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By living today, we build what become tomorrow. We must know what was within Yesterday, to understand what we are faced with today.

Posted:Dec 26, 2017 5:20 am
Last Updated:Jan 6, 2018 6:16 pm

my machines are acting weird... one the Ethernet port does not work, and this one seems to have a key logger or something. because it hangs up.
maybe its just a matter of "RAM".... It rather crazy because I don't use it much, and it is fairly a new unit, as to being "unused". I keep it because it has Windows 7, and I have programs I want to keep.

This weekend, the Internet went down, and has slow speed issue. I've complained and even picked up a new router, and same problems. In this day and age of "computers and internet. the US should not be having these problem. This country needs to learn to "build' its own computers, and build them to be stable, not with some of the low grade stuff, looking for a resale in a matter of months to a new unit, because people nor business, make computer changes that quick.

It's evident why so many young people stick with their phones for their internet activity. Besides, I can't see paying $700-800 or more for a computer. when the things are almost obsolete by the time you get it home.

Even typing this, every 10 seconds it hangs up. I've scanned it, with three programs to clean it up, but because it has basically been unused, it should not have any issues. It was mostly used by my mother for "games". that were not connected to the internet, and all those games have been removed.
I have a couple of lap tops... one for music and the other is just old, I rarely do anything with it, It likely needs RAM updates.

I use Ad Blocker ( this site does not really have ads)... and yesterday, while on Yahoo... it logged 2400 blocked ads... (THAT IS CRAZY !!!!!)

I wish I knew how to create a browser, that blocked out ads completely. I don't care for Facebook, because it is far too "INTRUSIVE". i DON'T THINK people understand that Facebook, is not what it appears. It is basically nothing more than a "data collector' that connects that data to selling "AD's" and profiling people in a 1000 different categories. .. but sadly Google is exactly the same. but google is indispensable for information search.
The internet is now more colluded than ever, with every kind of scheme mankind can think of.
I recently had a card that was locked, due to someone in another state trying to use it. the company froze it, and will simply close the account. I have the special software for web shopping that is suppose to lock out any peepers.

there needs to be some "specially produced browsers" which the future may have no choice but to create. Especially for "Internal Business", the Intranet are fine, but not when they use, market produced browsers" even after they try and lock it out, there needs to be separate and distinct "intranet browsers used by companies'. with ultra high grade encryption.

Even people using computers for cryptocurrencies, should be very careful, as people have and people will find a way to steal their 'so called secure purses".

I prefer to "go to the bank", not on my phone or on the computer, that's rather sad, because its would be a good tool, if people were not so criminal minded. I see many people who put their credit card data in phones and use their phones even to pay at something as crazy as a "soda machine'. As if there is a "false sense of security".

Everything in the country is crying about "budgets' when far too many companies are "leveraged with these multi billion dollar debt deals", and at some point, that has to spell a level of trouble. Competition is destroyed, because any time a new company has a decent service, one of the big ones come and gobble it up. Maybe that's only an American Madness", I don't know if other countries allow such "Monopolizing" in their market place.
Most companies that are assuming this massive debt, are likely using some "script process', because it involves too many institution and too many character playing in that field of finance"... and the question is, where does the 'corruption and collusion" exist... because with that much money moving, there is no way, that it is criminal free. With $20 Trillion debt and climbing, then where is the money coming from??????????????? when banks and other organization are claiming double digit $billions in profit, that means a lot of money is taken out of the circulation cycle, and many stash this money in offshore accounts, which has a dramatically impacting curtailing impact upon the economy.

We have exaggerated housing cost where people are bying homes for millions upon millions, and then one has to spend more to furnish it, because you can't put cheap furniture in such an expensive home. We have people who are up to their neck in expensive cars, when the economy has not seen pay increases, and the Administration is dead set against increasing the minimum wage. In America, based on the claim of "higher standards" the basic minimum wage should be at or above $20 and hr..... but that won't happen without "inflation" breaking it down to be no more than what is $7 an hr. so... its a great deal of "fiction" in the system. The markets are filled with "hedging games', which means, that one is playing both sides against a "shrinking middle",, and at some point... something will not balance out.

