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"What's Wrong" ?
Posted:Jan 31, 2019 5:56 pm
Last Updated:Feb 10, 2019 3:52 pm

I like to read the news, but I find myself scrolling past the stories of "entertainers" in provocative costume and poses.
I can't see why I should care what they wear, or how much they paid for it... and I really don't care much for the "headlines" talking about "who's hot"....

What the heck does that mean anyway? We keep seeing the same people the media claims is hot... having a variety of issues, addictions, and psychological fractures and etc. We see them costumed and made up... with the spin about getting married and they spend lots of money on the wedding, only to find out 6 months later or a year or so, they can't stay together.

Their money does not make their life or their relationships the perfection that is often promoted, followed by the crash and disaster of a break up.

Now, one can't go to sites like Yahoo, without a long list of articles "talking about someone in a bikini, or a piece of cloth that has a sole aim of skin promotion.

Its like they promote themselves as a "commodity" and then claim they want to be seen as a complete person. But that's not what the marketing promotion is presenting.

One need only look at their own life... and realize its truth... there is no 24/7 incessant smiley face, there is the reality of dealing with the whole spectrum of living......

People sometimes hold out looking for a fantasy and find a nightmare.... never realizing... Relationships are "built" day by day... they may have good moments but they certainly will have moments that are not so good, for either or both.... those who can find the fortitude and sincerity in relations to work with the cycles of life and sharing in living... are more likely to have a continually developing and closer bonding in making a relationship.

If one wants just a "sunny weather relationship" then they should know that is what they want. The same as those who want to build a relations through the seasons of life as well as the seasons of individual growth and work with that, in and of themselves and each others....might have a better chance to have a "companion who is a mate, and one whom love can be shared in all its many elements of what it takes to sustain loving.

Anything less will likely produce something lesser.

"What's Wrong" ? Could it be too much fantasy and fiction? Could it be too much expect and not enough respect?
Could it be subdued communication, when one or the other seeks to avoid reality and it truths?
Happy New Year.....
Posted:Dec 31, 2018 4:52 pm
Last Updated:Jan 25, 2019 5:30 pm

Wishing "All" A Safe and Happy New Year"
Public posting and commentary
Posted:Jun 17, 2018 12:33 pm
Last Updated:Dec 31, 2018 4:53 pm

No matter where I go on the internet, it's very difficult to get real interactive commentary going, in which there is in-depth dialog engagement.
Crazed people Killing Others.
Posted:Mar 9, 2018 6:25 am
Last Updated:Mar 10, 2018 5:23 pm

America needs to become less passive about all these crazed "murders" and adopt a system that support the Death Penalty, and Carry it Out with 2-3 months, for any person who has committed mass murder, murder of a spouse, or a , and those who commit murder, during crimes. robbery of others or business, should be locked up and put on "work farms", and proceeds given to charities that help the less fortune who are honest people.

Recent Crazy Murderous people and their acts. ( a few examples)
-* 92-year-old woman smothered by roommate:
-* Murderer kills 17 students in Florida
-* Woman Accused Of Poisoning Friend With Cheesecake In Identity Theft Plot
-* California Authorities Launch Manhunt After Series Of Random Shootings Targeting Drivers
-* Police Arrest 16-Year-Old Boy Suspected Of Killing Parents, Sister On New Year’s Eve
-* 18-Year-Old Confesses To Molesting ‘Upwards Of 50 ’ In California:
-* Texas Man Charged With Capital Murder In Adopted ’s Death
-* Serial Killer Taunts Police In New Letter, Claims There Are More Victims
-* Man Arrested After 5-Year-Old Fatally Shoots Himself With Gun Left In Glove Box
-* Former New York City Teacher, Brother Charged With Attempted Bomb-Making
-* Two Ohio Police Officers Fatally Shot While Responding To 911 Call
-* 4 Killed In Shooting Rampage At Pennsylvania Car Wash
-* Parents Charged With Torture And Abuse Of 13 May Face Life In Prison
-* Neo-Nazi Chat Logs Reveal Chilling Praise For Slaying Of Gay Jewish Student (these same Neo-Nazi become homosexual abuser of other the minute they are sent to prison)
-* U.S. Schools Have Already Faced 10 Shooting Incidents This Year
-* Mother Accused Of Subjecting Healthy To 323 Hospital Visits, 13 Surgeries
-* 19-Year-Old Arrested After Parents Found Shot Dead At Central Michigan University
-* Man Pleads Guilty To Murder Of Indian Man After Yelling ‘Get Out Of My Country’
The list is ongoing and seemingly endless.

We can't go on just because the courts and media want to make money with prolonged trials and sensational based media promotions to sell advertisements. The quicker these vile malicious beings are executed, the more we have of deterrent to stop people from doing this stuff.
No major publicity, we don't even need people to man a firing squad, it can be managed by a "digital controlled firing system".

Too many people know they can game the system, get publicity, and then waste 30k-50k+ a year with prison cost, and courts can make millions upon millions for court employees and attorneys. These people along with prisons for profit make a fortune playing off this murder and mayhem and madness.

We have RUN AWAY KILLING MADNESS IN AMERICA, and people know the consequences will allow them to live for decades, with free meals, and sleeping facilities, with every kind of recreation that is given to some of these criminals.
We have people who ride out the Federal Prisons, with every benefit that honest working people cannot afford.
The system has to change..... because people don't fear prison any longer...

