking a list of classes for credits"... It is now to the smart , to "demand to be taught a usable skill, demand to be taught current application of the skill", and do not get lost in the "herd mentality" of thinking you can just do 4 yrs and suddenly you will get on the "degree riding treadmill".
This is not just a matter of concern for China or any particular place, but it is something all young people should consider. It may be wise for many to 'go to tech and vocational programs, where they actually teach you a usable skill, that is and can be applied to actual job function.
Far too many come out with a degree and have been misled to think everyone is going to be some administrator of something. "Think about that, it is not even remotely logical". American students are continuing to learn that the hard way, and some students are learning that the 3 yr party, and one year of study and the award of a degree only works for the wealthy, who have a direct job set up and waiting form them to ride by their parents and the wealth network they come from.

What we see today, is demonstrated even in the media saturation with insidious commercial advertisements we watch, "the utter absurdity, "the Le*d and vile of script", "with condescending messaging", driven by "nothing but s_*ual overtone as a selling gimmick". Has resulted to not only dehumanize so much, but demoralized even more. They make utter mockery of values and standards.

Remember: It takes natural resources to produce products, therefore as time moves on the "junk stuff produced' will eventually not become the buyers choice. It will take a new generation of minds to think in terms of value, from the point of what is a resource, what is a product, what is waste and what is recycling, and how does it promote a useful function. Therefore, pursue to lean far and beyond the shallow things being taught in generalized programs, and demand to be taught, given actual workshops and real world expectations as to the application of what you are being taught, and by all means, demand, Ethic's to be and become the core in what ever is being taught.

Understand what is meant by _ "The Changing World"
Approaching Spring
Posted:Feb 29, 2016 5:19 pm
Last Updated:Mar 3, 2016 3:49 am

I see already the birds dancing from tree to tree, the grass begins to grow and the little white flowers cover part of the lawn in the rear.
Along the way to work, I see some trees with a hint of green as the tips seem ready to bring their blooms.
It's amazing, nature knows what to do and when it needs to do it....
Two Days
Posted:Feb 25, 2016 3:48 pm
Last Updated:Mar 21, 2016 4:43 am

I've written comments for two days and they have VANISHED !!!!!
Food -
Posted:Feb 21, 2016 9:59 am
Last Updated:Feb 25, 2016 3:48 pm

It's such an interesting thing, swipe a card and get a discount, then other times some products are priced 1/3 of what they would cost at other times.
One has to wonder is there truly any logic to it - other than greed and gouging.

I read now they want to cut oil production, simply to cause the price to rise. Does it really make sense? I think not, the Oil companies should have been smart enough to build their budgets on reality and not speculator fiction. Now they don't want to pump because they have become addicted to the greed of speculator fiction.
Before Iraq War, Oil was under $20 a barrel, then by the elements that long before manage the cost. Today's oil is about where it should be, not where these goons want to push it up to. When they do, the price of food will increase

One minute they claim a problem with chicken, the price goes up, the next they claim a problem with eggs and the price goes up, its like a madhouse of crazies who hold these executives positions, they will do anything for a bonus, a raise and a pat on the back, because our education systems have trained them to chase greed and void out ethics and disregard concerns of humanity and the earth.

I remember as a when people had their own gardens, chickens and etc. the market place could not go crazy in the country towns, because the people had their own means to feed themselves. The more people become major city dwellers and no one wants to till the soil or raise livestock, then the price will continue to be crazy. Sadly, Industrial Farming has put many small home farming people out of actions. They no longer can sell their excesses.

Imagine if those mega communities China has built, which sits empty were to fill up with people from the country side. Then, food cost could and would go crazy, because the people are contained with no land, and no means to raise anything or grow anything.
IF there is a dramatic spike, places like New York Inner cities would become chaos, because the people live in a concrete jungle no suitable for growing food or raising livestock and ordinance won't permit it.

Buying food can become a nightmare in mega cities, but there are still people who live in rural towns, who grow their own, they still share stuff with friends and neighbors, and the old style of life fits them well.

I know some people who live in the country, they hunt, they fish and they grow vegetables, they work jobs, but in some ways they look very health, less stressed and their freezers never go empty. The good thing now, is people in those areas are keen to watch out for toxic dumping, so things have become better for them than it use to be, when people were unaware of industry dumping stuff in the woods, ponds and such.

Quite amazing, how often times people who live in the middle of major metro's with no land, are more dependent on the stores than they know.
I'm in a suburb,and I rely on stores, but if necessary I can grow things in my back yard, but I can't raise animals due to city ordinances.

I have some land in the countryside, but its linked with heir's so I have not cared much to deal with it, It just might be interesting to have a succession done, so I have fertile land without restrictive ordinances. Just in case I want to raise animals, and grow food. The big problem is, how does one rid the land of snakes :

Today, I don't hear any young people who want to grow up and be farmers, or livestock owners. I don't think the average schools even promotes such things.
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The Internet Community
Posted:Feb 21, 2016 9:28 am
Last Updated:Feb 25, 2016 3:49 pm

The internet is of everything one can find in real life, except within the internet people are hidden behind "handles", so the truly obscene and obnixious can come to surface quickly.
The oddity is, "everyone who visit's the internet leaves footprints".... therefore, people should figure out if their dignity is worth the insidious things some choose to do when visiting and interacting in the internet.

In some ways, its good that "fools" expose themselves early so people know whom to avoid, but the distaste it leave upon the internet community is still an unpleasant thing.

People, should be able to screen others by some means. I think the site tired with the profile, but as with me, people have many reasons not to complete the profiles.
I don't do it because there is no need to put too much information out in such a place filled with so many of unknown scruples or lack thereof.

Fortunate for me, I don't get junk mail from the people trying to work their con games, and I don't play let's pretend, as if one is in love after an email, or such stuff. I like pretty faces and nice bodies, but I'm not at a point to go bonkers over a face and body posted in pictures. I may like looking at it, but if it came down to the realism of people meeting, she would still have to present a quality character who is with genuine honorable intentions as a person who is without a malice driven agenda.

I've met some very nice and good nature women over the years and I have a pretty good feel for the regulars who have presented themselves as good people.

I don't trip about the scammers, because their game will always find a way to expose itself.
falling for peoples "sob stores" is not something I'm interested in, and definitely not those followed up by "send money" request.

It's amazing how people get on the net and play games to get money and the sadder part is those who become victims to such craziness.

One will not get ripped off in the internet "if they keep their money in their own pockets". keep their banking information private and don't post things where criminals can take tid bits and build a target profile of you and get your personal info.

What a shame such a great tool as the internet is abused by the criminal minded.

I think in the future, there will be some methods to quickly identify people even more, when we look at all the competing system of social media, there has to be a system which compiles and match data to profile people. Google now has this thing where it can "tell which sites are good and which ones are not", if they can do that, they can do a lot more than we don't even know about.

Probably as the next generation comes along, the internet will be made a much safer place.
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