We have no category of dominant "Industrial production", but a mass of commercial merchandisers, and tech companies selling social media and commercial enterprises, and next, companies like Google and Facebook is profiting from "Advertisements', and most of that is selling "foreign made products'.... so... the fiction is far greater than ever. Our financial system is functioning on "speculation" and frequency of "trades based on speculation', so where is there "real value assets"????? It appears not to be connected to much.

The major productions are done in "Foreign locations', even when it comes to fruits and vegetables. Oil comes from the Middle East, and now many of the big selling car companies have offshore plants, and others are foreign owned auto companies, that some are not built on U.S. soil....
We don't make shoes, we don't make tennis shoes, we don't make clothes, we don't even make the appliance that are in our homes, and even the building materials and gadgetry for building our homes is imported.

I get the point Trump claims of America needs Industry, but his methods are not going to force the CEO to bring back the companies, because Trump's family does not produce his goods on American soil, so why would any of them listen to him. The global supply chain is not in America, its in the Asian Region of the World... so... even if one built a factory, its parts used would come from foreign location.

It's exactly what Obama said.... America need to rebuild from the bottom up, and that means... a "whole new era of new technology and new products" produced by "small and growing business in America"... but there is no money directed into those areas.

so, its no wonder the "internet is suffering from slow and unstable and insecure structure, because companies are too buying playing "acquisition games' and no investing in building a strong, stable and durable system.

We can't even stop "hackers from continually invading massive companies and stealing massive data'..... So... ??????
"Wishing Everyone- A Wonderful Holiday Season"
Posted:Dec 23, 2017 5:08 am
Last Updated:Dec 26, 2017 11:24 am

We all deal with many things in many ways, as the basic duties of living and working to live well in mind, spirit and body in an ongoing experience.

To be thankful, is a blessing itself. To take time to appreciate is a gift in and of itself.

Everyday we learn something, and some days it is simply relearning something we thought we knew, only to see it in a broader perspective.

To be aware to know the actions that we take, impact the lives of others; is a gift in which consideration opens us to learn the values of our thoughts.

Such simple things become gifts unto ourselves, through the concerns and compassion for and of others. 'What a Blessing".

One may not get a diamond, or a sparkling new car, or even a handkerchief ... the gift from others may be a hello, a phone call, or simply a smile from a stranger or sharing laughter with a friend. Such gifts fill us with things, often time we may not know the true value until time moves on to bring us to acknowledge, that we are "appreciated".

"Wishing Everyone- A Wonderful Holiday Season"
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What Do You Think?
Posted:Dec 19, 2017 4:23 am
Last Updated:Dec 26, 2017 4:27 am

This site must have around 10 members or so.... if one would base the numbers on active participants, it seems there is a "extremely low number of blog posters" and even lower number of participants in the Magazine section.

I wonder if people know... the thing that makes a site's performance increase is the involvement and interactive efforts of its participants, especially of those who claim to be members; whether paid or unpaid.

This site is quite interesting in that it does not "bombard one with incessant advertising", it is not amassing "personal data" about its participants, beyond cataloging their posting and commentary. Bots from other internet organizations/businesses can only scan and catalog the posted commentary and attribute it to the handle. And it is not mandatory to list a long criterion of personal data.

The collection of sites the operator has, may well use the posted commentary on many of their array of sites that operate under a volumes of names. Still it leaves the choice up to the individual, as to their want to personally engage others. It too is the responsibility of the participants to be "discerning" to know who is real with being honest vs those who seek to scam others.

With the choice not to list a lot of personal data, then none has the immediate option to scam anyone, without the persons willing consent, by their not being vigilante to vet those whom they engage. As to money, "anyone", should know... the best way not to loose your money to the corrupt minded, is to "keep your money in your own pocket" and "don't" advertise whether you have any or not.

Over the years, various posting list a number of people who come and read, though it does not present a logical understanding, when it comes to ratio's as to commentary.