The media is so hung up on telling the public what they already know about TRUMP being a criminal and treasonous money washing, swindler who is a clear and present danger to America. Most of American's and the world already knows this. But they have forgot to report on all the vile and maniac crime that is taking place across the nation on a daily and hourly basis.

People have the vile to just kill others as a first thought, behind anything. Therefore, we need a very publicized message that the Death Penalty will be Instituted Nationwide, for Murders.... !!!! We don't need years and years to get rid of these killers.... and we don't need to waste millions of dollars spinning it, when they are known to be the guilty party.

It's like that killer in Denver in the Movies Studio... It's known that he did it, why is he still alive? That's the kind of questions American should be asking. We even let some of these people out, and back into society. Yet, one can be certain if these crimes were all created by black or brown skin people, the death penalty would be mandatory across the nation. We have enough detective and crime scene specialist to know what happen, and who did it. Why do we spin in denial and waste so much court time and prisons expense on these people.

We have enough swindlers and greedy thieves who rob society, business, industry and such, to fill our courts 24/7, and that is what we should be doing. Not wasting time on "known killers", spinning and gaming the courts so attorneys can make money and courts can profit by this madness, many even wasting city, state and federal money.

Yes, due process and Justice is a valuable things. but... there needs not be a drawn out gaming for someone known to have killed their family, their mate, their parents and other people in mass shooting, and just raw murder. We then play it off if they are white, as some "mental condition"... rather than label hem as the murderers these individuals are. Mental or Not, mass killing of people families, and such things, is no excuse and should not be made to be an excuse to allow such vile madness to continue across the land.

Some may not like the reality of such, but one may need to look at the countries that have far more people than this one, who does not put up with it. As well as some countries who have smaller populations, who also do not put up with it.

We can still have Fair Justice, but the point is to make it fair... and that includes dealing with the known murderers, in a expeditious manner.

We even have a high frequency of females, making sex with students, and given a slap on the wrist; but if the same student teacher sex happen with a man involved, they want to lock him up for decades and vilify him to no end. Society should ask, why are women treated with such leniency for the exact same "sexual crimes" against ?
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Global Trade -Jobs, Economy and Changes Yet To Come.. with the exposure of the untold truths.. !!!
Posted:Mar 7, 2018 1:14 pm
Last Updated:Mar 10, 2018 8:23 am
Trump is like an older man with thought of trying to recreate the era he grew up in. What he often does not factor is, that period of the 1950's-60's was rife with racial bigotry, racial divisiveness, and every manner and form of prejudices such society could infuse upon and against minorities of every ethincity that was non white, these prejudices were instrumental in "why" American chose to outsource so much. It was not a good enario in that Era for Brown and Black people, or for that matter, for any minority group. That carried over into the 1970's when major companies just packed up and left, as another phase in the long history to ensure that "minorities Americans would not have means and opportunity to gain economic parity with the bulk of white Americans.

(((( Part of the Issue during Jim Crow America, it was "white people" (NOT ALL) who detested the thought of black people getting "EQUAL" and certainly they did not want to see minorities of any ethnicity of non white people, get any portion of benefits and services. These same white people, if they are still alive, now face the exact same thing they tried to deny to minority black people. BECAUSE degree riding companies executives realized, if they can have a mass of white people standing up to deny minority black people benefits and services and progressive pay, then the Corporations figured they could use the same ideology to deny the exact same things to white people, and they used the law of equality to justify doing so, and deny the same things to working white people and poor white people.
The problem in American is the Right Wing white people never figured it out, they were happy they could get a line of credit and some credit cards and a new car on credit, and they lived "in perpetual credit debt".. When the jobs dried up and were outsourced, they found the conditions they live and are subjected to declines year by year... They got the exact same things they "wished upon minority black people" and many still have not or can't figure it out. "They did it to themselves, by trying to doing wrong things to minority black people.
NOW - They "whine" I've been left behind. When it is documented facts: that is recorded history which denotes their own attitude, mentality and disposition of bias and bigotry, which put them behind.

None of these people want to review study and learn, how they lived off the labors of minorities for centuries, and taxed black people's labor 100%, which means they did not have any humane regard for the abuse and misuse they engaged, and did not give or afford black people any benefit of , , or even civil respect and certainly no protections under the laws of the land. And even after the slaves were freed, 'white ideology" did all they could to try and "starve the black people out", by not hiring them, and under paying those they did hire, and then they pitted the poor whites against the blacks... by telling the poor whites, if he asked for higher , he'd be fired and replaced by black people at less than the cost he paid white man. this kept wages low for poor white and poor blacks.
Martin Luther King Jr. discussed this many times and outlined in his speech at Selma.
White people were so filled with racist vile, they could not and would not hear the truths he tried to tell them. (All should go read the MLK's Speech at Selma).

Time has spun around and the exact same things a segregated and racist white segment of society, tried to do to minorities, has gone full circle and come back to bring the same devastation to the white people as well as all of American average working people, which is 'poor quality and low paying jobs, NO benefits, and NO pension and no stability in whether the job will exist tomorrow.
They did this..... and Trump's idea that he can restore the past for white people, is a vain fantasy.

