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By living today, we build what become tomorrow. We must know what was within Yesterday, to understand what we are faced with today.

Over the years
Posted:Jun 3, 2017 5:44 am
Last Updated:Jul 2, 2017 7:28 am

I wrote here for many years, one blog with more than 20k posting got wiped out, and the current blog has been up for a number of years.

I gravitated away from the site in the last few years because people are simply not "interactive enough" on subjects.
I find it an oddity that a number of people can read various post and have nothing of commentary to say, to add and expand subject interactions.

There was a time when this program was more engaging, even the magazine section was engaging.
The design of the blog script is a good layout, simple and easy to use, but the people are mostly silent about far too many subjects.
Even with the simplicity of the script program, people are simply not engaging to subject matter...

I write on citi-data, which has far more interactions. (funny), it is filled with a great many Right Wing Minded people, who go way out in right field on so many items, which often pushes bigotry, bias and old time racism, and its interesting to engaging them on such madness. Some are hung up on their confabulations about the 1950's and some seek to return to the era of segregated madness.
The oddity is, it exposes the very reasons why American has fallen in so many ways.

I find it interesting to see how many people are so politically illiterate, and how many are wrapped up in denial and engage in deflection to avoid truths of history.
The Golden Rule - is the power that heals the world
Posted:Apr 27, 2017 6:22 pm
Last Updated:Jun 3, 2017 11:56 am

The world has become of such dimensional variables of desperation's, that people now choose every form of radicalism with a claim to want change.

One God, One Rule

The Golden Rule

The simplicity of matters of change, they ignore. The premise of "The Golden Rule", is something it seems nation after nation continues to ignore.

After all the centuries and all the battles and conflicts and man still can't figure it out, that a principle of such simplicity can make all the difference in the world come to a level where societies can build frameworks which unify rather than divide.

"Everyone is Never going to be Happy with Everything"

Society could find more reasonable means to build consensus, but it basically has to be a "Majority Rule Among what a Society Adopts as its Policies, Regulations, Guidelines and understand that as a system, it can't function to achieve such, without regulatory governance.

Raw Natural Resources should only be Traded by Nation to Nation through their governance system. Private companies conducting the business of Natural Resource Trading is and will always create divisiveness and conflicts that result in damages to the Civility of Society.

Natural Resources should be labeled as "National Security Elements", that belong to the people of a nation, and only that nations government can Trade it. Thus the Money goes into the Government Coffers and WITHIN a nation, then private companies that want to use those natural resource, can buy them from their respective government in their respective country.

Example: If an Private Oil Company wants to buy Oil, then it buys it from It's Nations Government. Then it can process it, refine it do what it takes to make marketable products. It can sell those products, globally.

When exploration in any country is in need of assistance, Then if Multiple Nations Government want to invest with other nations to extract it, then they do it through a "unique body of system" ... where a nation that can't fund it own exploration can borrow from this system, and pay the system back, from the proceed it gains from its sales. Then ... "No Country" has Undue Influence upon any other country. Using the Rate of Exchange - Everyone pays the same price for what they want to buy from the nation that is selling the Natural Resources to another Nation. Some nations may consume more than other nations, therefore there can be a quota system set up as to what is on the market to be sold. Once your buy your allotted volume. Then if you need more, you can buy it from another nations allotment, at a 10% transaction fee....

Restricted Ore that can be used for unscrupulous purpose, can only be bought or sold through a special Global Unity that handles the sales of such resources. The company that produces it, must submit their production of it to this Special Global Unit, and monitors are sent to make certain, that the policy is honored by all.

We have to figure out how to make the UN work in such ways, by adding in the Divisions which can facilitate these functions.

If we did that, we could develop some management to control better the system of Natural Resource Greed, where private companies go into other country and destabilize them with "policy shift games of playing one side against the other in a circular process".

We have the Computing Power in the world today to mange such a huge process. We have the technology to make if efficiently productive in managing such.

If we could achieve that, all the "Greed Gouging that exist today" would not be within the frame work for nations to encroach by collusive means within other countries.