If one looked at stat's it may be a very, very low ratio between the number that read and comment, vs relation to the number that read and don't comment.

Often "any topic" can fall flat.... because people don't carry it forward.

I have no idea what the % of "those who actually make mating connections" or even friend connections beyond the familiarity among those who do post.

It's quite interesting that people would post their image, but not present commentary to discuss their thoughts and perspectives about something. Or even make comment about something. Does the picture represent a basic of "all" one thinks is necessary to make connections with others? And again, some, as myself have no posted pictures.

Maybe there is a difference considering this is a Multi-Country mix of people, there may be governing elements, that prevent some from interactions of presenting thoughts and addressing commentary.

As a globally accessible site... it seems that the site providers do a pretty good job of keeping the site open, without reliance on "advertising saturation on every page".

Likely it may be to the advantage of many that it operates in much part with no fee, but does require a fee to use some of its services. If it makes all services free, then it may have to resort to mass advertising to support itself. maybe we don't know a good thing when we see it.. especially in the world of the web today. Where many have a dominant reliance on "advertising' and all the advertising bots" that come with ad's. Its good this site, has not succumb to the intrusive pursuits of Facebook", by requiring a Facebook account to log on and use it.

It might be interesting to many uses to look at the differences in what is "social media" sites, and they may find... over the years... this site has managed to not overwhelm its members with incessant advertising, continual pressures to disclose a litany of personal stat data, and Advertisers can't target on by their email. (unless the site markets the emails one associates with the initial establishment of an account).

Who knows what data they actually collect, and what they do with it ???

They still offer the options to use it, by the use of a "chosen handle"...rather than a lot of other personal data. As to paid users, as with any business, it requires personal data to facilitate a payment method. But... even when I was a paid member, I did not see a mass of advertisement directed at may.. Although, I don't know if junk mail that came to me, was in any ways connected to such status.

At some point... things and time may change what is "Facebook" and the incessant data collection by entities such as Facebook and Google, or other companies that are large social media sites in other countries.

Anyone and Everyone should be with some care about what of "personal data" they allow themselves to post about themselves. It does not mean there are not means for site operators to do "data mining expeditions".... but, at least on is not willingly just posting a lot of personal data to entities, they know so little about, their internal business ethnics and actions.

The site even tells people, if you use its built in Mail, "do not" blindly send your personal contact information, to people you only know via short term unfamiliar associations.

It's even a benefit that this site does not "change its look and function" every 3 months or so. It has retained its model design for quite some time.

Maybe people don't know... when something remains simple and may well be though of as an overall suitable service for any to access and utilize?

What Do You Think?
focus and attention - is needed to deal with challenges
Posted:Dec 17, 2017 4:05 pm
Last Updated:Dec 22, 2017 5:46 am

focus and attention - is needed to deal with challenges

It's easy for "power to contain people". As many people are focused on money and their erogenous passions... much else slips right on past.

There is the world of Marketing and Advertising that drives the sense of wants and needs in people, until they become driven by the pursuits of "acquisitions"...
All the while there are systems which strips them of many things, by many claims the names as to the how and why.

The world has many things and not all are nice things in the ways of people.

What people have is a continual need to manage their focus.know ones self, and have a clear understanding of what is principally right, in the context of 'Treat your neighbor as you would yourself"...
For some that is hard. because not only are they not honest with themselves, some are simply living in a cycle of going from one desperation to the next and bringing themselves to a state of continual desperation.

Of all.. The questions continues from one generation to the next.. "What really matters" and "what matters most"....

The world works with a system of capitalism, even in the places that claim it is not so... they may deal with different types of what they consider the currency of value.. but still, it’s a form of capitalism. The basics and the connected necessities is all connected to some element of capitalism.
The sad part of that cycle.. There is the mentality and avarice which promotes the concept that there is never enough. No person can consume a billion in currency as an individual. Everyone, Rich or Poor; only get 24hrs a day, and one can only have time for so many things and one only can consume so much food.

Then it moves to the madness of "Power', and thus power becomes far too often an act of evil... but it too must fight pure and overt evil, and in doing so, it finds it difficult to find a balance to sustain what is "good" and what benefits many.