When President Obama said, that.. the Right Winger went crazy attacking him with every kind of fiction they could conjure up. ))))

The reality of these things.. people don't want to face up to... but .. NONE of this stuff happened by accident... and no nation came and carted away American industry, it was 'American’s who carted away the industry, and thought it could survive by well to do white people in roles as those who could afford university cost, to be people who could just shuffle paper and control the wealth gathering aims, while turning minorities and poor white people into nothing more than 'servant class citizens, with minimum wage ', That's the closest they could in trying to recreate slavery like scenarios by the use of foreign people on foreign lands, and trying to create indenture among American poor whites and minorities, by using people on foreign shores as slave labor, for less than it cost to house and feed a slave in America, and the working poor whites and blacks, being paid no more than an indentured servant, so they could their credit debt on monthly installments. When they could no longer make those payments, "the collection agencies come and take everything back".
This is much to do as a result from a nation that detested the ideal of equality, and resent the fact that slavery was outlawed.

During the late 1960's through the 1980's it’s as if the wealthy whites in America, though they could manage and control the nation, by use of foreign labor at slave wages, and they thought they could manage the paper shuffling for other nations, and they did not count on the fact "the computer" came, and it made it possible not only for foreign nations to manage their own , and manage their own business, it proved to be of beneficial usage around the world, where "every nation" could manage its own business and finances. By the Time America began to awaken to the madness it made.... with its bias and bigotry and racist ignorance and looking down on other non white ethnicities, it was too late. The Industry was Gone, and Nations that it was shipped to, began to take over those business and out the white men, who had first come to run those business, and many were bought out and replaced by people who are native to the lands in which business had been shipped to.
Now... no business in China or Japan or Any Part of Asian, have to listed to the White Male American about anything, and they certainly are not going to be controlled or dominated by such.
At first they tried to tell China how to manage its Currency, but now, China does not have to listen to any telling them anything about their currency or their business, China, saved its and has spread out around the world, making "cooperative agreements with other nations", they are not there trying to take over and control other nations, nor are they there trying to take everything and give nothing back.

All this protectionism talk by Trump is no good, and will not result to turn out well. Nor will his pandering to the white separatist, and other race bigoted groups. They heyday of the "white man dominance of the 1950's is g, and the world will never allow it to repeat itself. That's not to say ... Other Nations won't try to become with Imperialist Agenda.... but that too is a problem, that The Young People of the World Today, won't support any nation pushing Imperialistic Bigotry and Bias, and they will fight against that ignorance!!!! if it takes them 20yrs, they will change the world and make systems that Respect People, as Equal.
all over the world. They will use Technology to make sure "people get information" and people become educated about life and things in and of the world.

America can't and won't be fixed. UNTIL IT RESPECTS ALL AMERICAN PEOPLE AS EQUAL AMERICAN PEOPLE !!!! The sooner American realizes this, the better it will position itself for the Future.
President Obama tried to get us on that tract, but Right Wingers fought him all the way, trying to preserve that "white dominance madness", and they expected Trump to come in and give them the system they had in the 1950's. But, most of American Society and the Society of the World's Nations... detest every element of that kind of madness.

Trump has also tried by every means, to meet every expectation Russia has about weakening America and its Allied Agreement, because he is in awe and lust for the power over a nation the same as what Putin has over Russia. But that too will not work.


Chinese People as a whole, will not long tolerate a leader without term limits, because the know it only leads to authoritarian tyranny. Nor will the people support the descendding into self destructive damage mode, by trying to assault Taiwan, or Hong Kong... And Russia will not get the aim they seek, of trying to rebuild a Soviet Styled System. India and Pakistan will figure out, they damage themselves supporting a divide among themselves. The same as N. Korea understand it has g as far as it can go trying to be a obstinate power, it will consider trading its Nukes for a Joint Rule of a Unified Korea, with North and South Structure under a Unified Economy.
The Middle East is at a point, that it is fast learning, that it will make itself into rubble, unless it finds a means of Law, beyond the Religious Basis of Law, and come to terms that is must have a law that exist beyond the influence of Religious Dogma. Southeast Asia is already learning fast, that it only invokes turmoil within its own lands, when and as it tries to engage in ethnic cleansing madness and Tribal conflict madness. While all around them engage in multiculturalism as they flourish and prosper.

Central America and North America will have no choice but come to terms they are connected as continents of what is American Make up. This madness of trying to uphold some vile segregation of white skin people from brown skin people, will meet with the element of "Equality" as people, and cooperative agreements as nations of people who embrace diplomacy in their governance relations.

Because the world of nation know... that kind of Authoritarianism Madness, is not suitable for the world of so many people and so many nations. People in every place on the planet, is pushing for Democratic Styled Reforms that Respect People as Equals, and People are not accepting of the Dictatorial Systems of Governance, which insults and denies them their human civil rights and humanitarian rights.

The old systems will be overturned and many abolished if they can't and don't reform themselves. And within Every Place... the people will not stop demanding "Equality of Person", and Civil and Humanitarian Rights for Each Individual. The old men at the helm today, is fast becoming a dying breed, many are retiring, and other will be forced out, along with their antiquated Ideologies.

The world is no long as unaware as it use to be, and the computer and technology is making more and more people, more aware 'Everyday". The use of communication is at a point in time, that people from any place and all places find means to get the tools to communicate.

People in every land is learning about the hidden history they were never told, and previously had the means denied for it to be presented to them.

Those who try and deny it, only make themselves look even more foolish in the minds and eyes of the young. The young people today, do not have a wall up in their mind to deny history and its truth. They want to know, they pursue with great efforts to know the "real truths".