Examples of the current mess can be seen with Oil, and any Natural Resource, when it found, in any poor country and private industry comes in, they all bring a "goon squad", that pays off one side that is favorable this year, and next year push the other side to over throw the former side, and claim to offer a better deal... and then factions within that country "fight" and the private industry scoops up what it wants in the middle of the chaos it created.
Lives are lost, civil unrest become prevalent ... eventually, these same private companies influence politicians until war ensues, in a power grab for the resource; and the world population become a refugee population on a nomadic trek with no place to go.

That has happened around the globe, and continues to be the theme of private industries manner and process when it seek to capture the access to resources.

Every nations economy would function, the governments will have funds to support civic programs for its society, and private industry in every country can thrive. People can be employed.

Consume goods can be bought and sold across border, and quotas maintained and managed so, there is no mass dumping by one nations upon another.

Global Trade Imbalances has been and is a havoc making system, as nations abandoned the Quota system. All nations have a standard volume they trade as an allocated agreement, and 5 % above that quote, must pay a 10% duty. anything that exceed that 5% will be hit with a 50% duty, as a deterrent.

Then we would need a global standardization of price for goods. That can be factored by the rate of exchange equations that current exist when factoring how economies function. If it cost $10 in America, then it cost $10 in China's currency valuation. This requires "Quality standards to be met in production"... If we achieve this, then we also cut down on "waste" (as we currently waste a lot by production of inferior products that does not meet a general basic standard). Thus we have a "Minimum Global Standard", If some specialty products are made, then one can market it to those who can afford it at an increased cost, but other countries that have met the same standard for upscale products, also can make and market it at the same increased cost.

Fair Play --- has to be Fair Play.... Again, as to quota's, if one country can't buy its full quota by itself, it can sell the % of its quota to whom ever, at a 10% transaction rate.

Every country will benefit, because people can then travel and engage tourism with each other across the globe. and share in the benefits of what tourism generates in the consumption of what it has to offer to the tourist.

God principles work, if man works it. "The Golden Rule"

In the civil community society has to stop playing "gender games" and again get back to the God Principle - Man and Woman is within Gods Creation were made to be "Help Mates" - thus so, man need to stop using his "gaming of religion" to put women at a disadvantage and under situation as if man owns her. She owns herself.. she was born by herself, and she will die by herself. The best that Man can be to Woman is a Help Mate, and the best than Woman can be to Man is a Help Mate.

Man has to come to terms to put "God Principles" Above, Partisan Religious Ideologies.
"The Golden Rule"

Should always be more powerful than any Religious Ideology Gaming that man has created.

One God, One Rule

The Golden Rule
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Tricks of the Trade.
Posted:Mar 26, 2017 10:42 am
Last Updated:Apr 27, 2017 6:19 pm

so... who's had love and met challenges?

Has it made you reluctant? You only have to be honest with yourself!

It is those challenges you must find means to overcome- or love will remain a distance from your grasp. Pain has made many seek perfection, yet, it has too made them realize they are not themselves perfect...
Thus so>>> So Truth shall indicate that one has to grasp self and come to terms, that what has been found is" Love is Work", it shall not give one everything they want as the minds may dream, but the dreams only serve to give ideas what to invest your effort to work for.

If money is the matter, you may have already hung up your gloves in the search for love.
If you are looking for a equal match of dollars, and not a equal match for the heart, you may be standing in your own way.... You may have already made money more important than love, thus so, if such is true, then you've chose to search in vain and wonder why your options remain slim.

If its sex that is the kicker for you, you may find that such is a fleeting infrequency, sometimes its just the mechanical motions and even at times it's a self focused desire... Therefore, one must figure it out. and come to terms that it will never be the one be all fulfill all, that one can stake the whole of the relations upon.

Tricks of the Trade... is to give and share, appreciate and care and accept that not every thing will meet with a 50-50. That's just the nature of life and love and certainly it is within the process of living.

Looks will find that age will make many changes, the youthful soft skin glow is just that, a youthful soft skin glow.... time and reality changes that too. and most certainly the teenage "slim", does not last a lifetime, it is what it is, teenage slim....

So... its to the ones who come to such reality who give themselves a better change to find and embrace the activities of building love.

It's always a matter of whom you choose to share the appreciations and relations and whom you chose to engage the ups and down for the better growth of love to be found.