We as a world are moving to face many things... some areas will in the future have challenges with the basic simplicity of "water', others even today, have issue with challenges for the basics of food. then there is "shelter'... across the world, it is many things in many places.

One has to know themselves and what is their system of values, and what is within their heart and their spiritual self.... Otherwise, they will become lost in many things and by many ways, and some become caught in the treacheries of the world....

If one advertise themselves as a toy of pleasure, how can they expect not to be toyed with? Therefore... it is important to represent ones self and make good use of focus and attention, to remain prepared to deal with challenges.

Life is an interesting experience and has many things within.

Focus and attention - is needed to deal with challenges
a great joke
Posted:Dec 15, 2017 1:05 pm
Last Updated:Dec 16, 2017 7:33 am

I found this from long ago. (10 yrs ago)
by: goannaoil

Talking dog

A guy is driving around and he sees a sign in front of a house: "Talking For Sale."

He rings the bell and the owner tells him the is in the backyard.

The guy goes into the backyard and sees a Labrador retriever sitting there.

"You talk?" he asks.

"Yes, I do," the Lab replies.

"So, what's your story?"

The Lab looks up and says, "Well, I diovered that I could talk when I was pretty young. I wanted to the government, so I told the CIA about my gift, and in no time at all they had me jetting from country to country, sitting in rooms with spies and world leaders, because no figured a would be eavesdropping. I was of their most valuable spies for running."

"But the jetting around really tired me out, and I knew I wasn't getting any younger so I decided to settle down. I signed up for a job at the airport to do some undercover security wandering near suspicious characters and listening in."

"I uncovered some incredible dealings and was awarded a batch of medals. I got married, had a mess of puppies, and now I'm just retired."

The guy is amazed. He goes back to the house and asks the owner how much he wants for the dog.

"Ten dollars," the owner says.

"Ten dollars?" the guy gasps. "This is amazing. Why on earth are you selling him so cheap?"

"Because he's a damned liar. He never did any of that stuff!"
Did I find Love In My Dreams
Posted:Dec 15, 2017 12:49 pm
Last Updated:Jun 16, 2024 11:19 am

an old post



did I find love in my Dreams
felt kind of happy after waking up...maybe I slept good.. or maybe I found love in my dreams..
but when I awakened.. I was al in bed..
maybe I was hugging some as I slept.. but it was probably of my 4 pillows..
the covers are not too wrinkled.. so i'm sure I must have been al through the night..
maybe I will take a nap.. and see if love visit's me .. during my dream..
who knows I may wake up to find a woman of beauty beside me..

(( its been a long time since they wiped that blog away, I think its likely the handle has been hijacked as well))
The Shape Shift of the World of Nations
Posted:Nov 2, 2017 6:02 pm
Last Updated:Jan 12, 2018 5:13 am

As the info unfolds, nations governance systems are watching, but more so the people of nations are watching.
The uncovering of how "dark money" in the money washing machine is exposed, not only will many other nations come to terms that if such things happen to America with its claims of such high standards of finance systems... then other nations know it too can and many it is happening to them as well.

This will likely set off a series of acts that uncover the money trails that have damaged many countries, destroyed industries and in the process damaged societies and caused much havoc in the sphere of families.

The "profit by any means' at all cost... has been costly.... standards have fallen and quality in goods and service is today worst than any time in the worlds economic functional societies. With the systems of checks and balances, has been bought out by the "money gatherers manipulations", which has damaged society around the world.
The world faces some issue... the population grows, and the commodities that people now consume is more deadlier than ever before, the chemical consumption that is thrust upon people, the damage to the massive Oceans, and the decline of fresh water... are only a few things in the madness which "GREED" has caused damage unto; some irreversible, and some diminished in the potential to be reversed within our lifetime.

The saying that "The Meek Will Inherit The World' is more likely today, than it has been over the past few 100's of yrs. Mankind's greed has made him "ignorant", and his vanity has fed into him the spirit of Avarice... and what results is damage to anything and everything for the sake of gain... and the more such types gain, the more void they feel and as the void grows by their greed for gain, they become obsessive with aims to destroy more than they care to serve and protect.