What they may reveal to the world in the coming times, will likely not only shock many awake, it will stun people with a realization as to the brutality and vile that led to the malice and corruption of societies. They will dismantle every element of bias, bigotry, racism, and ethnicity discrimination and they will embrace the real cultural history of every people.
"Who Are We" as Individual Person - (It's a valid question)
Posted:Mar 6, 2018 7:50 am
Last Updated:Mar 10, 2018 8:25 am
A Continuation from the Post quotCivicsquot quotEvery Nation Should Invest to Educate its People

Caution: (This likely will not be suitable for any with "short attention span", or "incessant impatience", and certainly not for those whom find disdain about "Thinking". )

Shall I begin with a question?
Where are all the people who use to flood this site, boasting about their educational degrees? They seem not to join any subject. Then I would ask, what good is an education that has little of concern about the civil and civics of life and society?

Who Are We?

This may well concern Westerners, who live in a Democracy whom sit silent as if they take it all for granted. For Principle sake, any and all people within the world, including those who have and those who have grand-.
But, realize also, it does not excuse those who live in other systems of governance.

What is the type and character of society "people of the world" truly want to contribute unto and build within the world.

"YOU" MAKE A DIFFERENCE IN WHAT THE WORLD IS, AND WHAT IT IS TO BECOME. "Your Role and Your Part Counts" in making the world bring about the good of mankind and its future..

Because the "human factor" still exists, and learning how to understand the Civics of ’s society, goes further than just the governance system, it involves how people deal with each other in civil society as a whole, Yes, this includes the 'diplomacy of its relation with other nations". Many talk of "World Peace", but think themselves "relieved of the need to know and have voice as to what our Ambassadors are doing, and what of policy they are engaging for the better diplomacy among nations. This too is within the "Civics" of society. Why do we live as if we have no say in the matters of what is "Diplomacy Among Nations"?

The lack of Civics learning which has not existed in some places, and has diminished in other places since the late 1960's and 1970's has produced a mass of people who have very limited Civics learning, and many who live today, simply rode on the tails of misplaced folklore for the span of their lives, and now deend into lackadaisical ousness, to still have no invested interest to learn the Civics not only of the Land and Nation, but of their lives and their role.
So many are caught up in a " chase", until they desecrate the very same system that supports the currency they are obsessed with lusting for. ’s life is always more than the material things, or what level of mtary access they have or have access to. But... it’s up to "Each" individual, as person to learn of a greater value than their vanity.

So much of the Mtary and Material Obsessions have consumed so many, until the sense of "responsibility as a citizen" eapes them.

When it comes to the system of governance they live, the ousness is overt; it so often show itself at the Voting Booth, by people going there based only upon "Drama Madness Advertising Commercials", as to who can buy the most commercial air time and promote the most vitriol.
Sadly, many people have no idea what the real and true concerns are and often have no will or intent to learn the detail of the concerns of a nation or their lively hood is being impacted, and often have no idea what their own community concern and needs truly is.
So, they often elect the people based solely upon who “evokes the most drama and surround it with the most fictional belligerence" and result at times to send some who are both fools and madmen into their local governance as well as into Congress; and when these who are fools and madmen driven by aims of self enrichment, those pursuing such, become mad men who get there and damage society. Such types, far too often become obsessed to sell out the voice of the people to any who gives them the most , for a reelection, when they already have d nothing to serve the cause of the people who sent them there. These types result to spend their entire focus to become an obsession on simply staying there, for the sake of their vanity and “self enrichment aims” and result to do nothing, but enrich self and damage society in the process.
The people blame Congress, when the world “Congress” only mans "A body of representing Individual for the facility of governance and the policy making that is necessary to advance and promote as well as protect society",... The people should blame themselves for the "type of representative they choose and send into the body of governing"... and then, if the representative is deaf and blind to the voice and presence of the people, then blame the representative for the deception and betrayal the engaged upon and against the people who elected them.

But, people can't do that, because they failed at making efforts to learn what issues are, and what is necessary as good policy for the betterment of "ALL". They have an “expectation” that these elected people will make everything all rosy and glee filled. When fact is, the people can never give up their vigilance to assure that they are fully represented.

Sadly… there are so many who can't even see beyond their Tribal mentality, whether it driven by race, skin color, ethnicity or simple self concerned greed, as well as others whose Tribal Mentality is driven by trying to "deny something to other, who do not look like them.

The lunacy is beyond belief in a world of such information and available knowledge.

Even on a dating site. Why seek a mate, you know nothing about their sense of character, their sense of self constitution and certainly nothing about the political ideology about a nation they live within.
Every is hung up on "let's crack a joke", and the fact is, they have become the joke.
Others are chasing the look of faces, with and without make up, or the shape of some posterior, and others still deluded about their own fictional fantasy about the sex organs of others, when fact is.. it’s always "a generic organ" respective to gender.

Adults should have learned by now, most of the fantasy of erogenous fancy is the thoughts within their own mind; they try and superimpose on others based on how looks.

Such ideals has never "sustained a relationship", in fact it likely is within the basis of why so many relationships deend into breakup. Each person may well inquire within themselves, and ask; is it because people become disenchanted when the fantasy they tried to superimpose upon another, and it did not turn out to be what they fantasized.
And then, after they go through the turmoil of a break-up, some come to realize, not only did they not know the other person, they are afraid to face up to the fact, they likely did not even known themselves enough to diern the difference between their lustful fantasies and how to build a meaningful relations.
Who is valiant enough, at such time- to seek to make apology unto themselves, for their errors as well as make apology unto the other, for what they have come to learn about and of themselves. If such was possible within the evolved learning, people may well learn how to part as friends, who found understanding, even when they have come to the point of intimate relationship not moving forward as such; but, realizing the potential of humane regard is still a possibility as human beings. Thus to be thankful for the moments they did share with another.