No One, is guaranteed the future so many "Lay in Wait" as if they have forever to find an make love grow and work. Life is such... that we get it where we find it, work to make it be the best it can be, and accept that we can't make perfect in life... as we can't even make our individual selves perfect...

So... one must overcome themselves FIRST, if they expect to find and share the building of love mate.
Everyone is special within their own mind, therefore, never make ones-self so special they omitted everyone else, because they shall find nothing but their own vanity continually depriving them of even the opportunity to share the moments of their living.

You make your choice--- and when its said and done... seek to not lay blame one way or the others, because it is what it is, and it happens "moment by moment" and you have an active par in how it shapes up.

Learn the Tricks of the Trade.... Of Love... and you may find yourself, sharing love with someone. it's never any more harder than we make it.

Respect before you Expect, and you just might find continually, more to appreciate
the madness of "Repeal This", "Repeal That", This should alarm people.
Posted:Jan 6, 2017 5:13 am
Last Updated:Jan 13, 2017 4:16 pm

Trumps policy is like Ping Pong. He basically shoots from the hip. No real plan, and the only agenda, is the same as many other Republicans.
"Repeal Anything Obama Achieved"... It's nothing new, "SOME" white people have been trying to erase black historical achivements from the record books since the beginning of America. The more they attack the more detailed information comes that continues to show how instrumental black people have been through out American's history.

Even when it comes to respecting the Constitution, if white people had respected the Constitution, there would not have been a need for a Civil Rights Act, but it was that Act that was necessary to teach white people how to respect the Constitution as being for ALL AMERICAN PEOPLE. Otherwise they'd have gone on abusing and misusing people from another century.

Can't even believe that Fox Had some special on Black Achievements In America.

Type this (below) into Google: click the link and go watch the video

Fox News Caught Telling The Truth About Founding Fathers Of United States Being Black
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Posted:Nov 9, 2016 5:36 pm
Last Updated:Dec 8, 2016 4:36 am


The Nation of America "Awakened" and found out that there is no predictability of the mass of American People.

We know that white people came out of the woodwork's to cast their votes; the good thing is people voted!!! The other matter is, people who had been apathetic about politics awakened to know that they have to invest themselves into the politics and they have to force themselves to pay attention. Republican "NOW" have to FACE FACTS THAT EXIST: "No more drama and ignoring facts, now for once the Right Wing has to acknowledge and deal with facts, and dispense with drama that rejects facts.

Those who have no cared about facts, must now learn better to care about facts, those whom were led by emotions and drama, are now faced with gaining information and working to develop and have understanding. Anguish driven votes are not enough!!! It's time now that people have to pay attention, be aware and learn. The white people who voted based on skin color association and some voted from fear of the growing diversity, they too have to pay attention, they too have to learn and they too have to grow beyond bias and they are now driven by reality to overcome and face their own racism, they have to come to terms with their bigotry, and they have to come to learn and grow to respect the nation, its governance and gain a new-found respect for the value of "democracy".

For some, this will be very hard, for others they will make the change and turn the curve and make the corrections to learn that American is diverse and will not become less diverse but it will become more diverse. Trump has a task bigger than he imagined and all the campaign drama, has now turned into a direct responsibility placed solely within his administration. He alienated the Republican System, therefore the system is forced by its act of going silent and hiding in the shadows, afraid to speak one way or the others, now the tone, temperament and the ideology of the party has to change or it shall fade into obscurity, and independents will become the second great party of this nation and Republican will become a weakened third part, that is barely recognizable.

When it comes to the Constitution, people are now forced to learn more than the point that it contains the Second Amendment, they will have to learn the whole of the Constitution, and in doing so, they may find they have no choice but to learn the true value of Democracy is based in "Equality" which means a respect for ALL American's. This is, the age and era of changing "Hearts and Minds". Either Trump accepts that major work or he fails miserably and so does the mass of white society place them in a situation that will devastate the white race from within itself. Therefore, they have to bury the delusion of "white superiority", they have to bury with it, the bigotry, and the racism. Trump is now faced with the task of dealing with the forces of such types that he has embolden, now he has to have the fortitude and the will and the mindset to educate them on the value of diversity and lead them to the understanding of what is Equality and he has to teach them how to embrace it, live in unison with it and support it, not just for image sake, but within their hearts and minds.