The ascension of such a Imbecilic Greed Drive Megalomaniac has ushered in a destructive level, which is showing the attitude to destroy in pursuit to dominate. Such mindsets are many, being exposed in places about the world... When such Mad Men fight in their Avarice driven pursuits.... the world is then pushed a point of challenge that may become the unthinkable.

This is the results of mad men and fools of vanity, when the spirit is Avarice is the basis of their malice driven pride
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Chaos and other stuff.....
Posted:Aug 18, 2017 6:05 pm
Last Updated:Aug 26, 2017 1:59 pm

So much changed for the worst quite quickly on the National Stage and it impacted changes on the International Stage as well.... The Trump Presidency, has presented an ugly image of America to the World.

Most have long known that racism was an issue in America, The Right Wing went into crazy mode the minute Obama was elected with their Tea Party and the Republican Congress taking a Pledge to Oppose anything and everything. Taking such a pledge was also a pledge against their Oath of Office.
The stirring the pot by Trump persisted for 8 yrs, and then he took it a step further in the campaigning, and as President he's moved it even further into the sphere of trying to reinvigorate the racisms of the past.
Trump grew up, as a Jim Crow Baby from a Jim Crow Tonality of Wealthy White Enclaves, his history and that of his family if one care to trace it back has been one with racist ideals as well as racist drive within his business models as well. Housing Discrimination has long been within his sphere.

Trump business is focused on the well to do from the upper most levels of top tier middle class economics, to the wealthy, to the pander to the rich. He makes nor sells anything that was directed to Average Americans. It is quite certain his actuaries told him, that when the wealthy declines in the areas he caters to, then be concerned. Thus so, his concern has no depth for the low income earners or even the moderate middle class, because they are not part of his Brands customer base. It is not in his clientele interest to pay higher wages, so he stands against raising the minimum wage, it is not in his business models interest to pay taxes, nor is paying taxes in his ideal for those whom are among his clientele and the target groups he wants to market his brand.
The plan to move $780 BILLION to give away to the wealthy at the expense of the aged, the sick, the youth and the working poor. demonstrated that his concerns are targeted to the groups that supports his brand. He has not hesitated to demonstrate that he does not want people around him who are not wealthy, and he has no concern for the ideals of people who are not wealthy.

His ideals is that the wealthy control and the general public is "The Service Class", and they should be relegated to Service Class Labor. His plan to make use of people as "Apprentices" is as similar to what the Plantation Owners tried after slavery, which was to give themselves a "free labor pool" of young people under the guise of "Apprentices"... they were not paid !!! If he can push that agenda, he give the wealthy generations upon generations of indentured servant wage levels, as he uses the youth of the working poor American Families Offspring's.

He pushed the change of policy about jobs maintain safety record, where they would not be required to maintain such, then if people get hurt they have no recourse.

Nothing of ideals will change, because his concept is about money... he has talked about it on the International Stage and he has focused upon it in every aspect to move the money in the hands of the wealthy even more than it currently exist.

Sadly, he has no idea how to improve American's Industrial system, because it was the wealthy who shipped away industry and invested in every aspect of industry on foreign shores seeking slave wage labor. In doing so, they weakened America from every aspect, and those who amassed wealth, squandered it; which led to the crash of 2007-2008 and devastated the people and the systems. Every Republican Administration for the past 50 or so years, has damaged the economy and in doing so, took back the gains people made, and left people and our society in worst economic, social and civic conditions with many challenges.

President Obama did good work to build back the economic system, but Republican forces would not help him remove the cycles of "greed chasing" from the system.
Trump plans to open the "greed gates again", but he wants also to open the import gates for "illicit monies to flow was well". Unaware that such can damage not only the American economy more so, but equally so, wreak severe damage within the world currencies as well.