"We as a people have not evolved, to that level of humane civility." Although, some do find that level of understanding, though it may take some much time to do so, and other may find it through and after trial and tribulation have devastated them, and still some never find it. Most people never stop to think... EVERY relationship becomes a part o the makeup of whom is, because it is/was an experience in life that is part of ’s life growth. All growth does not come coated and surrounded by roses and daises; some is through challenge and pains.

Reality is mixed with much: some people simply choose not to become of such civil understanding, and instead choose blame, resentment, envy and contempt. They have no idea of the damages such choice does to their own future.
Some people are simply driven by desperation's for something outside of themselves, as if that will make them whole, when they must find "INSIDE" themselves, the wholeness of themselves. If they fail to find that, then; they have far less to share, and will go on continually "EXPECTING" others to make them feel a sense of appreciation for self. FACT IS: has to find an appreciation of self, as self, if they ever expect to approach another for the sake and want of making relationships, because it is necessary to have "the whole of self, to bring into the making of a relationship with another". Otherwise, desperation and obsession , will overtake them, and create a void that can never be filled, by themselves and certainly not filled by another.

What is really within the making of a relationship, yes, a relationship; that is based on learning and understanding and knowing how to respect and appreciate of character and integrity of another, or themselves. Yet, they spin in a circle, and make themselves believe they can't understand why it broke up.

People don't take the time to "learn each other".... and some chase others with a fiction of fantasy, that leads them to think "IF" they can' hook up with a certain image of another, or with title, popularity, , or material holdings, that it’s going to suddenly make their lives something which they have not themselves invested themselves to make it be and become.

People may serve themselves better to stop and think.... "Who are you", and more importantly ask themselves.. "Who am I". Because if that is and remains an "unknown"... the relationships will fail, by and through those same unknowns. You are the unique individual, you were born to be, the more you appreciate being so. The better you will find, your ability to accept your life and put your efforts into the works dear to your heart, and honorable to the character of yourself. You will then find it so much easier to uphold and support the Integrity of yourself, as whom you are. Then finding love, will be something within you, that has a passion to share and embrace and work within that sharing with another, for the loving of each other, as well as the continuation of loving self.

Many people don't even listen to each other; they only want to hear what will lead to the short lived cycle of "pleasure gratifications", or the "fancy of thinking they will get to spend some else's ". Those are the "traits of Hedonism"

Hedonism: Hedonism is a tool of thought that argues that pleasure and happiness are the primary or most important intrinsic goods and the aim of human life.

The question is: Is pleasure more important than compassion, understanding, grace and good will unto others? Is it greater than the Golden Rule?
"Do Unto Others as you would have others do unto you".

Yes, that means more than pleasure, it also involves, the care of when they face challenge and the will to be of assistance, it means the care when is sick, and also it means to assist in ing others build something that s others in the world.... it means many of such things as compassion, understanding, grace and good will unto others.

Many people break up over "finances", and never look beyond to realize, they did not truly know each other, because if they had, they'd have learned how each other consider financial resources and how it affect their concept of their individual life.

Long ago, when people had no high finances, and lived a farm life, they learned each other, they worked together to build and manage their family and they were wise unto the understanding of each other as it related to finances.
Even many wealthy people become blind and foolish by , and choose mates they know nothing about, they choose based on "image", status, title, and mtary fantasy concepts, because, fact is if has much , if they knew each other as person and individual, they would have no need for conflicts generated by , they also would be able to focus more on relating and communicating, because they don't have the challenge of meeting financial obligations.
Therefore_ the "KEY COMPNT" to ANY relationship as mates is sustained and advanced and solidified by and through "communication as individuals". They will have come to knowing each other, and the more they communicate the more they come into the knowing more of each other as well as of themselves.

The rudimentary compnt of "Relationship" is.. Relation and relation exist when people "relate", and to relate, they embrace the forms and manners of communication.

Life is not hard... it’s an experience and opportunity to communicate and relate. Non in death has any potential to do any of such. Therefore, as you live, VALUE the experience and opportunity to communicate and relate, and you just might find that your life is an experience that gives much into the amazing wonders of being alive.

Yes, the Civics of live in a Civilized Society, is much more then the encroachment upon each other for the sole sake of Pleasure, by any means, or at any cost.

Too bad… each person is not given their personal handy manual of how to live. But… what we do have is a Bible and a Family, that is full of principles and parables that give example of how those principles work, as well as it gives parables and words of wisdom of the troubles that can come about when those principles are not embraced and adhered unto.


I've been on this site a very long time, seem many pretty to look at faces, shapely bodies and costumed poses and read many profiles that speak of how good of a person is, as well as those who write with a litany of what they want of mtary based accouterments. I've seen very few who talk about the reality of subject matter that goes into the many elements that make not only civil society, but humane and civic concerns about living in a civil society. So much is hooked on "the fairy tale of love fantasy", that omits the elements that are always a part of communication, which is the element of human debate, that must think and work, to find and meet an accord of communication which will always involve reasd and rationalized understanding. Most of these "flicker in the wind relationships", spin on a top, about pleasure, , material things and pomp and pageantry.... and sadly these often produce "offspring's", that end up left without parent or the other.

People need not beat themselves up, if divorce found them. But, it should awaken to what is truly the core of relationships, which is "communication and understanding" and learning the whom is choosing.