It's quite likely many who had never voted came out and many who are and were filled with fear that the image of the white person was not holding the positions they once held, and many white people were terrified of what it means to support and promote diversity, came running to the polls.
In the end game, it’s what it is; now, the proof of performance is squarely on them. They won't have the choice to blame minorities, nor women or anyone.

We as people are not going into any immediate anger fits, because one thing we do know, the world changes and it will continue to change. Trump has to face the reality of the job. It's no longer a whimsical, stand on the outside and talk and talk and talk. It's time now to perform. The fact of the matter is simple, he has to work for everyone or his ship sinks like the Titanic. Campaign drama is one thing, but the issues of the day has never failed to whittle down the pie in the sky hope as it has done for every President in History.

It will be no different for Trump, he has a job on his hand to deal with the Alt Right, KKK Types and even the Segregationist Minded, and they are now his baby to nurse and train to learn to be and work and join with all people. Either he achieves that objective or that sector will bring him issues he never dreamed to want to face.

No matter how the cut goes and comes in Trump winning, "There Is No Magic Wand" - The same overly exaggerated expectation that was placed on President Obama, are now Placed On Trump. No President has ever nor can ever live up to the overly exaggerated expectations. If that was even a remote possibility, Resident Obama would have waved a wand if one had existed. Trump won't be waving one either, because reality will show it, the "magic wand" does not exist.
One thing that President Trump will learn and come to acknowledge quickly, is a new found respect for President Obama, when he find out how challenging it is to advance the whole of a nation.

Trump does has one advantage, he is of the white skin that white people give credit simply for being white, Let's hope it gives him the ability to work diligently and stay focused for all the people. Because he certainly can bring great harm to the image of white man, if he makes the wrong and disastrous choices that show bigotry and racism, or any of such divisiveness.
Trump will find many things that he had not considered, even with a Republican Congress, he will find that there will be no dictator like acts to take place. He will gain a new-found respect for how and why President Obama used Executive Orders, and Trump is likely to go down in History as the President who uses the most Executive Orders ever in the office of President.

One thing about black people and democrats as a whole, "We work with whomever is President". We got through Presidents like "Nixon" and we got through Presidents like "Reagan". Nixon set up to ship out job and set the table for Outsourcing, Escalated war in Vietnam, and Reagan, put interest rates out of reach of black people and working poor whites and dire poor whites, and he flooded us with drugs, and he took money from higher education and claimed that anyone who wanted higher education should pay top premium for it, and he disenfranchised millions of American poor whites, working poor whites, women and minorities, but people found a way, regardless of the aims of Reagan's efforts to make schools un-affordable for the working poor, the poor, women and minorities.

He has to face the music of the world and learn to dance differently, and he has to learn the steps quickly, because he cannot bully tackle any of the nations whom now have their own power and many whom hold our debt.

I've written volumes about these very thing of which Trump focused on, aroused and of the belligerence that dominated his campaign. Now that belligerence has placed a very high responsibility back in his hand. Before it was talk that he had not to deal with the responsibility of what it produced, but now, as President he has to become to face the responsibility of how to manage, and change that belligerence into unity, and positive team-working as American people. If he fails to take on that task, or fails at that task, he will have failed as President, not just domestically, but on the International and Global scale.

He now has to figure out, how to remove the blight, and how to rebuild old towns and rebuild old factories and how to get the many people who have hidden wealth on foreign shores and how to convince the Executives to build industry on American soil. IF he cannot effect change in how professors teach, then a new crop of the same greed monsters will continue the search for slaves on foreign soils.
IN SOME RESPECTS, It did not matter if Trump of Clinton won, these exact same elements would need to be dealt with by either person who won office, because these "exact same elements" had all been put on the table and all had been fed with drama during the campaigning.. So, be it Trump or Clinton, these are the issues that neither could have escaped, regardless of who wins as President.

It is without a doubt, that Trump will learn firsthand the works that President Obama engaged, and time will show, that Trump will make the turn in mind and turn in awareness that he has to build upon many things President Obama set in motion, or Trump will find a level of economic and social depression that he has never imagined, as well as a level of chaos that will turn even his most devoted followers to launch their attack at him. Now, he has to show skill, and tact to achieve such a task.
Every President learns from the one before them, and they find out that much of what they must do involves working with and through many things their predecessor engaged. When it comes to programs and financial matters on the big table, Trump is to learn that what he condemned is far better than he thought it was looking from the outside, and he has to build upon it, to move things forward.