..... and other stuff...
The Answer for America is exactly as President Obama said... We have to REBUILD FROM THE BOTTOM UP, WITH A FAIR PLAY SYSTEM.... That means, invigorate small business start ups, and focus on new industry, new technology and new 21st Century modeling. Trump does not think in such terms... he has duped people to think, he can bring back what cannot be brought back. The past can never be re-created in real time living of the world!!! It's always in motion toward the future. The past is recorded, what is best for man... is to learn from the past.

Nations that build for their people and manage their business to not sell off their legacy establishment nor their legacy national marquee entities, and not barter away their infrastructure, with indebtedness to foreign entities.
Those who choose well, will be those who choose the pathways to uplifting their people. Nations that Nurture the Culture of Small Business Development will be the nations that lead in the future. American must come to terms to understand, that all big business was developed from small business over time.
It is necessary to build and inspire the culture of the youth to think in terms of being enterprising, not giving all their focus to thinking they will secure a high paying jobs at a multi-national company.

As we muddle through the Chaos... we will emerge an awakened nation.... President Obama saw it, he knew that Diplomacy was the Program for International Relations, and he knew that Cooperative Agreements was the best way to set the stage for future improvement in modifying and rectifying Trade.

Now it is up to the people to re-learn the value of relationships.. both of the heart and of the soul... in living, in business, in the home and within the families ... The time of divisiveness has no place within the future. America is, and has been Multicultural and Multi Ethnic and now it must be so... with "Equality for All"... Then, the brighter future takes it shape and moves with a renewed sense of values into the future.
Continuation of - Over The Years
Posted:Jul 2, 2017 7:28 am
Last Updated:Jul 18, 2017 7:02 pm
Continuation from [blog Over the years]

I use to write on here with high frequency. I do gather what "1ClassyLady" said, regarding the reasons some may not comment on things. as well the comments by others.

Its interesting.... the differences and the motivations of various individuals.

Where as with many Americans, most any subject will gain interactive commentary in generalized "American Forums". I write most days on another blog... some of the stuff people write is "out there", and that site has exposed a vast amount of bigotry, bias and racism and people pushing various segregationist commentary.
I write there, and talk about the 'history' they fail to discuss and some don't want to acknowledge.
In life, if there is to be unity, it has to understand what in history created and promoted so much disunity, because actions influence minds and can do so for generations.
Not only in America, but the mindset that is put forth about people from other lands.. and its time to 'get over that stuff"... because "people in general are just people".
It is up to each person to understand what is influential propaganda and what is of and about human decency and respect of persons.

Years ago when I came to this site, it was likely because I like Asian women, but I did not go in some all out pursuit on the website. I gravitated to the blog and magazine section, to talk about "life, times and things'.
As to women, there is a common denominator, and that is the "pretty factor", most women know they can utilize it, and in some cases that makes communicating very different... because the factor of reality; where in some cultures (it may be the same in many cultures), as to the ideology of: "to pursue some level of the wealth factor and then consider if you might like or not like someone."

I don't particular care for that premise, regardless of what country people are from. But not liking it, will not change the nature of how many people have been groomed, are groomed and will be groomed. The materialism has persisted for generations. Will it ever change... I'd say, "Only as it relates to Individuals"... but as for that being vanquished from societies. I don't know.

As to the political, whether people know it or not, the politic's of any country has a level of effect upon every country. Thus it is good to try to learn about the politics of not only the country one lives, but the politics of other countries as well.
There is no country without corruption in politics, beause the human being become overcome by thoughts of power and greed stands as a temptation before any and many choices they make. It is a matter of having policies and laws and then having a system that can and will hold them accountable and penalized them.

As a global society of people, when there is one representing the people, it is up to the people to pay attention... and to address it as best they can, within what ever system they live. Some have systems where its easy and some have systems were it is very difficult.

The world will change more, with the nature of the Computer continually connecting people. Its been 22 yrs since 1995 when the Computer became more common in the lives of many. By the 25-30 yrs mark, it will become even more so. Government likely have been very keen on this point as to how and what they will do to manage it. But with the massive nature of social media, it is a very daunting task that eventually there will have to be a platform that function more universal across all boundaries. Now, with Cloud computing, it stores data in the massive system, and as more and more people can access these systems storage programs, it will make even more data flow around the globe.