Some sadly, make babies as if that is some anchor that will keep them connected to or means, and some make babies, trying to think it will force a love to last, which they have not invested themselves in by way of open and hst communications. Still others, chase pleasure by the mind blindness of chasing only what their eyes see, but their heart have not seen.

The responsibilities within and of living is something no eapes. Delude s self as choose, for among such types, they've come to live many regrets, and compounded challenges and place a yoke around their own neck... which gets heavier as they age.

Any not willing to put in the work that loves requires, should not expect love to give them all that it is and has potential to be and become... withining making the values of their life, fulfilled in the graces that are many.

Loving does not serve the weak of mind and the faint of heart well, nor shall it endure within the combination of such a pairing.
"Civics" "Every Nation Should Invest to Educate its People
Posted:Mar 4, 2018 6:52 am
Last Updated:Mar 7, 2018 8:28 am

Regardless of the TYPE of Governance a Nation Claims itself to be, or aspires to be and become.

It should invest to Educate its People as to the Civics of understanding, what its system is, how it functions, what is its responsibility to the people, and what the peoples responsibility is to the nation.

When such things does not happen, people can be contained, manipulated, controlled and ultimately dominated by its own governance system. Their nature of independence as a person, is thus infringed upon, because they are not made aware, nor will they have the ability to have collective voice. There should be a teaching as to "how to live in a governance system". As well as how that governance system, must respect the humanity of All its people.
Democracy is a premise that is the ways where people can support majority decision, as to how their society is to function, as well as how they themselves are to function in being a part of that society.

NO People, on this earth should be subjected to Tyranny, Not by Governance System controlled by such Tyranny, and Not by systems built upon a individual Religious Dogma of Dominance which disrespects the people to not have choice in such ideological religious aspiration as they choose.
In every religion that aspires to accept the belief in God... also accepts that every person has the will to choose, as well as every person has the same principles established by the universal premise that one is responsible for their own soul. The Golden Rule is a universal Ideal that is also acknowledged around the world.

The system of Regulatory Governance is necessary, but that Regulatory system must be for the better benefit of nation and its people and how it works with the world of nations and nations people. And its people should have voice in how the system of Regulatory process is established. The only way to do so, is by a democratic process, when governance is done without the need or involvement of Tyranny. It is a "majority rule". But for a Majority to Rule, it must be informed, and educated in the nature of Civics as it relate to the Governance of their society and land.

People were not created to be ruled over as if they are "sheep" or some livestock. The creator gave man the ability to "think" and "to communicate", as well as to learn and to share that learning among other mankind. The world can never know peace, when it has the likes of Dictators and Tyrants. It can only be achieved by a world that understand the principles of Democracy Process, where even the League of Many Nation, use such to develop a "majority rule" basis of principles and norms and the guidelines that support such. Nor can it know peace when the Dogma of any individual religion seek to usurp the system of Democracy Processes, which does not ascribe to the principle of the 10 commandments, and the ideals of the Golden Rule and respect of equality of person, as being of equality in their rights of civil membership within society, where civil rights is based on human equality and each person's voice counts in what establishes majority rules within the society and its nations governance.
It may have representative political process, but those who represent is voted by the people, for the people and must represent the voices of the people. It must too, accept being in accord to majority rule, among what representative vote to establish as process of and within governance, societal civic rules and laws of the land. To treat all mankind, fairly within a system that respects equality of person.

We still live in primitive times, even with all the technology and sciences, available to use, we still live as a "Tribal World". When fact is... NO TRIBE, will NEVER dominate the World of People. !!!!! When we as a world of people come to learn this crucial fact... Only then can we abolish the nature of Wars. Then under the principles of a Democracy Process, we can use the nature of Diplomacy to Engage with One Another to ensure that Fairness unto Humanity and Society is the basis of our International Relations across the many lands of the world.

No man was made supreme over any other man, everyone was born a baby in the world, unable to even care for itself.

We must evolve beyond the "heathen mentality" caught up and lost in the vanity and greed about material things, and monetary acquisition as if it will make us more than any other human being. No living being shall depart this life with any material thing, nor with any monetary element. These are things "of the world"... and they shall remain within the world.
In the end of any mans life, what did it gain him to seek dominance over any other mankind?
It does not mean man cannot or should not gain profit, but he should be concerned that his gaining of profit is through the fairness within his dealing with any mankind. If he gains wealth, by such means, he may use it for his convenience and comfort, but also, to use it for his good will toward and unto the society of mankind, that other mankind may live and continue to improve the ways of life, that benefit mankind.

No Billionaire nor Millionaire, shall take from this world any penny. Nor will the amassing of such monetary wealth guarantee any man, eternity. The Creator has granted no living person exemption from death, regardless what of material or monetary thing he possessed within his life. Equally so, no person, is given eternal youthful physical image of beauty, it changes with the living of life, and age is the equalizer that tells people, such image of beauty is fleeting, such image of youthful beauty will not save them nor can they save it, nor will it have granted them any immortality. Therefore, abuse not the appearance that attract eyes, stares and favor, for these will come a time, when it no longer will do such things, for any lost in such things of such vanity, they become an abomination unto their own life and its spirit. Therefore, one should always invest in cultivating a good and honest character, with integrity as one who is of good heart and honorable sense of soul.