He will know firsthand how "hard change is to make", if it was easy President Obama would have achieved all the changes he envisaged. But reality sets in, from acts of war, terrorism, natural disasters and every day unplanned challenges that are unpredictable. Trump will find that priority have no choice but to alter their arrangement and influence the motion of the agenda of the Office. These are realities that every President has faced, and shock and challenge has been a part of each administration as they engage this reality.

Every Ardent Fan of Trump of the past year and one half, are now tasked with their own personal challenge, that challenge includes demonstrating their abandoning bigotry, their growth beyond racism and their relinquishing their lust for segregationist agenda. That is a task that every supporter must now face within themselves. For some this will be very difficult and for some it will mean they must invest in reeducating themselves to learn to respect the diversity of others. Now, the truth hits reality, they ask for this change, now they must be willing within themselves to change. If they fail to do so, then they invite a calamity of many sorts that will engulf them into acts of internal combustion as they set themselves up in individual flame outs. The Alt Right - are now being faced with a challenge to come to terms with humanity, or they will find themselves fighting themselves and as such if they choose to stick with the evils of their current agenda, they will feed on themselves until they are brought to their own demise within their own actions.

Yes, Trump has a big job, which has components that exceed the commentary he spoke during his campaigns, because now, the words spoken will be and become the measure of the man. If they don't meet with the measure of America and adhere to the American Constitution, then his own words will bring him ruins.
Trump will too find, that State Rights, cannot usurp Federal Rights and Federal Policy, this will force a change to the agenda of Confederate Ideology, and if he does not bury the Confederate Ideals, he will find a disaster being all consuming that will bring a Constitutional Crisis upon and across this nation.

Democrats did not pose nor push threats of conflict and violence; they understand that the task before the President is bigger always than what is campaign drama. Be it Clinton or Trump, and now Trump has the Office, and he has to find the means to grow into the job, with very little room for errors, and he has the added task to deal with the inflaming he has engaged to those anti-government types, the racist, the bigots and those whom have segregationist motivations. IF he fails to handle it with skill and tack to educate and awaken them to the value of democracy, they will turn on him and bring his demise in ways that he once tried to push them to engage toward his campaign rival. This will be a challenge that he must undertake, and this he will find out very quickly. he too will find the truth of Inner Cities, is not about the color of peoples skin, but he will know the reality of what is economic devastation, not just in rural white areas, but about economic devastation in the inner cities, the reality of what is racism and how it has devastated the black sectors of inner cities, and he will come to learn, the cries of the black people are not just cries of self pity, or any such things, they are the messages that contain the reality of the challenges faced by people whom are of the black communities. He will learn how historical racism cast this model many decades ago, and he will be faced with how to change that paradigm as well as his concepts of the people caught in a historical made system of racist groomed economic imbalance.

This has not even began to touch on the fact that he has to learn how to acknowledge and deal with, "what is a Senior Citizen", and to learn by the pressures that exist how to improve and address the nation to become and be more concern and more self investing as a nation into the crisis that face Senior Citizens.

It is no more about "polling numbers", nor speeches talking about how his business is doing, or self patronizing commentary about how great he thinks he is. Now, is the time that he has to live those words and the doing so, is far bigger than to stand behind a podium and complain about everything in America.

He now has the responsibility, and what he will find, is the office of President does not have the power to dictate, but it has the responsibility to try and work in-spite of partisan bickering. He will learn quickly, the challenges within the office and in doing so, his sense of respect for President Obama will grow by the days, as he comes to learn more of what it takes to be a president and uplift a country and its people.

He will know firsthand, the massive work it took President Obama to get America off is back, up on its knees and then to help it stand on its own feet, in the works it took to rebuild from the devastation faced in the 2008-2009 Economic Disaster, while being in the midst of two wars and an op-positional congress.

Now - Trump has to honor the words of his acceptance of office. To work to unify, is a big task when so much has been put into divisiveness, so, now the works begins.