I think the younger generations as they come into position, influence and power, they will demand changes... We have a segment of generation today caught up in material opulence, and material matter and money hoarding. But at some point the future generation will come to understand, that "money is a tool", and if it is not working for the people, and hoarded by a few, it causes inflation to all.
It devastates some while others become more wealthy than they could ever make functional usage of. It may not be a matter of who has the most money, but who has the best systems that help the greatest number of people. That is a far different valuation which is equated different in terms of raw currency. It is not conducive with "hoarding".

At some point government will have to take control over Natural Resources when it comes to "Trade between Countries'... and take for example "Oil".. instead of independent Oil making deals with foreign government, the Independent Oil may have to make their deals with their own Government to acquire what they need to process and market. Thus, they can have no dealing with Foreign Government, and it become a national security commodity, where government makes such trades, and any investments in the research to find more will be a joint funding between government, and not independent companies.
It has to change, beause independent companies have fueled too much global conflict for the pursuits and acquisition of Natural Resources.

It may take a major calamity to push such change, that too is not so unlikely considering the conflicts raging around the globe today.

Even in commercial commodities, there has to be a change, because each country must find a way to "keep its own people working" or it collapses from within. The same things that built up nations, "which is people working", is the same thing that brings down nations "when people are not working".... People long ago busted the system of Quota's, but there may come a modified version, because every country must produce no less than 30-40% maybe more of what their citizens consume. Brand quality has to change, because we are stockpiling "waste" in every country at an alarming rate, and we are "wasting" natural resources producing "everything disposable", and we may well end up back at producing "durable goods" capable of parts replacement, rather than dump it and buy another and fill up the landfills. Why? Because Recycling is Slow, and there are not advanced enough processes to "Recycle the Volume" of waste we generate as a global society. Not even on consumable, certainly not when it come to hardware products.

People think in terms of A.I. ( Artificial Intelligence) as if it will be a change that all embrace, but as it is implemented, it also will compile data and show these things in a presentation that can't be ignored. Then... what? It can only come to the conclusion that waste management elevates to a high priority, and recycling has to become efficient, where what ever it made has to have data that explains how it can and will be recycled. Technology does not add in the emotional elements, and it does not factor to pursue the greed component, it puts out "data" that is based on logical analysis and summation.

People may think they complain about regulatory governance, and we have a current President trying to destroy Regulations in everything from Climate to Banking and even the maintaining of health and safety rules in the employment sector. He is setting us up for great calamity, and the world community will rebel, when they are going in a direction to build in regulations, because they see and know with their massive populations, it is a "must do".!!! Based on the Trump Agenda, America may become "the pariah", when it come to global environmental concern, and if it promotes more of this anti regulation, it may become the monster that ate at itself. the world spent lots of resources to put a system in place to identify where " natural resources originated" to attack the abuse of people when such resources are found. Yet, this Administration wants to abolish those regulations and not care to identify where resources were originated. Equally so, it wants to open the doors for illicit monies to flow "un-checked", which is a recipe for financial calamity... and the world of nation will stand up against it, because it impacts their currency as well, and in such impacts it hurts their people.
The entire world is aware of the issued caused by Russian illicit money moving and the other currencies it entices to join in such a game, and who gets hurt is the people of nations that play in that game, because its leadership become corrupt and greedy and the general population of people suffer the results.