Even the lure and lore of sex, shall come to pass its fancy of dominance within the pursuits of the individual human being. Therefore, abuse it not, nor let it be your sense of self measure, for in the end, it shall not remain of its youthful vigor, and it will not guarantee any person eternity. The Notoriety of mankind about and of such things, is a vanity that often consumes and diminish even those who have sought such notoriety. for they will have forsaken the Character and Integrity of themselves. They leave no legacy that can improve the world for those yet to come.

The civics of life as well as the civics of society, is very much so, something mankind should aspire to educate all who live upon this earth and within the course and duration of ones life.

We as living being established institution of Education, that many may share and pass on his learning, for the betterment of other mankind and the societies which one lives and the societies that are to live beyond his lifespan. We've even contorted that, by the vanity of "wealth chasing for the vanity of ourselves", and thus become an abomination to the very education that was to teach us how to give and share and improve the world in the lives of people.

We have even seen the evolution of medicine void out its oath, and seek status and monetary gains, to the point, it will not care for those who need care, without the aim to enrich ones self, beyond fair compensation for their effort and contribution. It is now, exaggerated cost, that serve to deny people, the benefit of the learning that some gained by the teaching and lessons left behind by those who came before them. and those who live today, developing more techniques by the use of their ability to learn and put to practice what they learned. No such person shall ever starve, nor should the obsession of acquisition of wealthy by exaggerated cost, be the goal of ones seeking of wealth. Such learning is to the duty to help other mankind, and by such, one shall find they want for very little of material conveniences, nor shall they go hungry.

Ecclesiastes is an interesting read for any who has become obsessed with the acquisition of material things and monetary measure.

What is important in the lives of mankind, is his good will toward other man, and knowing that there is a force and power greater than himself, and exist only because of that force and power. He should be grateful, that he is given life and the opportunity to live it, that he may contribute to other life and the ongoing lives of the living and those yet to come into this life. This may compel him to the will and want to do good, and be honorable in his doings.

When one understand the civics of his life and the society and world that he lives, he can learn of his place and his role and duty, for and unto goodwill unto other mankind and care for earth he lives upon.
What's happening???
Posted:Mar 1, 2018 12:29 pm
Last Updated:Mar 7, 2018 8:28 am

The Chinese government has banned the letter 'N' and George Orwell's Animal Farm and 1984 in a major online censorship clampdown.

Experts believe the crackdown is part of leader Xi Jinping's plans to become a dictator for life. The move has been met with criticism from around the world.

The China Digital Times reports that a list of proposals made by Beijing's National People's Conference includes the letter 'n', George Orwell's novels 'Animal Farm' and '1984', and the phrase 'Xi Zedong', a combination of Mr Xi and former dictator Chairman Mao Zedong's names.

It is not entirely clear why the letter 'n' was briefly banned, just among hundreds of words and phrases, although some speculate it could be considered a sign of dissent.

the move to abolish term limits, announced on Sunday, has resurrected deeper fears in Chinese society, where memories remain of the personality cult of China’s founding father, Mao Zedong, and the fevered emotions and chaos that it conjured.

China Moves to Let Xi Stay in Power by Abolishing Term Limit FEB. 25, 2018

President Xi’s Strongman Rule Raises New Fears of Hostility and Repression FEB. 25, 2018

Anxious to suppress criticism, and maintain an appearance of mass support, the Communist Party’s censors have oured the internet and social media for content deemed subversive. The sanitizing has included many images of Winnie the Pooh — Mr. Xi is sometimes likened to the cartoon bear — and search terms like “my emperor,” “lifelong” and “shameless.”

For a short time, even the English letter “N” was censored, according to Victor Mair, a University of Pennsylvania professor, apparently to pre-empt social ientists from expressing dissent mathematiy: N > 2, with “N” being the number of Mr. Xi’s terms in office.

many of Mr. Xi’s admirers have been taken aback by his bid for indefinite rule. Some worry that he might upset the peaceful transitions of power that have brought stability.

“More mistakes can be made if the term is longer,” said Shi Jin, 45, a stay-at-home mother in Beijing.

Others are now looking to leave China, and immigration agencies are seizing the moment to advertise their s.

Why would any Man think himself so great as to want to Rule a Nation for the span of his life?

Whether its in China, America or any other place on Earth. No Man in Any Place is of Such Value To Society, that he should Rule for Life.
What is the future 'we" -"you" and World Societies Seek?
Posted:Jan 11, 2018 4:26 am
Last Updated:Jan 23, 2018 5:45 pm

We as people dream many dreams... We face many choices and must engage many works.
It matters greatly, as to what we value in the ethics of how we live.

Do we think the quest of wealth is greater than the regard for the humanity of others? That is a question that spins around the globe.

It's up to each person to know that answer within their own hearts. and it is up to each person to consider that question in the choices they make.

cannot deceive s self without bringing calamity into 's own life, and may well damage many others if such a thing is d. It is far easier to seek what is hst than to be caught and lost within spins of malice and deceits of many sorts. To be so is the responsibility of each person to invest themselves to learn, that they gain knowledge and become with wisdom, to make choices that support and protect the dignity within them themselves and the respect the dignity of others. Such a think is easy, but it find much to be of difficulty, when become confused about the values they claim to hold. There is loss and gain, its simply a part of living, because has to put away some things, in order to move on to new and better things.

Often we try and hold on to thing, while reaching for or more things. Instead of holding on to the values we've learn, and then reach for the things that hold values we want to learn and embrace.