What we won't see is the Democrats, taking any foolish pledge to block and tackle the President, the democrats won't take a controversial and op-positional pledge as did the Republicans against President Obama.

Now - "President Trump" - is faced with massive works on many levels.... Domestic and International....

Trump's base must be ready for a "disposition change" by Trump, because holding office will not allow, support nor tolerate the conduct and disposition engaged during campaigning. Just as his last few weeks changed his temperament, the position of Office will bring that Change to be necessary. Can his base make the transition to deal with the necessary temperament change?
Arrogance is a Mental Illness
Posted:Oct 15, 2016 4:03 pm
Last Updated:Dec 8, 2016 4:37 am

It shows itself in many ways, it takes one up and crash some down, but in the mix of it all, it changes the character of people.
Often times money can mask people from seeing and understanding their own arrogance. The same as beauty, body shape and facial image can and often does change the nature of arrogance in women and men, especially when Age, incident, and illness or other challenges comes and change such things.

The oddity is such a strange thing, because bodies all have generic parts, it is much to do with the image and idea, as well as fancy and fantasy that can be confounding. Beyond it all, what functions as the base is and will remain being "what is the character" and "how is the integrity" of the individual. This will always find its time and space to become and be of a category of main matter.

Therefore it might be wise to any and all, not to get too arrogant about the facial look, the body shape, or the fiction about generic body organs, or even money or situation titles one may hold in life. Arrogance can potentially be a means to one not simply falling, but being slammed down with a driving force and devastating impact.
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Home Maintenance
Posted:Oct 14, 2016 8:39 pm
Last Updated:Oct 19, 2016 5:37 pm

Well, its work that has to be done, I've lived here now a decade, and the modification and repairs being done are necessary. Along with some desired change in things.
between the interest to set up a home work shop for woodworking and setting up a home studio for music. The investments are necessary to make the things like I want it.

One thing is certain, home maintenance is an ongoing activity if one expects to remain in a house.
Posted:Sep 26, 2016 5:03 pm
Last Updated:Oct 7, 2016 4:57 am
Geez !!!! There are good ones, and then there are the others...... I want my good habits to outweigh the other ones. It's a work.

Seems over the past years trying to nail down budgeting is a twist and lots of work, and it has much work to continue. From unplanned repairs and things needed, and things wanted, and then re-assessing some of the needs to find some are wants that seem to have take a higher priority over other wants.

Seems the more time passes the more things that need repair, or something, so the work to try and get ahead of the curve is itself another habit that seems not to be falling in like the way it is planned. Thankfully, the habit is to keep working with on it....

I think it would be great to have a woman whom develops to be a good habit, the kind that remains uptempo with positive energy. Reality is - it involve the entire life of another person, and that other person has habits, good ones and others.... the work is to find a floating balance in the habits matches or proximity ranges, and then for both to work on the habits that fall a bit outside the proximity ranges. The habit of "Love" has to find a way to be a consistency, as a platform to support these variables of habits.

| | | | | | | | | | |

People do come to learn the habits of each other, and the other habits of each other, and either they find the range of ability to work with the "others", then they can enjoy the habits that fall within the range of match variances.

We can develop the habit of not sharing our habits with someone, and we then long for what we call love, and miss the sharing of habits, then we find we miss having someone to love. "It's a funny thing, the events cycles we enjoy of life"....

a series of many habits.
Don't let the habit of discord set in for too many days, it can, break and destroy your relation with your habit mate- and eventually cause you to break your own heart ...
Everyone who deals with a Bank
Posted:Sep 22, 2016 5:09 am
Last Updated:Oct 7, 2016 5:07 am

Should go and watch the YouTube video of Elizabeth Warren grilling the CEO of Well Fargo Bank.

When the "general public" starts to stand up, and become knowledgeable to speak up as a collective voice, then and only then can the "Plantation Mentality of CEO's" can be eliminated from our Corporate Structure. At no time should a CEO be allowed to be Chairman of the Board.

We need to see these people forfeit their gains and GO to Jail. Along with the entire Executive Team. .
Madness continues its spread
Posted:Sep 19, 2016 4:56 am
Last Updated:Jun 20, 2024 7:21 pm

NY dad, jealous of the attention his cancer-survivor received, pleads guilty to killing her.

"This is how crazy people have become" !!!!

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