We may find "young people" from many countries joining together within the next "5" or so years (maybe even sooner) to change the paradigm on "wealth hoarding".
Today, we can look at nations and see the issues, Japan, has a disasterous birth rate, as the women are more interested in professional status and wealth accumulation above making family, we have in various nations such as America where young people are strapped for education that produces worthless degree and saddle them with unreal debt. we have many that are jobless and increasing numbers of young people 'relatively homeless, except in cases where some can stay with family longer', we have simple things that tell stories, such as massive cars being produced, and people buy them and within a year or two it is repossessed or some issue comes and if they get another, they are tagged with excessive interest rates. The game of money has made homes in some areas so far out of the affordable range, and the people with the wealth cause the cost to go up, to keep those with less money out, and then there is the continual process of gentrification, which forces people out of areas they spent much of their lives.
We have society making more and more policy that disenfranchises the aged, and now in American, we see a massive wealth transfer away from public schools to private schools and this pushes cost prohibition that deny quality education to the masses. When all things that built up a nation are dismantled, so too is the nation dismantled.
In the past 30 yrs, we have seen nearly all prospering Asian nation exceed America in building and innovation in how they do so and the technology they incorporate surpass America at a rate of more than 60:1 and in some areas 100:1. In American there is the existence of not even one "high speed rail" for the public transportation needs of an expanding society. Yet, China has built one that practically spans across its country.
We see places that have incorporated "green design" in all they build and do, one need only look at Singapore, and then Look at the quality standards of maintenance being upheld in other Asian nations.
China has moved on... it developed "mutual benefit relations" with Africa, where it has the capability to have "Fair Play" trade with natural resources, and the AIIB is backed by many many nations.

As to the Middle East, at some point America has to get out, and realize these are two 'opposing ideologies", and the common ground will not be gained by "impositions". It will "only" be the people of those regions that will determine when they have had enough of killing each other... And if and when the decline of reliance on Fossil Fuel diminishes, so too will the radicalism of petrol capitalism influenced conflicts that play out under the pretense of religion.

We see what happened to Africa with the resource madness and all the people displaced by the manipulative warring factions produced refugee camps of millions, and now we are watching the Middle East with people made into refugees in the numbers of millions, with devastated lands people once called home.

At some point... the people will become tired of such, and the compassion of people in other lands as they learn more how it impacts them, even thought they are not made into refugees, they will have no choice but to choose "humanity concerns" over greed. The Reckoning will be what a Reckoning is... (the action or process of calculating or estimating something.)....

This precisely what the younger generation is learning. "how to factor and use data to do so". Many will be driven to think in humanitarian terms, because they've witnessed so much senseless violence and see so much of what greed devastated. How advances have moved the wealth into one realm and the poor into one that is lagging in not only the usage of the available technology, but having so much un-introduced to them.

Japan's example of society change. People once had jobs for life, their invested interest were for the , and now they have a generation that does not want , they want community popularity via status and materialism, today, they have a massive rise in suicide, homeless. (quoted text-Homeless In Japan) "The vast majority of Japanese homeless are men over the age of 40. There's a fair amount of age discrimination in Japan's labor market. In addition to the homeless there are a considerable number of Japanese youth who are living on the edge — sleeping in internet cafes and working temporary or part-time jobs. Homeless in Japan appear to try to stay out of the way. Building makeshift shelters in remote locations. Japanese homeless people are remarkably polite and quiet. They never ask for money. This is somewhat ironic because Japanese people would be likely to donate if asked.
Japanese people tend to ignore the homeless and give them space. Homeless in Japan are rarely harassed by the police (or anyone).
Japan is a wealthy country with a fairly equal distribution of wealth (relative to countries such as the United States). In other words, Japan has a large and thriving middle class. In fact, over 90 percent of Japanese people are considered middle class.
The aging population is not something easily fixed or there is no quick fix solution."

China has had a dramatic Society Change... and its in fast pace to be of many more changes....

One can look at changes in societies around the globe... Monetary matters have become more pronounced and much is more public than before the internet. the good and the bad, the challenged and the challengers... and people are exposed to many ways that life is lived, of which many had no thought of, nor awareness to consider. Previous generations values are changed, and technology has presented so much that goes beyond in ethics as well as generalized lifestyles.

Innovation of "every sort" are now engaged at a rate that even alarms the general population, not just in technology, but in lifestyles, and gender matters of relations, it has changed the fabric of societies all over the world. money-Sex-Power has become a fixture that is compounded in how its dominated so much where cultural manner at one time had a great influence upon character; that pushed back the cycle of money-Sex- Powers advances and methods.

What comes next?

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