We may stress and challenge yourself greatly to get the newest and latest material thing, only to come in time and find that it is no longer the newest and latest material thing. Therefore... we may need to consider "what is wanted and the value that is desired" before we run out and diard what may be stable and working, trying to find something that may be less that what we already have.
The question is: what is the usefulness of what we have... is that more important or not, than the pursuit to simply say, we have the "newest thing". We we can diern the difference based on the sense of value based on the integrity of usefulness, more than the vanity of saying "I have the newest thing".

We have a world of many people, who have chosen the latter of "the vanity of saying, "I have the newest thing", more than the value of usefulness of what we already have.

This has produced a society that spans around the globe, of people making themselves stressed and depressed,... for the sake of vanity, "saying" I have the newest thing" And time comes and such thing is no longer the "newest thing", but went through much anguish, depression, stress and despair, only to find themselves, again, "driven to chase the newest thing, yet again. Unaware to simply look at the basics of "usefulness" of what they already have.

If the newest things improves the "usefulness" that can gain to do more and better things that contributes to life, but if it does not improve the usefulness in ways, that improves what has focus to make use of, then to have the newest things, becomes only a vanity, of saying "I have the newest thing"... and it has improved nothing in what they make use of as being usefulness.

Thus so, we find that is may well be important within our lives, to "think" and consider much, before we set our focus upon an act of choice - when the usefulness is not improved, by simply pursuing the newest thing.

There are many of such confusions, that drive good people to do bad things, and bad people to do atrocities of many sorts... and that is the damages that vanity can invoke in s life.

What is the future 'we" -"you" and World Societies Seek?

Many want love or make claim to say they want love... and then throw it away, looking for "the next newest imagery or body shape or some attractions"... but there is no lasting love among people, without the work to make it last. To some that work comes easy and unto others they s and ream, and fight at every turn when work is necessary. Often the greatest work, begins within s self. As to "attitude", and "considerations".... respect as to how they think of the they had chosen to love, as well as how do they think of themselves.

" cannot deceive 's self without bringing calamity into 's own life, and may well damage many others if such a thing is d. It is far easier to seek what is hst than to be caught and lost within spins of malice and deceits of many sorts. To be so is the responsibility of each person to invest themselves to learn, that they gain knowledge and become with wisdom, to make choices that support and protect the dignity within themselves and the respect the dignity of others. "

What is the future "we" -"you" and World Societies Seek?
Strange Stuff and Weird Things- who actually communicates?
Posted:Jan 1, 2018 9:13 am
Last Updated:Jan 21, 2018 5:52 pm

Insane stuff...
~In fatal Palm Springs shooting, 19-year-old accused of killing mom
~A woman fatally shot her 17-month-old and her husband, then tried to take her own life at their home
~Woman accused in fatal shooting of boyfriend's 7-year-old
~Man is charged with counts of first-degree murder after he gunned down his ex-wife and their on Christmas Day
~A man killed his mother and then fired more than 100 rounds at police as her body lay in a yard during an -hour standoff before killing himself
~A mother was arrested and charged with shooting her 17-year-old during an argument
~mother plotted, killed 's fiancé to stop marriage

the list just goes on and on....
~then there is the long list of women teachers sexing up the students, that seems to be an endless string of such events.
"THE 50 MOST INFAMOUS FEMALE TEACHER SEX SCANDALS" that's just the highly publicized.

I guess if the global atrocities were listed on a weekly or monthly basis, the list would be too long to read.

Maybe the best scenario for people is.. to "take time to learn each other" and not get hung up on some fancy instance, or image, and actually "find out about the reality of individuals".

People do simple minded stuff - when trying to build relationships- instead of communicating like " adults" openly and clearly.

many people know that money becomes an issue in their lives, whether they have it or have none, long before they meet another person. It just might be beneficial and logical to talk to each other, to understand how each other "thinks about money". Then it might just be beneficial to talk and find out, if each one respects the other as "an individual", not as something to be owned or to own.
It might even benefit people to talk about "expectations"... "What do you expect from the other? can you handle your own personal issues without expecting the other person to do it for you? Do you know the religious or faith based thoughts of the other? What do you know of your own religious or faith based thoughts? Do you share those interactively.
when it comes to sex... just making eyes at each other is not enough, are you able to actually "talk" about what you like, are you able to say what you want, are you able to be honest with each other about your sexual considerations and thoughts?
What kind of chores do you expect from the other? Do you like to work and cover your contribution as a portion, or do you expect someone else to your portion for you?
do you barter sex as if its a game tool? Do you treat the other like a sex toy?
Do you attack the other if they don't give or do what you want, or give or meet your desired expectation? If you have to get or do things for yourself, that you wanted or expected from another, are you vengeful, because you had to do it yourself?
Do you carry a grudge ? How long do you carry a grudge? do you make it a vendetta to get back at some you think may have disappointed your expectations or wants?

Not only will these questions people, learn each others, it can an individual learn about themselves. It just might people, not to be so quick to "blame" the others, when they can see clearly their own actions and reactive actions.

If your mate has and property before you meet them, why do you think you have a right to any of it? If you have or property before you meet some, do you want to give them rights to the and property you had before you met them? Do you believe only "jointly created property and jointly created is to be shared if you split ? Do you realize, you have no right to profit gains makes from or property they had before they met you? Do you realize, that you would not want to give the rights to any profit on or property you had before you met the other person.
If there are , what role and responsibility do you want to take on, and what do you want to share?

Considering the volume of people, breaking up, fighting, and killing each other, and killing the family... it might be a good thing to "talk about some of these things" before people start making relationship agreements to be each others mate.

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